Why Don't You Try To Kill Me, You Coxsucking Murderer?

I'm not afraid of anyone THAT chickenshit
dialup252-231.dotcomisp.net 03-10-26 - 23:13:09

You know what happens to devils who invade my home to Kill, Rob, and Destroy?

I SHOOT 'EM in the fucking head, on sight, without warning. This is after I trick them into thinking I'm not home.

It easy, especially when they have planted elelctronic devices inside AND outside my house to detect motion and observe hiding places. Before you say, "you are getting a little bit paranoid, man, you're so vindictive...", save your breath. I've had it demonstrated to me by the "artist" himself, he has a whole range of techniques you would never expect, that's how the game derives its power. 

No one in their right mind would do what he does, but ESPECIALLY not a millionaire CEO, international corporation president, who is also a genius engineer, an inventor and innovator of computer technology, who has governments, hospitals, and financial institutions for business clients worldwide. He is also the head security officer of his own multimillion dollar corporation, to say he's an "expert" of electronic security systems and Microsoft computers is a vast understatement. He's a PIONEER of it, the engineering AND the corporation that sells the results of the engineering.

He was born to a wealthy family, but he is a totally scientific brain, as well as a comprehensive grasp of the whole American corporate world, the systems, the laws, the taxes, the financial operations of banks and monetary markets. The government buys systems his company invented to have the utmost security available, a particular specialty is REMOTE ENGINEERING OF HIGH SECURITY COMPUTER BASED ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS.

Look at his website, www.autotest.com , read what Autotest is selling. Be sure and see The President's message page, that's Bob Cox, the prankster spy, bank robber, tax fraud, and cold blooded murderer. 

Lookout, the boy has a lotta PUSSY problems, he's not doing it for the money, he does it to "get even".

Remote engineering means an engineer can service high priority systems over the Internet, using software and hardware designed by Autotest. The technicians don't have to be onsite, they could be anywhere in the world, and still be able to give a high security computer controlled system close scrutiny 24/7, at any time, from any place. Look at the offices Autotest has worldwide. Korea, Japan, Germany, Venzuela, South Africa, and many others. All the financial comings and goings of his company and its offices around the world are electronically managed by Bob Cox HIMSELF. This is because there's no one to hire or trust to do a job he is better at than anyone else who could be found or trained, HE INVENTED IT, and he is financed by his family's money. 

Why in the FUCK would a guy like that be bothering to break into MY funky old trailer, to collect my personal banking information, and systematically steal money out of my account in $20 to $500 spurts, for several years, playing the role of "best friend" the whole time, without a trace of the burning HATE that's behind it? That is a KEY QUESTION.

The risk he takes is monumental compared to the financial reward, he probably spends 5 years of stealing in one weekend, or one day of  business. Its chickenfeed to him.

Its like an elephant meticulously stepping on an ant for FIVE YEARS, grinding it into the ground, and loving every minute of it.

And there were MANY minutes to love, YEARS of hanging out together, with a constant rapport, he was like my mentor, teaching me lots of stuff about computer technology. My interest is in multimedia, especially machines to make music, this guy was like a gold mine of knowledge for me, I never made any real money off of him, he is psychotically tight with his money. He has one main rule... NEVER spend his own money. He's very psycho about that, he wouldn't even part with a dollar bill to help a deaf guy sell pencils. That's just the way he is, but that was ok with me because I could learn an incredible amount of information having it spoonfed to my brain by this genius, this friend, this HELPER. I even put him on a level with Will Alexander as far as an individual who is my oldest and best friend and teacher, engineers who are so brilliant, they've had vast influence on the course and quality of my life. Their influence made all the difference.

But whereas Will Alexander truly loves the music with all his heart, the Bob Cox thing is all FAKE. Just an act, a scam to get my confidence, with the goal of damaging me as much as possible, over a period of as many years as could be squeezed out of the situation. Its crazy, I NEVER would have suspected it, you have to understand the EGO of this man before you can grasp what makes him tick.

This is totally foreign to my way of thinking, I've never seen someone use a common love of music and computers as suckerbait to impliment such a cruel and elaborate scheme, breaking any and all laws, state or federal, legal or moral, like they aren't even there, and GETTING AWAY WITH IT, mainly because no one would ever believe it unless they actually saw it. Its totally unfair and uncalled for.

Stealing money and equipment and sabotaging a music studio and a financial inheritance is bad enough, and this is a MILLIONAIRE stealing $27 computer parts and giving them to my other "best friend", Mike Taylor, who has become completely corrupted by this asshole. Hey, it PAYS well, better than anything he has ever known in his life, and his pal Steve Cureton sees that, and is ready and willing to get in on the deal as much as he possibly can, regardless of the fact it is STEALING from a trusting friend. They LIKE that part, it makes them feel real "clever". The pain caused doesn't have to matter because Bob Cox has assured them both from day one, its untracable, they will never get caught, or in any trouble at all. Its ok to steal, as long as its from Kurt Otto, this is their attitude. Bexar Nekkid Music is BASED on that concept. Cox is such a genius, its free money and nothing they've been taught about right and wrong applies in this case. Cox has schooled them about having a proper cover story, with paper to back it up, the premise being they can LIE their way out of any snag that arises.

You should experience the arrogance of Steve Cureton, who so completely has he bought into this horseshit,  he regards the possibility that anyone will believe me over them is laughable. He buys recording gear on ebay with money passed to him by Taylor from Cox, without a worry in the world. He hasn't got a clue there's a reason they get him to do it, instead of doing it themselves. When the price tag gets unrealistic, Cureton shifts gears and claims Donny Meals bought the shit. It called money laundering and bank fraud. The criminal penalties are "significant". Cureton thinks he's some kind of rockstar, you just can't believe how stupid and gullible Taylor and Cureton have become, Cox has suckered these fools royally. They don't know it yet, but Cox has effectively DESTROYED their careers in the music biz. They can't seem to grab a hold of the fact that COX SNITCHED THEM OFF by bragging to me about it.

After a few years in this atmosphere of TOTAL RIPOFF without any bad effects lulls them into an attitude of being toally for the idea, and willing to work at it FULL TIME, as much as is possible. The pain it causes doesn't matter at all because they are so special and in the right clique, they've transcended the mindset that STEALING someone's money is wrong, its perfectly alright if there are no penalties.

Then add to that Bob Cox's penchant for enhanced intrigue, (the tears are flowing now), I'm talking here about the sheer fun of killing my two old cats, Buddy and Babycat, and tying in it in on certain dates that syncronize with receipts and bank statements that clearly reveal a few well placed and quite obvious "hints", or proof, that large scale theft is indeed going on. This killing of loved ones is of course socially unacceptible, but Cox handles that by doing it anyway and JUST LYING. His little cohorts are encvouraged to believe what they want to believe, and toss the rest, saying the VICTIM is the one who's crazy and lost their mind. One thing they didn't count on is the fact that Bob Cox can't wait until statues of limitation are passed, because at that point heswitches like Jekle to Hyde and calls me up and tells me these things himself, giving these stupid cryptic runaround hints that are just a bunch of bullshit with TRUTH behind them. He went to great length to elaboarte on how Taylor was the "key" to the whole thing, all so I'll check my book and find out stuff I never dreamed could have happened. That's when I noticed it ties in with the dates my animals suddenly died, and that's when start to lose it, because I am PISSED and I'm sure I'm going to kill this son of bitch from HELL. Meanwhile, chickenshits like Cureton can't quite get it thru their heads when I say "HE TOLD ME!!!" They continue to tell the same lies their whole bullshit story is built on, but the game is up. No matter, they just say "Bob Cox would never kill his cats!" and everyone has a tendency to follow the path of least resistence, plus the fact I am fucking FURIOUS that someone has done his shit, and my so called friends are HELPING them do it.

And all of this is strictly for Bob Cox's own amusement. This is the way he entertains himself, his all important EGO. He loves to pretend he's Superman. This disaster is what he ENJOYS. He loves to kill. He loves to steal. He REALLY loves to lie. I've seen him drive across town to tell one cheap little $16 lie, and he's a fucking millionaire, money means nothing to him except he won't part with a single penny of it, but quantity means nothing to him, he has all he'll ever need. So all of this shit is blowing my mind, as you can imagine, and by tracing the paper trail and dates it goes back many years, like 8 or 9 years, Cox has secretly hated my guts.all that time, planning to get revenge someday when I least expect it. One reason I never expected it is I've never done ANYTHING except work my ass off and give give give. I would gladly comply with anything he might want from me, he was very important to my life and no way would I mess that up, it was a scource of knowledge and an incredible investment of my own sweat and elbow grease and money, anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't fuck up the music for some nonsense, I won't put up with it. It just didn't make any sense at all. Finally I figured when it started, the HATE, and it was right on the tails of when I should have been in the  highest favor, 1994, the Photo Factory days. I know Cox liked me then becasue he made a KURT OTTO folder with demos I did using his "baby", Photo Factory, an image program ahead of its time.

There is no doubt the problem revolves around his ex wife Suzanne Cox, who I've only SEEN once or twice back then. One day I was at Eric Marshall's house, next door to where Mike Taylor lives now, and I was using Eric's PC to make some paintings that I contributed to Photo Factory. Cox knows I was there painting, All of a sudden, in walks Eric's mooching friend, Ron Travis, he's with Eric's sister, Cindy Marshall, their other sidekick Mike Southern, and with them is Suzanne Cox, kind of a double date, Suzanne is obviously "with" Ron, they had been drinking, I didin't even know they knew each other. They came in, said hello and left within 10 minutes.

That's it.

I was painting the whole time, I said maybe 4 sentences the whole time, I was absorbed into the PC. Then I remembered that the next thing I heard was Ron had died, standing up at the sink, he died so fast he didn't even fall over, he was dead just standing there, slumped against the sink. There was a syringe of unused herion next to him, but he never made it that far. This ws the first mention I had ever heard of IV drug use from any of these people, its just not something that ever came up. I thought that was weird, but the coroner said it was a blood clot, so I forgot about it. I told Mike Taylor about the vacancy, and that's how he got the house where he lives today, the same house where Cox, Cureton, and Taylor hatched this more recent scheme. Mike's living room is where I saw these people, and Mike's bathroom is where Ron Travis dropped dead without having time to drop. This took place 6/13/94, less than a week after Photo Factory was released..

After all the shit, the cryptic hints, the dead cats, the bank statements, 4 years of them, the studio computer receipts, all the lies, etc. it all boiled down to the MURDER of Ron Travis being what was behind it. I know Cox was following his ex, he asked me twice about Suzanne and "needles", I didn't know anything, I told the truth. I didn't know about it. Bob Cox assumes that I was there for the same reasons and social circle as his ex-wife, but it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM AT ALL. I was there visiting Eric, whom I've known since the 5th grade, we went to elementary school together. Except for members of my family, I've known Eric LONGER than anyone else I know in San Antonio. We are simply old friends from 1963, when we got in deep shit for making fun of the Kennedy assasination. All Cox would have to do is ask ONE PERSON who was there, either Suzanne Cox or Eric Marshall, did Kurt Otto know anything about the IV drug use going on sometimes? I'm sure they will tell you I didn't know about it, or having anything to do with it. It wouldn't make any difference as far as my friendship with Eric, that's forever, no matter what trouble he gets himself into. There is not one person in this whole town who would say or even think I had anything to do with such goings on, ASK ANYBODY, chose whoever you want, they will all say trhe same thing, if they really know me. But Bob Cox uses his own mind as the sole source of information. Since he's a lying, backstabbing, rotten bastard as a way of life, he assumes I would jump at the chance to take drugs bought with HIS money, Suzanne got a hefty divorce chunk, but I WOULDN'T touch that with a ten foot pole under any circumstances, and I can prove it. All you have to do is look at how much WORK and MONEY I've put into the computer thing and the music thing, considering the importance of Bob Cox to that whole body of work, I just would never throw away my own hard labor just to fit in socially, or get a freebee of some kind. ITS TOTALLY OUT OF THE QUESTION, and anyone who knows me would understand what I'm saying. Bob Cox should know this, too. But he thinks I'm like HIM, instead of like me. He thinks I'm a Mike Taylor or a Steve Cureton, a fraudulent version of myself trying to be cool in the fast lane, sex drugs and rock and roll, and all that. It just not plausible that I could be at the same house where his ex wife is shooting dope and fucking some young good looking mooch. Well, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that, its THE TRUTH. ASK ANYBODY. Believe it or not, I don't stick my nose in other people's business, I don't spy on people, I don't look at their personal papers, I don't break in their houses, I don't search their purses, I don't pick their locks and steal from them. I'm not interested in anything like that, it wastes time I could be doing music.

You see, one thing Cox, Cureton, and Taylor have in common is the INABILITY to learn NOTES, musical notes. I have the ability, and my whole work is based on that knowledge and usage of notes. I'm not into recording per se, I'm into notes, I only record to reproduce the notes. I've had this talent all my life and I've worked hard to refine it so I could use it my whole life, i. e. forever. Its all I've ever wante d to do, its all I've ever done. Everyone knows this, that's how I met all of them, except Eric. But Eric knows that about me, too. Eric also has a lot of knowledge oabout the seminal synthesizer group Tangerine Dream who I am into 100%. Eric has their original LP's, there have been time when we've traded oldvintage LP"s, not just records, but collector's items. For instance, I gave my vinyl double LP of Zappa's Guitar to Eric even though its a "keeper". I don't let go of Zappa easily, but I enjoyed giving it to Eric because its an excellent expression of my fondness for his friendship, so we have music in common that we both love that is more than the usual friendship. It PISSES me off like shit that Bob Cox would invade Eric's house and kill his friends, Mike Southern died one years later, of a herion overdose. But Eric told me Suzanne Cox was fucking him, too, so I DO NOT BELIEVE IT WAS AN ACCIDENT< any more than Ron's death was an accident. Sorry, I know Bob Cox. I've seen him stretch out a plan over 3 years and muder my two best little friends for over a decade, Buddy and Babycat, which is HORRIBLE, truly horrible.

No one want to think about it, so the natural reaction is to rationalize it must not be true, but I don't have that luxury. You can believe me or not, I don't give a damn. ITS TRUE. Get that thru your fucking heads.

Bob Cox is a goddamn murdering asshole, and I know it because HE told me, that's the whole point of all of this shit. I thought about this for a year before I started telling people. I wanted to make sure I wasn't over some edge. 

I'm not.

Its all true.

There is no doubt at all.

There is plenty of funny paper to back my claims, but its exhausting proving it to everyone. I f anyone wants to see the material, I'll show you, otherwise, I'm just TELLING EVERYBODY straight out, Bob Cox is a goddamn murdering asshole, PERIOD. And he is definitely going to pay, one way or another.



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