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from: fire the weapon  03-10-28 - 16:55:36

I'm really enjoying this Freedom Of Speech thing. I keep talking to the point where no one answers what I say, but I know that its damn sure being read. This latest ranting essay, "Why Don't You Try To Kill Me, You Coxsucking Murderer?", is a real doosey. I will use it as the basis for a whole range of webpages, detailing specific aspects of the information it presents. This will be fun. Readers, lawyers, investigators, and just off the wall people will be able to think, "Popeye-X is full of shit!", I'll offer them a clickable link, and they'll be able to go to another webpage that concentrates on the specific subject matter that makes them doubt me. There they will find text and images to back up my side of the story. This includes scans from my bank statements, emails I have sent and received, and also other pertinent websites. The TRUTH will be waiting here for anyone to read, ESPECIALLY for anyone in the justice industry or the music industry.

I will continue to make "outlandish claims". I've only just begun. Each time I do one, its a little better than the last, a little more bold, a little more adept at explaining the truth, and a little more advanced at the art of being believed. I have truth and time on my side. The longer I do it, the less likely it is that I'm lying or mistaken. Who would just keep on lying and bitching? Only a victim who is truly pissed because they have been severely wronged, and for totally unfair reasons.

Understand, I am up against a small group of LIARS who's asses are on the line. They're going to lie, no two ways about it. They will never admit the truth unless they are forced to save themselves from severe consequences. These people had several years head start on me, it was a sneak attack that no one would suspect or believe, including me. I had to be talked into "accepting the possibility". A friend came to me, a TRUE FRIEND, Jeff Walters, after witnessing the way Cureton, Taylor, and Cox were behaving, and after hearing Mike Taylor sit around talking way too much, making justifications for STEALING from Kurt Otto, a person who has always helped both of them. This made Jeff Walters SICK. Jeff is what's known as an honest person, he's a real musician. It makes him SICK to see a bunch of phonies talking shit and stealing from musicians.

This is something Bob Cox didn't plan on. I knew about this plot long before they realised I was on to them. Taylor has judiciously avoided me this whole time, he's the smart one. Cox and Cureton have systematically lied thru their teeth. Cox's lies have sailed thru detection by the outer world, Cureton's lies have not.

Cureton talks way too much, makes too little sense, also, Cox and Taylor have treated him like what he is, a second rate drunken scumbag lackey. He takes all the risk, does all the work, and gets exactly nothing. As much as this disappoints him, he still remains loyal to the lie, he HAS to. What little reputation he has left depends on it. When people who've known him for years find out that Kurt Otto WASN'T wrong, its going to blow their minds. Cureton is desperate just to control damge. Its not working.

One night we had this long phone call. (8/18/02) He was trying to find out if he was in deep shit or not, when he found out he WAS in deep shit, at first he exploded into this demonic ranting and lying, but I just kept on working on him until he suddenly caved in, and asked if I needed any "help". I was astonished that he gave up that easy. I didn't take the bait. He asked AGAIN. I knew for sure he was offering to snitch the other two off. I turned him down. I don't want his fucking help. I want his neck in a hangman's noose. Fucking lying bastard. If he was half the man Jeff Walters is, he would have come to me years ago as a FRIEND, and the cops could have probably nailed these thieving bastards in the act. If law enforcement wants to cut a deal with Cureton and Taylro to get Cox, that's their business, they're the pros, they're the only ones who'll help me, its their job, if they want snitches, fine with me, I'll even rescend all this propaganda I'm writing to help out. But I will not give Cureton the benefit of appearing to "want to come clean". There is nothing clean about him. He's not even a human being, he's a maggot sucking on someone else's misfortune. He deserves to DIE, not get off scott free and have his life back.

Fuck Cureton. He's just as bad, if not worse, than the other two. At least they got something out of it, triflingly small considering the risk and the pain they caused, but there was some REWARD for this evil besides the entertainment value. Cureton LOST all the way around. He has never been allowed to mix ANY Bexar Nekkid Music productions, even though he supposedly bought ADAT machines, thought up the name, and designed the logo, I know he did all the schlep engineering to record bands, and all of the phone calls to bullshit bands into playing for free, not to mention the MONTHS of regularly lying and collecting information from me while I was investigating them. I never dreamed Cureton could be so desperate as to be in on a scheme this low, but I was so, so WRONG. Cureton is THE PITS. He's a Mike Taylor wannabe. Can you imagine such a thing? WANTING TO BE A PIECE OF SHIT SOMEDAY.. what a goal in life. What a place to "be from". No mercy for the wicked.

Same goes for Taylor. Our common friends just can't believe this has really happened. There must be some mistake. There's a mistake alright. You don't realize what a piece of shit Mike Taylor is. I understand how you feel. I didn't believe it either. In fact, I refused to even think about it. But someone talked me into at least "considering the possibility". So I did, and he was RIGHT. You people who believe in Mike Taylor need to do like me and "consider the possibility", you will be astonished and dismayed when you find out the truth.

Until then, be SURE and pay close attention to everything Mike Taylor says to you in his own defense, if you examine his exact wording, you will undoubtedly find instances where the words he says are "true", but he is still deceiving you about the subject matter. The fact he chooses this way to answer you shows he is trying to salvage your trust by not getting caught lying, at the same time he's desperate to cover his ass and get out of this mess as soon as possible. That ain't gonna happen, I can tell the truth faster and better than he can lie. Add Cureton's and Taylor's lies together, I can still whip both of them. Its real easy. They're STUPID as fuck. All I gotta do is keep talking, keep hammering away at the defences, I may drive everyone crazy in the process, including myself, but there are a lot more people who believe me now than there were a year ago.

There are even complete strangers who have stumbled upon this story and they believe me 100%, and boldly encourage me to never give up and never be afraid, because I'M TELLING THE TRUTH. All you folks with vested interests are lagging behind. I know I'm disturbing your pleasant reality. Sorry about that, I have no choice. I don't want to blow it off. The only thing I intend to blow off is STEAM, and its about to get very orbanized, like a book, or an encyclopedia, and anyone who bumps into it will be able to trace their own curiousity about it to the core of the skimpy evidence I do have.

I will continue to call Bob Cox a goddamn liar, a thief, and a murderer because that's what he is. Wanna sue me for it? Go right ahead. Nothing would please me more than to make FOOLS out of rich boy's lawyers and get a judge's attention for 5 minutes.

Bring it on, please.



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