I'll Be Goddamned If I Didn't Combine The Monkey Wrench, Infomania Antippx-X1, With The Only Board That's Still Functional, Antippx10

from: getting lucky is part of my technique

That Infomania experiment is what fucked up every single other Antippx board, I took a risk even touching it, much less COMBINING it into this one good board left. That html and this html was not the same style at all, I had to jack with the code back and forth between Word Pad and Notepad, taking out "undocumented" spacebars, which real html is supposed to ignore, and all those goddamned <dl> <dd> <dt> indentation pieces of shit that can be 200 lines ahead of the problems they're causing, I've never quite figured out how "nothing" can have such an effect on a simple line of text that WILL NOT go all the way to the left, I wanted to salvage the Jimmy Carl Black thing and the Rich The Tweakmeister thing, plus get RID of what has wrecked everything that follows in its wake, except for one <p> hole in the list that's otherwise all <br> holes, I got it licked, its purty lookin'. It proves that all the lists can be boiled down, with their Reply and Thread Indentation machinery stripped away, this reduces the amount of code by way over half, you can't make a post and have it come out on a thread from 5 years ago, but that's GOOD, we don't want the classics to "evolve". Set them in concrete as monuments, if somebody wants to refer to an old post, get off your ass and see what the URL is, Don't even bother with the "sixth Re: title clone" pointer, they are spread far and wide thru the lists, nobody knows where ALL of them are, the only way you can find something and know its for sure what someone else said it was is to call it by its URL., like, "this is a reply to antippx4/0000003a8" then tell what the title is "Re: Steve Cureton sucks donkey shit AGAIN" #17. I remember when webgoat and Corbett rallied against me calling Steve Cureton a lying chickenshit piece of shit, even though HE IS ONE, as a gesture of cooperation I removed it, its boring anyway, and those arrogant assholes took that as me backing down and them "achieving some of their goals, with more to follow" oh really? you should have said thank you, but you didn't, so I put them all back exactly like they were and created a marathon wave of propaganda hammering on that theme until this board reached Steve Cureton saturation, now its ABOUT Steve Cureton, full time. Blatantly. Stash has collected anecdotes from around the world, and simply changed the names to prosecute the the ridiculous, from a search engine point of view, I OWN the words "Steve Cureton". I am the World Headquarters Mega Data Stash of all things that are Steve Cureton related. So FUCK YOU webgoat! Remember when you pounded in over 400 posts with "Steve Cureton" in them? Well, me and my peeps have logged in over 200 seperate Steve Cureton related pages, one at a time, I think the subject has been probed and revealed, we even make up shit to keep the ball rollin' its time to boil it all down



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