The Shit Is Going To Hit The Fan Now

from: Dr. Popeye-X, Minister Of Hell To Pay and Frontline Snitch For The Internal Revenue Service

I got you now. I GOT YOU!!! Here comes the deathblow, everybody please pay attention and watch me go to work here. The main problem with all this Bob Cox Nightmare bullshit revolves around one tendency that started with Bob Cox, spread to Mike Taylor, and came to roost in Steve Cureton.... THEY CAN'T ADMIT WHEN THEY ARE WRONG. Instead, they just stubbornly keep going, and they don't care who it hurts, as long as it isn't THEM. I got news for you chickenshit flunky bastards, your "mentor", the BRILLIANT Bob Cox, has been laundering the money YOU HELPED HIM STEAL FROM ME with tax write-offs to the IRS since 1999 using George Cisneros and Urban-15 as a non-profit shelter. Before you try to deny it, save your breath, Cureton and Taylor know damn well what's up. Cureton arranged a meeting between Donnie Meals and Bob Cox and Mike Taylor for the express purpose of establishing a place external to both of them, namely Edit Point Recording Studio, where the "benefits" of stealing Otto's money could be enjoyed with a plausible cover story. Donnie, how could you be so stupid!!! Cureton talked you into tasting the bait, and Cox tricked you into taking a fatal bite. Now you are truly fucked because you have neglected to follow Bob's Law Of Double Decoy Horseshit Stacking. I am so happy I could SHIT, I think I will go do that now. Stay tuned, when I return perhaps I will elaborate further. Key points: A. where it starts, in my bank statement from March, 1998, B: where it ends, Bob Cox's 2000 income tax statement, where he writes off $5000 he donated to George Cisneros. There reason he felt "safe" enough to do that was due to the success of the warm-up write-offs he did the year before, 1999, which was two-fold. First, for the computer equipment installed at Edit Point for that BOGUS Urban-15 session hosted by none other than Steve Cureton, hahaha, I heard some of that garbage at Taylor's house. Horribly offbeat and worthless, except good enough for Bob Cox to "donate" computer gear to record Urban-15 with for a tax write-off. The catch is, the gear was paid for with MY money, so Cox is tricking the IRS into reimbursing him. Second, Cox started aquiring Brazilian percussion instruments, sold to him by George Cisneros at a juicy, under the table discount, which Cox keeps in his van 24/7 to show they're "his drums" which he "donates" for Urban-15 to use everytime they play. Again, paid for with my money and written off thereby tricking the IRS into reimbursing Cox. I will now obtain simple documentation of bogus ATM transactions on my bank statements, beginning March 4, 1998, and ending Jan. 27, 2002, that will NOT be reflected in parallel records from my VISA company records from the same dates, thus demonstrating that Cox has been using his laptop for years of decoy ATM company billing, highly illegal, and once the IRS gets wind of this, ALL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS are going in the toilet, and the beauty of it lies in the fact that Steve Cureton can't hide that its just him and George Cisneros at Edit Point, which was supposed to be a cover for Bob Cox's direct involvement. Instead its a beautiful, impossible to hide, example of Cureton's FULL KNOWLEDGE that he's trying his best to help Cox and Taylor get away with robbing my bank account. Ouch. Donnie Meals and George Cisneros will soon be asking the DREADED question: Who is this Popeye-X guy anyway? Answer: He's a guy you're going to be helping when you spill your guts trying to save your own asses from Steve Cureton's rambling drunken mouth.



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