2 - one hour beat monster
+ sound FX skeletons

from: studio rat

03-11-14 00:42:25

you won't believe this, remember the big gob #1?, now its 58 minutes long , now there's big gob #2, its 73 minutes long, just a bunch of recent rhythms, I've put together with the idea that they could be a skeleton for a monster that could be built using simple homemade riffs and rhymes, today I'm testing , the battle of the mindfuck looper softwares... , the champ REAKTOR and the new kid ABLETON LIVE 3 each claims to roll the dopest most mindtwisting rhythnmically WACK syncopations, and records the whole event, which one will win the most baddest ass title? I just got ABLETON LIVE 3.. the big dog, dive right in! I don't know how to use LIVE 3 at all yet, it has some really cool effects and time warping tricks I haven't even seen or used, one thing I like is its like ACID except its like a whole row of ACIDS on each track, the audio quality is miles above aCID, but can it touch REAKTOR? only way to know is start jammin'!!! when it was all over but the crying, I came to this conclusion REAKTOR is a very irritating annoying persnikity obtuse endless leaning curve nightmare... I'm almost and expert and sometimes i can't get it to do anything on purpose, but if a person really knew how to get REAKTOR jacked up and rolling in the right direction, NOTHING comes close... NOTHING... not even ABLETON LIVE 3, REAKTOR is 5 or 6 ABLETON LIVE 3's carreening down a hillside, just free falling doing cartwheels with out the slightest idea what's at the bottom, its like a big snowball filled with sound debris, the jams I did with ABLETON LIVE 3 were very logical, utitlitarian, convernient, impeccable sounding, and hardly any learning curve at all, just slap it together just like you would if nothing was in your way, but the jams I did with REAKTOR were psychic, demented, rhythmically chemcal, with isotopes missing, lots of splattered paint that missed the canvas, filthy, cheesy but also super chomed covette engine pristine, with chrome nuts and pretty colored wires, with REAKTOR I was jammin my butt off, but then my butt became detached and floated out front, turned back and forth, and I started scratching the rhythm witrh it like it was a turntable, in the end, it was the sheer intensity of the rhythm I did on REAKTOR, very uptempo, just running full speed and punching every face that pops up right in the nose. one cool thing, I just made 2 hours worth of jams anyone can jam to, 2 CD"s!!!! things are starting to get like they used to be, massive quantities of music created in one or two days.



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