Come Here To Die

the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen in the music world
"I'm helping San Antonio."

- Mike Taylor doesn't want you to know
the whole HOT TAMALES Robert Johnson
CD hoopla was a decoy concocted to explain
where all that recording gear stashed at Edit Point
came from, the truth is it was paid for with
money stolen from a friend's inheritance account
by Bob Cox. They used Wanda Seals
and The San Antonio Blues Society's Gunter Hotel
Plaque Banquet to sucker local yokels
into playing for free. The CD was not delivered
in time for the big promo, all the bands were furious
and walked out, refusing to play. Poor Wanda got
totally fucked on the deal, and subsequently
resigned as president of SABS, and her blues bar
WINGS closed down forever. Steve Cureton,
the so called investor partner was not allowed to mix
any of the music, but he did manage to sucker
his mom into shelling out big bucks to pay for the
pathetic fiasco that they LOST THEIR ASSES ON.
Cureton spilled his guts to me on the phone about it,
he also let it drop that the Bob Margolin centerpiece
of the Robert Johnson CD was NOT recorded by
involved in it got fucked royally, except for Bob Cox,
of course. But read on... Judgement Day is coming...

Please welcome the moronic idiots of
Bexar Nekkid Music...

Mike "Stealin' For A Lving" Taylor
and his lackey stooge
 Steve "The Drunken Liar" Cureton
and their white-collar crime mentor
Bob "Pussy Problems" Cox

You've come to the right place... we package music LAMERZ's cadavers so they're "Dumpster Ready". basically we're a glorified garbage disposal website, our mission is to grind LAMERZ into a bloody pulp using rhetoric, then we toss their remains into freezer bags and put them on ice. We got enough "pet food" to last us until the apocalypse blows over. We especially despize LAMERZ and every lame thing they do, we are standing fast against the malignant rising tide, we SHALL NOT let lamerz impliment their neferious philosophies of making the world revolve around the fact they are LAME. We think that is really a sad sack of shit, we intend to neutralize its toxic effect on society. LAMERZ come here to DIE, and Popeye-X would be the first one to hand them a gun so they can "pull a Rommel" with dignity and grace. "Peace with honor", is how Nixon said it, I call it what it really is: "I'm going to blow your fucking brains out while simultanouesly helping to feed the pigeons, the goldfish, and the cockroaches." Its kinda like the way Mike Taylor helped San Antonio with his lavish gift of studio time, commemorating the historic recording legacy of this landmark community and its rich blues heritige. Stevie Cureton even donated 1000's of his mom's dollars in honor of her son's ascendency to the higher echelons of local business success and worldwide recognition of his impeccable taste, not to mention his dazzling use of finely honed "people skills", but its his comprehensive knowledge of the music as a living art form and his uncanny ability to communicate it to the common man via thousand's of Third Coast message board posts, I'm sure academia will be studying his contributions and insights from now on. Just name any obscure, two bit entertainer, and Estebanito is happy to bless us with yet another encyclopedic entry in the never ending saga of MUSIC BUSINESS ANECDOTES in this city. Thanks, Steve, you really did us proud. We look forward to next time when you actually do a mix, but we still admire your tireless willingness to simply LIE the way it was always meant to be... And of course, no accolades would be complete without acknowledging the legacy of sheer engineering brilliance by Bob Cox. The way he deftly murdered 3 people and 2 cats over a span of 8 years, and all the while he was stealing money electronically, and mentoring his pupils on the classic money laundering techniques. That's why we say Cox is "Dumpster Ready". He cold bloodedly exterminated 5 souls in a raging monument to his potent sexual superiority, we are proud to have the honor of consumating his DEATH, we all agree on its unquestioned necessity, we like to think we're "helping San Antonio", much like "Mr. Big Ears", Mike Taylor (he calls himself that). We also look forward to seeing a sizable chunk of his pumpkin skull blown out with bloody slogs of brain matter hanging out of his empty eyesockets. There's no way we couldn't still recognize that well known face.... even with a third of it missing, there's no mistaking that enigmatic countenance and FAT, UGLY head. And what a joy it will be to ask Esteban to treat us to one more classic lie... AFTER the back of his skull is blown off by a single hunting rifle bullet. Oh my, Cureton has qualities of JFK! If you stand in the right place and squint, you can see thru the massive hole and just about make out the fine print on the HOT TAMALES CD cover where our Mr. Esteban waxes eloquently about all the wonderful music tidbits he didn't have anything to do with, except give his life to help his community be culturally richer. I wonder if he'll tell us another LIE in the afterlife? Lets find out....


Fire The Weapon!



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