ill jackin' the mic, son... in and out of always-never land... windup back in the pokey with gumby...

from: upwind of a major download

let's see... VOTE for bush? is it really necessary? I mean, he seems to win elections without me having any say at all... I resent the hell out of how our public servants act like its THEIR office, cuz its not, they only enjoy the priveledge of working there, the actual office belongs to us, the VOTERS, what REALLY PISSES ME OFF is how our taxes are monitored electronicly, with continuous updating, at lightning fast speed, all the way down to the last fraction of a penny, they spare no expense, it pays for itself, and they even make us do the legwork, like having the job to earn it isn't hassle enough, we do the work, instantly we OWE them the very same money we just made, before we even collect it, and what did they do to deserve it? there wasn't time for anything else to happen yet, but look what happens to our votes... they get lost (more likely tossed) by the thousands, probably millions, imagine if those were one dollar bills! so it shows you what your vote is worth... WAY WAY less than a penny, and if your state has a majority for the next bush, they say 'electoral college' and that means your vote only counts if its part of the majority OF THAT STATE, the majority of AMERICANS overall is suddenly less important than the majority of a STATE, they act like the boundaries of the sets and subsets are more important than the elements that make up those sets and subsets, like the box is more important than its contents, they're too cheap to tabulate the contents, for some reason we can only afford to tabulate the boxes, and your little molecule of the contents is eclipsed by the whatever box swallows it first, whether its there or not there, all that matters is the swallowing of it, like a fishing lure that ISN'T tied to the line, or the pole, in fact, it used to be in the tackle box, but since its not worth tying to the other gear, its su8ddenly no longer in your tackle box either, its GONE until next time, provided you fill out another fishing registration card, must keep track of your vote so no one can steal it from you, except for the STATE, of course, the state can "lose" your vote the moment it becomes a burden, but at least you got to vote, right? They act like having a meaningless vote is better than having no vote at all. But a meaningless vote is much, much WORSE than no vote at all, at least it is to ME. Its like a slap in the face. You go to all that trouble to CHOOSE who you want to vote for, and then you get burned for your effort just because its not the "majority", why do they count the majority before all the votes come together? They toss out the minority votes before counting them all... they amass the majority votes and only do an overall count AFTER the election is over, just to see what it was. When the margin of error is 10,000 or 100,000 times larger than the differences between the objects being measured, its kind of silly right? At that point you have a better chance of winning if you lose and don't know it, or put another way, when the margin of error IS THE LARGEST NUMBER in the equation, doesn't that kind of make the equal sign kind of a meaningless symbol? So is the MISTAKE really that big, or is it merely LIKELY to be AT LEAST that big, don't forget to factor in the margin of unintentional accuracy, you know, sometimes a complete fuck up will result in a hole in one, its just for the wrong reason.... but still.... a hole in one is the whole of its own one, I mean, there's not enough room for an extra hole, where would you put it? ok, fast forward to Michael Jackson, he's in the secret room with some kid in the dark, and they take their clothes off since, without the light, we're all black, right? He's not really naked, and his dick is not really in one hole, its in and out of all the holes at once, right? and don't forget to factor in the whole dick in the one hole, but only if the light suddenly comes on, and anyone can plainly see the whole dick is not visible... so where is it? WHERE IS THE DICK? Answer that question and you'll know enough to ascertain the always-never ratio, crossfade that with the certainty of almost-maybe... and you have yourself one handcuffed pervert, behind a certain amount of bars, for a specific stretch of time, and YOU KNOW DAMN WELL his dick is in the cell somewhere... that's enough to know the children are safe from its snake-like charm.... (fade in Arabian oboe music with a dancing belly button chick, writhing around a mysterious basket...) you stare in disbelief... and right before your eyes you see the unthinkable... Michael Jackson's dick pops its head over the rim of the basket and takes a look around... isn't it odd how his dick seems to be wearing the same makeup as his face, only smaller? The little hole in the end of his dick has a tiny ring of lipstick that is a picture perfect replica of how Michael's lips look... that's when you locate the key to the lock on the cell door, and you THROW THAT MOTHERFUCKER AS HARD AS YOU CAN into the Pacific Ocean, without even looking to see the little splash it made... just because you're loved by millions doesn't give you the right to FUCK CHILDREN, ok? that's why its called "ADULTRY" or an "adult book store", child porn is NOT CENSORED anywhere in the world... ITS ILLEGAL, period. There is not one country anywhere, from any known tribal culture or whatever you wanna call it... and these people who always seem to find some way to explain their particular excuse for this and that theory of the gay straight whatever, man-boy, man-girl, etc and so on.... ask George Bush, he'll tell you straight to your face, not ifs, ands, or nice butts... there is a one word answer that is truly universal to all human kind... J A I L !!!!!!!!!!



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