Guys Wearing Rolex Watches
Talking $14,000 Deals

from: as told to popeye-x
by robert brady last night

03-12-11 ::: 03:22:07

Last night, my friend Robert Brady came by for the second time in years, and he was totally freaked out by what he had read in the these pages about the whole "Mike Talyor Is A Thief" nightmare. It is so refreshing to have someone who knows every person involved in the story come to me and believe me 100% from the beginning, even though it is absolutely unbelievable. I was delighted that a person's first assumption was that I was not insane, and was telling the truth, plain and simple. I asked him, "Why do you believe me?" He answered, "Because I've never known you to lie, or try to act like something you're not." Robert and his wife, Maureen knew Buddy and Babycat their whole lives, they are "cat lovers", you know the type, their cats have always been full fledged family members, he knows damn well I would never involve my sweetest little friends in such a disgusting story, unless it was truly just as awful as I have made it out to be. His mother passed away from cancer, too, and he was her primary care giver as well, he understood exactly how intense my mother's death was, and he understood the DEPRAVITY of stealing from a family in their hour of devastation.

He said over and over, "Mike Taylor wasn't raised right." I disagreed, "Oh, yes he was, I know his parents quite well, if they knew what their son had done, they would be horrified, and probably more devastated than I am." I would like everyone to please make note, you don't see me on the phone or writing a letter to his parents about it. I have mailed them letters on many occasions, the last one being to thank them for a contribution they made to a cancer charity in my mother's name shortly after she died. It would be the easiest thing in the world for me to snitch off Taylor to his parents, any time I feel like it.

But you don't see me doing that, do you?
And you never will.

They are elderly. They love their son as much as my mom loved me. I am not going to shatter their illusions at this point in their lives. Talyor and Cureton both had parents in attendence at the SABS Robert Johnson Commemorative Plaque Banquet that flopped on its face and ended in total disater. Cureton almost had a nervous break down at the time. He was showing the last vestiges of conscience that he used to posses. I wouldn't snitch him off to his mom either, even though he made the 100% conscious decision shortly after to continue to help Cox and Taylor rip off my poor, sweet dying mother. I have too much love for my own mother to even think of being capable of such a thing, I refuse to break their hearts, too.

Brady was utterly flabbergasted at the horror of the whole nightmare, and bless his heart, he believed every word I said without hesitation. He told me of the last time he talked to Taylor, he saw him at his house, Taylor invited him in and showed him his studio for the first time. For some reason Taylor was describing his setup, and started assuring Brady it was better than mine because it wasn't in an old dilapidated trailer, but rather was in a "nice living room" where guys "from Austin" could come down and discuss $14,000 deals, he emphasized they were guys wearing Rolex watches. Brady was astonished that Taylor would say such an obvious hunk of horseshit. He couldn't understand what my studio had to do with his studio,
why even bring it up?

Brady said he had always been amazed how I would lend Talyor my ADAT machine, especially when I first got it in 1992. He knows damn well how much I have helped Talyor in every way I could down thru the years, more than anyone else ever did. It blew him away how Taylor would say bad things about the best friend he ever had.

Since I had his attention. I showed him how Taylor drove me up to Austin to get the repaired ADAT for him to use on the SAME DAY the bogus bank withdrawals started. Bob Cox was using my VISA 5 days before the card ever left my pocket and got used for the first time. It was totally obvious Taylor had called Cox saying "the coast is clear" and he also told him where I stashed my outside key. The only reason Taylor knew about the keys at all was so he could look after my kitties, if I was out of town. He could have warned me of Cox's intentions, instead, Buddy and Babycat both wound up dead and I blame Mike Taylor and Steve Cureton as much as that sick bastard Bob Cox, btw, he's the ONLY asshole I've ever seen wearing a Rolex at my studio.


New "Guys Who Wear Rolex's" Info:
This is hilarious. POJ, Jeff Walters, the guy who snitched these bastards off to me, who also happens to be the president of an international corporation, who also happens to be the guy who introduced me to Robert Brady, and who also happens to be a picker/singer cowboy songologist who has recorded and gigged with me for over 10 years, has been wearing a Rolex at my funky trailer since day one.

A guy wearing a Rolex caused this shit, and a guy wearing a Rolex put a stop to the shit. They're both presidents of international corporations. They were both my best friends and hung out in my funky ass trailer studio for years. Taylor met them both thru me. One turned out to be a truly evil son of a bitch. It is only now coming to light the carnage left in his wake. Mike Taylor has only himself to blame. Same with Steve Cureton. My only connection to any of this is I was trying to be a sincere friend to every single person involved. I was the last to find out about what happened. I am the first to figure out what resulted, I had no choice about that, the person that did it wanted me to know. He thinks I had something to do with it. He's just wrong, that's all. By rubbing my nose in it, and taking his vengence out on those who I love the most, he has succeeded in triggering his own destruction. That isn't my fault either. The only reason anyone is able to read about any of this is because

A. ITS 100% TRUE and

B. ITS 1000% WRONG.

I wish this had never happened. I wish it wasn't published on this website. I wish all those lives hadn't been destroyed or hurt in any way. I wish Mike Taylor wasn't a PIECE OF SHIT. But he IS. There's nothing I can do about the facts of life, I'm only human. I'm not interested in any of this garbage. It was dumped on me. so I'm dumping it on this website. Its a conscious choice I made, and for now, I'm sticking with my decision. If nothing else, I think I deserve to amuse myself about it, if I possibly can. It has been extremely painful. Many people are annoyed that I have prolonged the pain. The people who did it are totally offended that I say they did it. They think me telling about it is worse than them doing it. That's not my fault either. Bob Cox chose to tell me certain things. It wouldn't be worth it to him if I didn't know, so he told me. I researched the rest. It wasn't easy to get all the info. I worked on Steve Cureton for a long, long time. I got what I was looking for, and unfortunately, MUCH MUCH more. I still don't know a lot of fundamental things. I'd love for it to end, but new things keep coming out, not just little details, but also big, tragic, and truly horrible stuff. I don't know where it will end, but it doesn't feel like its going to be a happy ending. If there's anything happy about it, it will be the happiness that its OVER, I guess its like the Holocaust, or something. There no good to be found in it. The bad guys are going to lose, bigtime. I give you my personal guarantee about that. Other than that, nothing will ever fix it except to just forget about it.

Oh, I don't know, who's to say? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a few more laughs waiting to happen. There's no doubt in my mind, the last teardrop won't be falling anytime soon. My mind drifts back to 1995. You think its sad now? This is nothing. I'm not worried about me. I'm much more concerned about certain friends that are still alive. That's what really matters.

Yes, this story is annoying. Extremely tedious and a bummer. But its all worthwhile to me when someone like Robert Brady reads it. Its like a miracle when someone like Never Forget pops her head thru the cracks and says she believes every word I have written. I get the overall impression that there are only a few stragglers left who don't believe me, people like Val Kronk. I'm not going to shove this down his throat, I don't want to see him choke, I love him too much. It doesn't matter. But I know in my heart, eventually he's going to ask me. The thing is, he's like I was. He's a musician who trusts Taylor. I respect him too much to not warn him. Someone warned me, I didn't want to believe it, in fact, I refused to believe it. This friend loved me enough to perservere, in spite of my resistance, and I was persuaded to at least TEST the theory.
That was a friend, a true friend.
That's the kind of friend we all need.
(Wipes tears. now its getting heavy, haha.)

It turns out, he was wearing
a Rolex watch

Here's a great photo of two of my very best friends,
POJ and my little sweetheart, Babycat.
I love the fact she's sitting on my Sonor drumset.
This was the last photo of Babycat, she was murdered less than two weeks later
by Robert Willis Cox.
This photo is exceedingly above and beyond
any happy ending I could ever want or need.
Given a choice between
a Rolex watch or a Sonor drumset,
I'll take the Sonor drumset every time.
Hey, I KNOW what time it is, and I always have,
that's why the LAMERZ hate PPX.



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