Never Slaughter A Lamer When Its Too Easy

from: pause and think

There was something about the way Bob Cox tore into Babycat and ruthlessly killed her. The message from my brain was crystal clear. RETALIATE! DON'T HESITATE!!! SLAUGHTER A LAMER, NOW!! I remember how Cox dropped by on the way to Mexico and murdered the apple of my eye. I've never felt so provked in my life. I mean, it was right there. Too right there, and too easy. Cox was out of the country and slowhead Taylor was available for slaughter, with no alarm system, no nothing, and I remember being amazed that he wouldn't answer, he was taking all his cues from Cox, he didn't really seem aware of how close Cox was taking him to the brink, everything he'd do was dictated by the puppetmaster, I couldn't believe how recklessly bold Cox was, he FOR SURE was trying to get me to attack. Last night, 18 months later, Talyor told Bolen he "missed his old friend", meaning me. I've been trying to talk to him ONCE for a year and a half, and he goes thru this stupid act of being sentimental. It was so fucking dumb, so lame an attempt, I look at it now and see him as a lamb led to slaughter, he doesn't even know what's going on, I really think he has never quite grasped that Cox BRAGGED about how "Taylor was the key to it all." Its a fucking setup. I can SMELL IT. Cox has told him not to talk to me because then Taylor would find out that its not at all a matter of me finding out, I already know and have known for 18 months. Taylor said a few peculiar things, like his parting words were, "I don't want to play on a Bolen song unless Otto is producing." Bolen thought that was strange, I thought it was WAY WAY off the wall, but goddamnit, IT WASN'T! That's really where his head is at. He hasn't snapped at all that I KNOW everything, and I've told him over and over, but he's avoided even reading it. This really is interesting. Most peculiar, Batman. Its so fucking foolish, I'd think he was drunk, but he doesn't drink. He is definitely stupid, but Taylor is behind a curtain that's blocking information. Cox has endangered him greatly, and then maintained this other picutre around Taylor's head for 18 months? This is a classic feeling of a moronic Bob Cox plan waiting for the next step that I won't trigger, simply because he seems to want me to. I have a rule, "if Bob Cox wants you to do anything, DON'T DO IT, its a trick" I've stuck by that rule ever since he started baiting me with computer mobo manuals and receipts. I am so glad Ididn't do anything to Taylor, boy it was hard as a motherfucker, but Taylor is simply too much of a siiitng duck, and remains one. That ain't natural. All the info he's got came from Bob Cox, and part of that info has repeated religiously, "don't talk to Otto at all". Taylor does whatever Bob Cox tells him to do, that's very obvious. But there is something about his behavior that just doesn't add up. He's not consistent with his own self preservation, not even after 18 months. This is definitely a Cox trick on Taylor. I remember this viewpoint right at the first, and I told Claude, "I think Cox's real target is Taylor", Claude said, "I remember you said that before". Here it is 18 months later, and its a holding pattern. Its a Bob Cox master plan stopped dead in its tracks, waiting for a landmine or something to explode. Well, too bad. I got all the fuses in my pocket. This is so interesting. Taylor is exactly like a dumb animal. How strange! Man, I gotta hand it to Cox, he is absolutely the most tricky son-of-a-bitch I've ever seen. Look at this whole picture. I'm on one side, Cox is on the other side, and notice how it seems like Cox is "for" Taylor and "against" me. But everything Cox does FOR Taylor actually makes his situation WORSE for Taylor, and Taylor doesn't seem to have a clue. That could only be if Cox is controlling the information Taylor is getting, Cox WANTS me to smack the easy target, and he's a little too obvious. I've seen this before, his plans are so stupid, they always stall out while reality moves on, Cox is very hardheaded about forcing certain situations to go a certain way, he just about always has a little finale of grandstanding planned, but the climaxes are stumbled over because of my "if he wants you to do anything, don't do it, its a trick" method. I am so glad I took the slower approach. This is amazing.



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