Shut Up, Get The Fuck Out Of Here

from: who else? popeye-x

Well, it happened again, and I'd be lying if said I didn't enjoy it. Regardless of the pleasure it gave me, it had to be done, just like it always does. and I hope it always will be so. It SHOULD happen, its long overdue, and obviously, the LAMERZ involved won't have it any other way, so.. they don't get what they want, they get what I need them to have. It must be humiliating, ask me if I give a.fuck. This time it was my ex-girlfriend from 1971, who is still coming over "too fast", like I barely have time to not answer the phone, and she comes over anyway. Making a beeline for anything I don't have time to hide, which bums me out, I was thinking about that treat, and she comes in and scarfs it, makes a few typical excuses and she's out the door before I even stop what I was doing when she called umpteen times, and I didn't answer, and she came over anyway. It really pisses me off when some pushy bitch (female or male) horks up what's left of my stash, and never pauses to consider what I paid for it. Last time I attempted to tell her exactly that, and right on cue, she cuts me off mid-sentence, doesn't even listen to my side, then she declares it was too expensive, therefore its my fault, not hers. I attempt to point out its more expensive because its available, and that is precisely why she's here to try and get it. the problem lies in her attitude of not paying for it, like everybody else. Even more important, I don't want to sell it, I bought it for ME. I don't want to trade it today for something next week that's not as good, or even if its better, its still next week, or so she says, it never really is next week, its next month, at best, but usually its always never. She doesn't see it that way at all, and its the way she interrupts what I'm saying, cancels it, and replaces it with her own theory all in one stroke, as she heads for the door with my stash is not going to fly. That's when she starts telling me how to act, what not to say, who not to point my finger at when I say it, and then she raises the volume to indicate some kind of warning that it might get worse. That's when I"ve had all I'm gonna take and I say, "SHUT UP, get the fuck out of here." Last time this happened, it was Bob Coxsucker on Sept 19, 2000. before that, it was Steve Wisnoski, a couple oif times. I told her to take her studio terrorist cat with her, the cat acts just like she does, CONTRARY motion. You pet her, and you get bit way to hard. She becomes numb to your demands. The rate of annoyance increases, insted of decreases. Soon it reaches saturation, its ALL the time, every 5 goddamn minutes. You see that hard head actually straing to do it again. I grabbed the cat by its stomach skin and threw it. Something like that is horrible to me. I hate myself when I do something like that. I never ever ever EVER did anything remotely like that to Buddy or Babycat. Stanley used to piss me off sometimes and I'd always regret it. Don't tell me they don't know any better, knowing better is how they manage to do it 100% of the time, instead of 50%. Its the attitude. Buddy and Babycat wanted to please their Daddy, its that simple. That's how a cat earns the right to be spoiled the way it wants to be spoiled, when a cat like that walks on your keyboards, you just laugh. They see you laugh, and that paw comes forward to test if another step will be tolerated. That's endearing, to me. That's how my little Babycat would win my heart, and end up getting her way. It was the look on her face. Its not the hardness of the head that wins the battle of the wills, its the softness of the heart, and it wins by weakening defences. I feel horrible for abusing this new cat. She must go. Her owner got thrown out on her ass, might as well make a clean break. I do love this little cat, I know she loves me, I guess that's why she's all over my shit every 5 minutes?



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