I See A Jail Cell On The Horizon... There's Three Stooges Behind The Bars

from: They Just Went Too Far

Two STUPID Suckers And The World's Most Brilliant IDIOT... The only people they're going to end up fooling is themselves. As I look at the assembled material evidence, I'm astonished they're not in jail already. I'm not just saying this to bolster my confidence, its fucking CRAZY. Cox is clearly off his rocker, on a Superdork's Revenge Marathon. The son-of-a-bitch is on an 8 year destruction binge, this fucker has been breaking BIG LAWS and getting away with it, and its gone straight to his head. He thinks he's Invulnerable like Superman. He takes risks that would make your eyeballs pop-out, and its all for his ENTERTAINMENT. The monetary side of it is more based on him not spending a penny, and at the same time exploiting a range of tasty little tax write-off nuggets. That's what really gets him off. When he steals money, he launders it, then he gives it to charity, and cheats on his taxes, that's what turns him on. He also loves to wreck other people's lives, and destroy them if possible. That includes killing them, but not just one person, a whole social circle of people, that includes pets, wipe them out, take over what they had, like a trophy. His allies get just as fucked up as his enemies, when he gets thru, the whole scene is littered with dead bodies and broken lives that won't go back to what they were. If he zeroes in on a business, he torpedos it, and it goes down. He goes to tremendous effort to pull off certain goals, the one thing they have in common is its BAD only. There isn't one good result from what he does, not even for him. He doesn't care about that, he's already got everything he'll ever want. His only interest is any activity that is rooted in LYING, STEALING, CHEATING, and DESTROYING something.or someone. If he has a loyal friend, he destroys their life as much as he can, but he does that "in secret" so the friendship and the friend end in one big finale. If he's spending months wasting your time, his time is well spent, he doesn't consider it a waste of his time to be in the exact same place doing the same thing as you, as long as its a complete waste of your time, he's very happy to exert himself the extra mile. One thing he must never do is spend a single penny of his money. This is the most important thing of all, even more important than pussy. If he loses pussy, and the pussy takes a bunch of the money, he's liable to do anything. It drives him INSANE just thinking about it. I was THE BEST FRIEND HE EVER HAD, bar none. I did everything he ever asked or wanted of me, including having nothing to do with his ex-wife or her boyfriends, he didn't have to ask me, I was doing what he wanted before he realized he wanted it. I did everything I possibly could to please him and show my gratitude, even though he fucked me financially in return. I didn't even mind that, I knew he was just that way by nature. He always had an aversion to me making a profit, I could tell. I'm a poor person compared to him, I have nothing, and I never will. I could tell he was against me having the little I had, I didn't mind that, he's just greedy beyond all notion, that's ok, I often just gave him things, completely for free, paid for by a pauper and given to a rich man, just to show my sincere friendship. This wasn't good enough for him, he had suspicions that I might be like him.... a two faced back stabbing ungrateful bastard. I'M NOT. I'm just a simple artist type person, a grown up child, really. I have no desire for the things those other two stooges would cut my throat to get. My simple naive honesty, sincerity, generousity, and willingness to be a good friend is disgusting to these idiots. Why do they hate that? Because they can't get over just using the basic child like viewpoint. They HAVE TO CHEAT, or else they can't even come close to being in the top ten/ They've never "won", not even once. I always "win", I don't know why, or how, but I always come out on top in a category that is particularly "me". I completely rule my area of the universe, I had to reach out and grab it to get it, but God gave it to me, I asked Him for it, and He gave it to me, I didn't even know precisely what it was. Now I do. I know exactly what it is, but that took a long time to figure out. I had it a long time before I really figured it out, I used it to figure it out. I couldn't have done it otherwise. I also had help from others who were superior to me, they saw that I was almost there, and they gave me nudges across the threshold. People like Will Alexander, Frank Zappa, and Jan Hammer. Jeff Walters is like that. Bob Cox used to be, or so I thought. I really don't understand Taylor and Cureton, I don't quite get what they think they're going to accomplish by trying to steal it, especially from me. You can't get it by stealing. You can get my foot in your ass, though. Those three Coxsuckers are going TO JAIL, and I'm going to make sure they do exactly that, at least for a short "test", enough to make them back into snivelling snitches and finger pointers. I guess Cox will buy his way out of every problem. I've never known him to back up from anything, so I already know I'm going to deal with him, that's not a problem, not where I come from. He's an incompetent idiotic fool, what kind of master criminal recruits utter knuckleheads like Taylor and Cureton and then puts the security of his own freedom in their chickenshit hands? He's no master criminal at all, he's a bigger chickenshit thatn they are. I'm going to whip the shit out of all three of them single handedly, with help from the law, of course. All I can say is this, so help me, if any of these weak bastards comes to me afterwards and apologizes, I'm going to break his face off the front of his head and stomp it into his asshole. Hell no, I won't accept your apologies, because I don't believe in your sincerity, not for one second. If you want to stay alive, I would advise you to get the fuck out of my face and stay out, I won't be responsible for what I'll do if I really lose my temper. And quit whining about the public humiliation and ridicule I heap upon you, it will never end you pitiful sounza bitches, even after you're dead, I will still be making fun of you, I have to, you're that fucking sad, I have to laugh at you to survive how aghast I am at your LAMENESS. Its unmelievable to me that you two suckers went for the Cox bait without at least checking out what is motivating him. You fucking fools! Imagine what your parents are going to think when they find out you've been indicted for BANK FRAUD and CONSPIRACY assiting a murderer to rip off ME?? Are you fucking crazy? You have more money than I do. By the way, you are totally washed up in the music biz. When everyone learns that your whole Bexar Nekkid Music trip was all stolen money with you setting yourselves up as hot shot music engineers.... well, all I can say is, you should have taken my offers to work with me, you might have learned something like WHAT MUSIC IS FOR! You can't steal your way to it. That's almost as stupid as Bob Cox thinking murdering Babycat makes him a bad ass. Its pitiful. Your parents are going to be so ashamed, I hope you big shots are happy. You will never even begin to compare to me in audio arts, you don't even know what I do, otherwise you wouldn't try to be me, you'd know better. Hint ----> The recording studio is the back end of the horse. You're missing the front end entirely. Without the front end, I wouldn't even bother with the back end, it wouldn't be worth the effort. And if its not worth it to ME, then it will never be worth anything to YOU, because you have nothing to GAIN out of it. YOU HAVE NO MUSIC, you fucking dumbfucks. You will never have the opportunity to learn anything but the trailing cloud of dust left by the last straggling motherfuckers to walk down the path, that's why you record the bottom of the blues barrel, you simply have no band. You aren't musicians, so why should you? You damn sure aren't producers, you have to steal to even have a system to render with. Its not that you don't have the money, you have more than enough. You just wouldn't WASTE it on yourself, you know you're worhtless, that's why you have the urge to try and FAKE it instead. You think it makes you look as cool as ME. HAHA. I rest my case. Let's see. .. I turned down Cox's bitch, I turned down Taylor's bitch, too. They were the pits, especially Taylor's. Ewww. I think she was probasbly the worst I've ever seen. Do you realize how many guys she's propositioned in my driveway, as they came out of my house? She was hanging out in the field out there, trying to scarf any drug she could get and offering a blow job to get it. Think I'm lying? I told the silly bitch to get out, she's not going to use me as a way to hurt that big stupid fuckhead Taylor, he's perfectly capapble of hurting himself sufficiently to finish himself off. I think I would fuck your girlfriend, Cureton, I like her, she likes me, too. She has something to offer and so do I, so that would proably be alright, kinda righteous actually. Poor thing, having you for a b/f has got to be a sloppy horror, just like NeverForget told us, eh?



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