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making a penny Steven Wright 03-12-18
that makes no cents at all johnny foodstamps 03-12-18
I See A Jail Cell On The Horizon... There's Three Stooges Behind The Bars They Just Went Too Far 03-12-18
playing the BORDERLINE gamma 03-12-17
AKA "the cat" Stash 03-12-17
Noise Police In japan.... Sonic 03-12-16
50 acres of land in Alaska Lars 03-12-16
Shut Up, Get The Fuck Out Of Here who else? popeye-x 03-12-15
arguing with idiots Mugtoe 03-12-16
Re: Shut Up, Get The Fuck Out Of Here "Inner Strength" 03-12-16
Sad Saddam a scam???? Bud Zargood 03-12-14
Take This Poll And Shove It Johnny Foodstamps 03-12-14
keep a sense of humor rumour like a tumor 03-12-13
Problems... "So, what's your problem?" 03-12-13
The Silence Of The Lamerz cannibinol lecture 03-12-12
Re: The Silence Of The Lamerz John Wilkes 03-12-13
Never Slaughter A Lamer When Its Too Easy pause and think 03-12-12
15 Things to do at Walmart while your wife is taking her sweet ass time Stash Wall-Tone 03-12-12
Re: 15 Things to do at Walmart while your wife is taking her swee... Mr walmartinezz 03-12-13
Choking On The Spam gggrrrrorooooooaaahhhaooaoahack.... 03-12-11
Re: Choking On The Spam Clown Computer God 03-12-11
I knew that was coming but... 03-12-12
Guys Wearing Rolex Watches Talking $14,000 Deals as told to popeye-x by robert brady last night 03-12-11
Music LAMERZ Come Here To Die The X-ecutioner 03-12-09
i like the bass chuckwagon 03-12-08
Bass Stupidity popeye-x 03-12-07
Weekend Shopping....... Bob 03-12-06
I want my $50 back!!! S. C. 03-12-06
the "Matrix defense". Bud Zargood 03-12-06
Re: the "Matrix defense". the cure 03-12-06
You Motherfuckers are Crazy...but I like that in Humans! Fuckin OL'Duke 03-12-05
Re: You Motherfuckers are Crazy...but I like that in Humans! blaspheme 03-12-13
frog rings.... stash 03-12-05
On Dis Day........ Stash 03-12-05
Sticky, dank nugs Mugtoe 03-12-04
Fresh Godiva chocky-x 03-12-04
Narcotic Prayer makes me crap in my pants Mrs. Walmartinezzzz 03-12-04
Re: Narcotic Prayer makes me crap in my pants Duke 03-12-05
Narcotic Prayer is a cool song ppx 03-12-04
Old Guys That Crap In Their Pants popeye-x 03-12-04
Re: Old Guys That Crap In Their Pants okd-2k3 03-12-04
Penis Of Jesus = POJ I was in SKY with Kim Keating, Barry Littleton, Bobby Donaldson, and Larry Trub 03-12-07
Re: Old Guys That Crap In Their Pants Webster 03-12-06
Re: Old Guys That Crap In Their Pants Mugtoe 03-12-04
sometimes I've lost without gambling geezer X 03-12-04
Re: Depends Hugh Moore 03-12-05
Re: Old Guys That Crap In Their Pants Mrs. Walmartinezzzz 03-12-04
Bo Diddley To Reaktor = The History Of Rock N Roll popeye-x 03-12-03
Chris Whitley Mrs. Walmartinezzz 03-12-03
Narcotic Prayer Mrs. Walmartinezzzzz 03-12-03
tweaker central demitria monde thraam 03-12-03
Re: tweaker central Mrs. Walmartinezzzz 03-12-03
pretty once more ppx 03-12-03
the clam shell popeye-x 03-12-03
Re: the clam shell Stash 03-12-04
Tweakin' Toenails, Batman Nancy Walmartinezzzz 03-12-04
Re: the clam shell Mugtoe 03-12-03
thanks ppx 03-12-03
gay and bi-sexual men who use meth? not-mugtoe 03-12-03
tweaker central demitria monde thraam 03-12-03
No Free Rides In Cambodia Stash 03-12-03
Turkey Fucks-up Australian Stash 03-12-03
michael jackson won't be allowed to wear makeup in prison popeye-x 03-12-02
how to get bushwacked demitria monde thraam 03-12-03
ill jackin' the mic, son... in and out of always-never land... windup back in the pokey with gumby... upwind of a major download 03-12-09
Re: how to get bushwacked and shrublicked on the way to the elephant farm.... Stash 03-12-06
you can have your drugs... if you share with the president ppx 03-12-03
Re: you can have your drugs... if you share with the president Bud Zargood 03-12-06
where is everybody? popeye-x 03-12-02
Re: where is everybody? Mugtoe 03-12-03
Re: where is everybody? I'm just a clown. Yes, I'm only a clown........ 03-12-02
Re: where is everybody? Mrs. Walmartinezz 03-12-03
Re: where is everybody? High in the Texas Hill Country. 03-12-03
flush twice. Dallas needs the water Mugtoe 03-12-04
San Francisco? flowers in what hair? 03-12-01
Re: San Francisco? demitria monde thraam 03-12-03
HEB Chocolate daddy 03-12-01
Re: HEB Chocolate That friggin' clown again. 03-12-02
A Piece Of Shit Wannabe popeye-x 03-12-01
Rat Problem Obliterated daddy 03-12-01
Texas Welcomes Mugtoe its about time 03-12-01
Re: Texas Welcomes Mugtoe Mugtoe 03-12-02
Alright Oxsan popeye-x 03-12-02
parting shot Mugtoe 03-12-05
Guess what I'm gonna be in another week Mugtoe 03-11-30
Re: Texas Highways Stash 03-12-03
movin' back? tex 03-11-30
Re: movin' back? Mugtoe 03-11-30
Re: good bubba? Stash 03-12-03
Howard Mugtoe 03-11-30
Teaching Piano On TV poverty 03-11-29
Re: Teaching Piano On TV HotDamnToe 03-11-30
ichy twerp slam bang theatre 03-11-30
red vinyl Mugtoe 03-11-30
Ableton LIVE 3 Is A Looper's Dream Come True popeye-x 03-11-28
This site is fucking wicked....but it's fucking awesome (he he he, what you done did) woonzen@webtv.net 03-11-26
welcome Mugtoe 03-11-29
and trust me Mugtoe 03-11-30
who's the babe? mr. horn dog 03-11-30
Worthy Of Your Praise ppx 03-11-28
You gonna tell him? Hugh Moore 03-11-24
Didn't someone once say PPX was a lawn gnome? Stash 03-11-24
Talking Trash....... Stash 03-11-23
A cast of millions......... Stash 03-11-23
Article 112 The Duke 03-11-21
Making Reaktor Pumpaloaf Muffins For No Doubt popeye-x 03-11-21
So.....Wiggly.... Stash 03-11-20
forgiveness.... Hugh Moore 03-11-20
Where's The Duke? ppx 03-11-20
Popeye-X's Favorite Studio Plug-In a very tricky midi geezer 03-11-18
Got It Down Pat? GOP Presidential Convention 03-11-16
Cockroaches! The Ghost Of Sam Walton. 03-11-16
China arrests alleged mass killer Walker, Texas stalker 03-11-15
2 - one hour beat monster + sound FX skeletons studio rat 03-11-14
Wynonna Judd arrested NeverForget 03-11-13
I have a picture here somewhere shitfaced 03-11-28
Article 91 03-11-12
uh, oh, inspiration... DANGEROUS ppx upon trying ableton live 03-11-12
the hearts are gone piglet 03-11-12
Godiva Belgian Chocolate eaten yummy 03-11-11
Hearts are good mr. chocolate 03-11-11
Re: Hearts are good NeverForget 03-11-13
download the latest godiva chocolate ice cream field test results here dr.ppx, serious chocologist, and luxurious laboratory rat 03-11-14
Its 3 am, I'm getting the urge late night creepy crawler 03-11-20
I need some new stash not high enough 03-11-11
quote of the day Hugh Moore 03-11-11
oral sex poll "voice" your opinion..... 03-11-11
Anyone But Bush 2004 The guy PPX no longer talks to 03-11-11
To The Guy PPX Will Talk To Forever PPX 03-11-12
Re: To The Guy PPX Will Talk To Forever Same guy 03-11-15
Is My email Working? You Mean Those 100+ per diem Spam Sandwiches Jammed In My Ass? constantly constipated 03-11-16
Re: Is My email Working? You Mean Those 100+ per diem Spam Sandwi... Same guy again 03-11-18
hmmm, you're right, silence is not my forte motor mouth 03-11-20
Lonely boy Mugtoe 03-11-19
coughing up dr. pepper thru my nose foamy nostrils 03-11-10
Re: coughing up dr. pepper thru my nose strangers....... 03-11-11
I need some more Godiva hungry for something good 03-11-10
Godiva? Mugtoe 03-11-11
I ate some blue bell, too ppx 03-11-11
in that case Natural Bean Vanilla Toe 03-11-11
by the good shit Natural Bean Vanilla Toe 03-11-11
Belgian Binge Bulger At The Tomb Of The Unknown Chocolate Soldier lil' chocky wants his early mornin' pacifier 03-11-16
Re: I need some more Godiva now 03-11-10
eating Belgian Dark Chocolate with a sharp knife yum yum 03-11-10
Re: Belgian Dark Chocolate--I warned you! NeverForget 03-11-13
mr. welfare good citizen 03-11-10
Article 70 03-11-08
this board is a big mess its out of control... like me 03-11-08
duke, you wouldn't like it after all I was wrong 03-11-06
CHUG7 is here wicked child man 03-11-06
Look At My New Guitar smiling 03-11-05
T-SHITRS stanemma@earthlink.net 03-11-05
Uncle Bob Gets Me Up And Going Right Where I Need To Be, Which Is HERE a true Otto Family Male who is "one of them", with no special need to prove it, since there aint no doubt about it 03-11-04
too quiet in here!!!! Stash 03-11-04
pray for apathy and indifference hoping to get exactly nowhere 03-11-03
School Girls Beat The Shit Out Of Flasher Stash 03-11-02
The Shit Is Going To Hit The Fan Now Dr. Popeye-X, Minister Of Hell To Pay and Frontline Snitch For The Internal Revenue Service 03-11-02
Re: The Cureton Vocabulary Hugh Moore 03-11-03
my new cat has disappeared I hope she's ok 03-11-02
up a tree for 2 days daddy 03-11-02
Oh, thanks a lot! NeverForget 03-11-01
2 for $5 <-- I can afford that doomed to eat cheaply 03-11-02
sorry about the flavor working on it 03-11-02
silence........ Hugh Moore 03-10-31
Get Into Nine Inch Nails NIN is happenin', man 03-10-29
Fuzztone Balls Radio Free Toe 03-10-29
My God This Thing Is so Fucked Up! webmaster-x 03-10-29
I'll Be Goddamned If I Didn't Combine The Monkey Wrench, (Infomania Antippx-X1), With The Only Board That's Still Functional, (Antippx10) getting lucky is part of my technique 03-10-30
Who Do You Loathe? Bushies vs. Clintonites 03-10-28
Re: Who Do You Loathe? EJ Dumbcunt 03-11-11
This Writing Stuff Is Fun fire the weapon 03-10-28
Drivin in Texas LameJokeToe 03-10-27
The critical moment of turning from pussy Mugtoe 03-10-27
outright buggery texas dog 03-10-28
Re: Horndog Hoedown PlugHoe 03-10-29
Doin a lick Mugtoe 03-10-27
old-time Oklahoma story Oxsan 03-10-27
Why Don't You Try To Kill Me, You Coxsucking Murderer? not afraid of anyone THAT chickenshit 03-10-26
marked for death the grim reaper 03-10-26
Hard Work???? Ronald Reagan 03-10-25
Rule of Thumb Stash 03-10-25
"By the time the afternoon lessons began, there was no hiding what they had done." Hugh Moore 03-10-25
they don't make 'em anymore.... Hunter S. Thompson 03-10-25
Tommy Hall interview info Mugtoe 03-10-24
Tommy Hall quote Mugtoe 03-10-24
Re: Tommy Hall quote Dorothy Parker 03-10-25
fucked up boards ppx 03-10-24
Re: fucked up boards Mugtoe 03-10-24
Love Australian Style Hugh Moore 03-10-24
Godiva chocolate ice cream yummy 03-10-23
Re: Godiva chocolate ice cream NeverForget 03-10-26
it disappeared too fast a brown blur 03-10-26
Re: it disappeared too fast NeverForget 03-10-28
slow is the best in no hurry 03-10-30
Re: slow is the best NeverForget 03-11-01
Walmart Busted ppx 03-10-23
I Talked To Dickson ppx 03-10-23
Re: I Talked To Dickson NeverForget 03-10-26
thanks, but my faith is very small and weak not much faith 03-10-26
Re: thanks, but my faith is very small and weak Mugtoe 03-10-27
Re: I Talked To DicksonStash 03-10-23
Bushounds.... A puzzled George 03-10-22
How To Crap Like A Man, Toiletside Reader Instructions Hugh Moore 03-10-22
Vanity Sizing Oxsan 03-10-21
Perfect? my dick, of course 03-10-22
Re: Perfect?Dennis Miller 03-10-22
somebody oughta shoot that coxsucking bastard in the ass with a crossbow and then 03-10-21
we said a prayer for dickson chuckwagon 03-10-21
I had to cancel san antonio Duke 03-10-21
Mr. Chickenshit Gigs ppx 03-10-23
moe sugar me vale madre 03-10-20
Re: moe sugarAlan Hawey 03-10-22
Im coming to sa for leon russell duke 03-10-19
He's Milkin The Snake Hugh Moore 03-10-19
Laguna Beach Duke 03-10-19
hey everybody... hey nobody my mind & my body 03-10-18

I believe this thing is finally fixed popeye-x is back in the saddle again 18/10/03
Can this be a member of the HIX?
Rudy Jones 13/10/03  
Alanis is alive and well at Blackeyed Pea!
Wrinkled Penis 13/10/03
Re: Alanis is alive and well at Blackeyed Pea!
top 10 13/10/03
A "church's fired chicken" moment......
Stash 12/10/03
Cureton Daycare?
'Nox Bar' 12/10/03
Backfire Fido
Culdesac Idaho 12/10/03
+----------------- Bizarre Accident Reports ----------------+
Bud Zargood 12/10/03
"Highly" recommended
Stash 12/10/03
last of the big tippers?
Hugh Moore 12/10/03
Re: new heights?
hugh moore 12/10/03
The Mars Volta in Minneapolis - 10 October 2003
Mugtoe 12/10/03
Art Brown/Jimmy Carl
Duke 12/10/03
Re: Art Brown/Jimmy Carl
Stash 12/10/03
Jimmy Carl Black is way cool... WAY WAY WAY fuckin' cool
pasa las nalgas 12/10/03
Re: Cureton Has A Twin!
Geneologist-X 12/10/03
Re: Jimmy Carl Black is way cool... WAY WAY WAY fuckin' cool
Mugtoe 12/10/03
the god of hellfire
Stash 11/10/03
Re: the god of hellfire
Mugtoe 12/10/03
Re: the god of hellfire
Stash 12/10/03
Rich The Tweakmeister Is THE MAN
the walking talking music machine 11/10/03
Re: Rich The Tweakmeister Is THE MAN
Stash 12/10/03
KYLE OTTO 09/10/03
The Truth in Black & White
Elvis Tupac 09/10/03
An Old Quote From The Duke Of URL's
from the intelligent side 09/10/03
Come Help Me Dust Off These Lamerz, It Would Probably Rechanrge Your Psychic Batteries
blooded little Farfisa jockey 09/10/03

Im really tired...i need to exit.
Duke 09/10/03
Re: Hey Duke!
Stash 09/10/03
Re: Hey Duke!
Uncle duke 10/10/03
Re: Hey Duke!
Stash 10/10/03
I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about
smellvis leslie 08/10/03
PPX .....Heres where I be.
Duke 08/10/03
Jetfuel Salsa...its hot out here!
Duke 08/10/03
Kiss Radio Morning show pimpin for Jetfuel salsa
Mr walmartinezzz 07/10/03
Things Get Crazier As Reality Sets In
More Normal Than I've Been In Over A Year 07/10/03
Re: Things Get Crazier As Reality Sets In
Ann Landers 08/10/03
IHOP=I Have Obsessive Personality
Mrs. Walmartinezz 06/10/03
hoy es los dias de mexicanos
el tornado de laredo 06/10/03
Got any midgets workin' at your local IHOP?
Mrs. Walmartinezzzz 06/10/03
I gotta Death Wish
Mugtoe 06/10/03
Re: I gotta Death Wish
Mrs. Walmartinezz 06/10/03
International House Of Popeye-X
Waffel SS Uberschnitzel 06/10/03
Billy Joe Smells Like Pancakes
Mrs. Walmartinezzz 06/10/03
Re: Billy Joe Smells Like Pancakes
Wrinkled Penis 08/10/03
Re: Billy Joe Smells Like Pancakes- correction
Mrs. Walmartinezzz 06/10/03
carry on
Gustave Flaubert  05/10/03
Hugh Moore 05/10/03
Popeye-X Is In A Killin' Mood
rat exterminator 05/10/03
Its fuckin hot out here!
Duke 04/10/03
Re: Its fuckin hot out here!
Mugtoe 05/10/03
nightime is the BEST in AZ desert
ppx 05/10/03
will rogers 03/10/03
Some things Will Rogers said!
Oxsan 03/10/03
hi-test cotton
Mugtoe 03/10/03
I guess I'm in here all alone again
mister boredom 03/10/03
The Plastic Jesus Loves You
Mrs. Walmartinez 06/10/03
ready steady go
webmaster-x 03/10/03