nightime is
the BEST
in AZ desert

ppx (from my cave)
 05/10/03 01:06:22 AM

Believe it or not, it has been one of my long standing 'goals' or 'fantasies' to relocate to the part of AZ that is between where IH-10 turns diagonal North and IH-08 continues due West, (after Tuscon, before Phoenix), and Gila Bend, that stretch of road has been one of my favorite places since 1980 when me & Cathy stopped in the middle of nowhere and watched the constellations come up over the horizon and move across the sky. We had a field guide to the stars and a flashlight, everytime a new batch would come up, we'd look in the book and identify it and read about it. This went on for about 4 hours, just me and girlie alone in the desert. It was very spiritual, just looking up into the sky, and feeling the vibes of the Apaches and UFO's and ghosts, the terrain is gently flat sand with huge volcanic rocks coming up out of the ground and towering as tall as small mountains. Many years later, about 10, Cathy happened to comment about that night, she said that was the most fun she ever had with a guy in her life, I was surprised because I felt exactly the same way, but we never told each other. Don't think we made love under the stars, we didn't do anything like that at all. We did a couple of small lines of crank and just looked at the sky, turning on the flashlight every once in a while to read the field guide to the stars. this was from about 2am to 5am. We just talked quietly a looked at the huge panorama above us. Something about the solitude and the 'closeness' of the stars, they were just right there, like you could reach up and touch them, it was unbelievable how good we could see them. I swear, they seemed to be talking to my brain, like, the way they would flicker and the way they were postioned was symbolic of something that was totally obvious in my mind, they were statements of cosmic physical matter of fact logic, they physically touched my psyche, I could sense that my thoughts were just as physical as the Earth and the lights in the sky, like when you look at something, like a tree, and you hold up your hand, and you can see the physical analogy between your wrist and fingers and the branches on the tree. You can see by how they're constructed that they're made of the same stuff, they're shaped the same, formed the same way. That's how the stars in my eyes seemed to the thoughts in my brain. They were analogous physically, like we were cousins or something. The constellation shapes were talking like they were crystaline patterns, like a Buckminster Fuller book with families of polyhedrons all charted out, what blew me away was how the constellations made these shapes, like guitar chord patterns, but the adjacent stars in the patterns weren't really next to each other. Some were much closer, some were much farther, probably closer to me than they were to each other. This blew my fucking mind away because it was pure and simple explanation demonstration of what time and distance in the universe really is, much longer and much furhter than I had ever imagined. I could see that everything I thought was in a certain place actually wasn't at all, NONE OF IT WAS! And it never was, and it never will be. It was all in my head all along, ALL OF IT. I could taste that my mind was the projector of its own reality, and REAL reality wasn't anything like it at all. I couldn't comprehend it, but I could SEE IT because it was glaringly obvious. You couldn't not see it. Who could miss it? Nobody. Anyone could look up and see the exact thing I was seeing, and there wouldn't be two interpretations, no interpretation was necessary, it was what it was, and that sort of underlioned THE FACT behind it all. I could see the FACT. I could try to comprehend that FACT, but part of the FACT was the FACT I didn't even have the slightest beginning of a model in my head that actualy matched what I was seeing. I knew FOR SURE it was there, andpopeye-x LIVE with the Blast at the Bohnam Exachange 1983 I knew FOR SURE I didn't know what 'there' meant, where it was, what its shape and depth REALLY was, all I knew was I could plainly see the logic of it, and that was what the stars were trying to tell me. I could swear they were SMILING at me! I could taste the positive vibes they were putting out, they were SMART! and friendly somehow. I felt like they were partly ours, like me and Cathy owned a piece of the rocks, just by being there and knowing about them, WE LIKED THEM VERY VERY MUCH! I will never ever forget that night, not ever.

And ever since then I've wanted to MOVE THERE, and hide from the sun all day, then come out at night, and build my lifestyle in that envirionment.

Tell me about where you're located Dukey, I know that whole area quite well, I've driven back and forth to Los Angeles about 20 times, I know every section of IH-10 from San Antonio to Santa Monica by heart. I always veer to the left and take the IH-08 fork, the South road, then I turn North at the road that goes to Gila Bend, and continue North until I come to IH-10 AFTER Phoenix. Then I go left to LA.

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