Popeye-X Is In A

Killin' Mood

from: rat exterminator
05/10/03 08:29:17 AM


got a new cat

suddenly all those hopping, playing, eating, fucking, squeaking, knawing, exploring, invading rats split

before I got a chance to kill them all

I only killed about 10 of them, less than half of the supply

Missy Cat killed a few, about 3 maybe, I saw one, I heard one, and I'm throwing in another just for estimating purposes, but all them little grey rodents said 'fuck this, I'm outta here' and found a new place somewhere else

aw shucks, I was just getting my stride, developing my spots with the big wooden traps, baited with sharp cheese, and strategically spread around this whole building. I was constantly emptying a trap somewhere, I always had at least one dead one waiting to be thrown out I couldn't keep up with the rate of disposal verses the rate of killing.

I think the reason they split is the arrival of this cat on the scene

I had 2 cats before and their presence didn't run the rats off, they perservered and wound up dead real quick, mainly from me, but the cats always bagged a few on the side. Babycat was very serious about keeping our territory clean of 6 things:

a mouse, a rat, a bird, a lizard, a rabbit, or a bug.

anytime she saw one of those, they died

Buddy was more lackadasical, if he killed one it was for his amusement and fun, many times I saw a rat run by, Buddy looked at it, and kinda shrugged his shoulders, as if to say 'fuck it, I ain't chasing after that stupid rat, I'm too busy eating all I want off of Daddy's sandwich, that's #1, rats are only #2... at best.'

Something about Missy's attitude caused this wave of rats to throw in the towel and pull up stakes. I've seen her hunting in the back crevices where the rats were the thickest, but she seemed to hunt them in her spare time, when I wasn't around. I haven't found any dead carcasses, she hasn't brought me any, so I'm sure the rats said 'so long, adios, I am outta here, bueno bye'

what a drag! I'm in a real killin' mood lately. I enjoy it. I like the game and skill involved, I'like to get inside the rats' heads and stroke them with the cheese, get them in the habit of doing what they wanna do most... EAT CHEESE with wild abandon, as if there's no tomorrow...

they were right... there IS no tomorrow... not for them. they are rats. INCOMPATIBLE with the ppx lifestyle. one of us has to go, and I guarantee it ain't gonna be me, so its across the board death penalty, terminate on sight, unlimited application of lethal force without mercy, its a genetic thing... they HAVE to die, if they could be rehabilitated, I might be talked into a little slack so they can adjust, but it'll never happen, they just don't want to live MY way, they only wanna live THIER way and FUCK PPX he can go fuck himself.

they WANT to be rats, so.... rats they shall remain, and that means, in no uncertain terms...

THEY MUST DIE.. period, end of story.

those other bigger rats cleared out, too, I think they had a limited plan of cheese hoggin' and then they quit fuckin' with this house and cleared out.

So fucking what? Do you think that means I ain't still in the rat killin' business with a heavy dosage of killin' spirit raging in my soul? little rats clearing out is one thing, big rats clearing out is another . of course, if I ever so much as see any of the big rats in this house again I will shoot them on sight without warning, right in the motherfucking head, no hesitation, no talking, no mercy, just boom boom boom, "you ain't supposed to be here", that's a given...

but it doesn't end there, not by a long shot, and it never has, and it never will, not where I come from. the job still remains to be done, and it WILL be done, because there is no choice about the matter. its either that, or passively accept their completely off the scale behavior as the price of dealing with PEOPLE... what a crock of shit, I don't accept that for one second. I'm gonna wax these boys, I always was, and nothing has changed, just as sure as 

they have lied, stolen, and cheated me out of everything they could, all in return for me being the best friend I could be to them, I have serious bone to pick with them, each one, and it ain't over like they think it is.

I'm gettin' in the mood like a motherfucker. Plannin' and scheming, running scenarios thru my mind, testing ideas, possibililties, certainties, and real cool strategies, some very remarkable for their eyebrow raising originality. In another sense, I can tell too much planning is a bad thing, sometimes its better to just hop in the car and try a little spontaneous logstics, looking for an opening, a pattern, a way to get the drop on the rat, with big chunk of cheese hangin' our thier mouth, they'll look up, and I'll be there, and it will be too late, and justice will be done to the fullest extent of the law of the jungle...





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