I haven't the slightest idea
what I'm talking about

From: PPX to Mugtoe October 07, 2003

I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about
velvet elvis?
what velvet elvis? the song? wha....?
the vegas elvis painted on black velvet?
tacky tacky tacky

show business is soooo.... how shall I put this?
(thinks real hard)

I've played in bands all my life, you know,
I've experienced the joys of rock and roll first hand

elvis presley, the true king of rock and roll, a pivotal point in the history of American music and the worldwide music industry, the whitetrash messiah who was of course DESTROYED by the sheer approval heaped upon him, funny thing is, he was actually a true artist who loved the music more than the social bullshit, he was a young cat who really dug making his own records, he knew exactly what he was doing from a musicological point of view, he didn't know or care that everyone else would like it so much, he did it because HE liked it, in fact he LOVED it, with all his heart, and he didn't have a racist bone in his body, only great respect and a professorial knowledge of the culture he was mining, he wasn't stealing it, quite the opposite, he was giving it back, and he took no credit for any of it, he only loved it.

and for that childlike love of music, he was systematically sliced, diced, cloned, raped and abandoned, dying in squalor, with his pants down, at age 44, leaving behind a daughter who still needed her daddy. He was a victim of the love/hate phony baloney racist, sexist, hypocrite world that was and continues to be so-called modern day Amerikka, land of the free, home of the brave, the place where Southern gospel and blues music was hatched in the incubator of The 400 Year Black Holocaust, also known as slavery.

The public that supposedly loved him is increasingly ignorant of what he actually did, what it meant, and most of all, what it accomplished. They're kind of hung up on the glitz image aspect, they never really gave a fuck about him anyway, he's dead, so what? He makes more money now than he ever did, so who gives a fuck about a whitetrash niggerloving junkie anyway? Its THE IMAGE they love, the bullshit part, the utterly vapid dehumanized FUCKED UP part, America always did love to see a nigger remain in the chains he was born with. Ok, goddamn it, give 'em their freedom, let 'em have their hillbilly sideburns and their wild ass nigger guitar, but please, please don't take off the chains. Not the chains. we love the chains, that's the kinky part. It ain't rock and roll without the chains, EVERY group has to have the chains, or they ain't the "real thing". Come on, man, we're losing our erections, QUICK, pump it back up with some porno, but make it high class, like us, lemme have it on BLACK VELVET. We love the way it feels, kind of a tingly sensation on your fingertips, its small, but WE CAN REALLY FEEL IT. Put it somewhere our eyes can see it so we will be reminded just enough, the merest samplin', just enough to medicinally keep it up a little longer, c'mon, lemme squeeze out just one more last drop before it goes down, its the last drop, man! C'mon, Elton shook hands with Eminem at the Grammy ceremony a few years back, surely that didn't fly over your heads unoticed, did it? That was symbolic, you know, the white, the black, the queer... its the money, man, that's how we make our living, are you gonna take that away, too?

That wouldn't be fair,
it wouldn't be American,
just like it wouldn't be fair
to take away the merest samplin'...

what elvis?

I haven't the slightest idea what I'm even talking about.



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