Come Help Me Dust Off These Lamerz, It Would Probably Rechanrge Your Psychic Batteries

from: cold blooded little Farfisa jockey
09:29:40 AM

Man, you need to cop a buzz and play some blues, come to my studio, or how about this? I have this slow tempo 6/8 drum beat I've been jammin' on, how's about if I send it to you, you can transfer it to a cassette tape, play the cassette tape back to yourself in the room, and run a direct guitar line into your soundcard line in, and just jam along with the 6/8 beat, its a slow blues, don't worry about fidelity or tone or syncronization, just make a big ass 16 bit mono or stereo wav file of what your guitar spit out, don't re-record the beat, just listen to it while you're playing. Send me a clone of the wav file on a CD-R as a data disc, I'll put it in my system, fix the tone, extract the buzzes, and lay it in the multi track with the same rhythm. You can specify what you want omitted, I'll chop it out and toss it, or just leave it to me to fix or toss it, I'm a genius when it comes to making collages out of trash, I know how you like to sound, so I can remove any offending crapola, and I'll just use it on the side for scraps, and I"ll flesh out the drums and bass and keyboard behind your guitar, mix it, and send you an audio CD of the finished mix as well as a CD-ROM containing clones of the digital master and ALL the tracks I used to make it. That way you can take the same materials and render them to your own taste in any other studio, if you so desire. If nothing else, you'll have copies of the masters, in other words you won't be getting ripped off in the end, Digital masters are better than a registered copyright for proving its yours if you ever need to call the FBI on some blues blood sucking leech like Mike Taylor, not to mention the fact you have the option to remix and remaster any time you want.

After you record it, don't be daunted if it sounds like shit, send it to me anyway, I'll handle it, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you'll end up liking it in the end,

Record in your PC with a 2 track editor like Sound Forge, Wavelab, or Cool Edit Pro. Just run direct, (no mic leakage), use the level meter in the editor program to stay out of the red. If you don't have a guitar to use, then we'll just have to find you one. Its not a big deal.



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