Rich The Tweakmeister Is THE MAN

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1/10/03 02:39:06 AM

tweakheadz is the ultimate studio tips website in the world, bar none, and its creator, Rich The Tweakmeister, is a fucking genius, and a master of synthesis, sampling, midi, digital audio, and the whole home studio ball of wax in general.

I've read his whole site several times, anyone interested in this realm should do the same, repeatedly. He has recently streamlined it and jacked it up to an even more glorious level than it was at, I see a book publishing deal looming on the horizon for him, and he deserves it. Rich is a teacher by trade, and that is probably his strongest talent, but he has MANY talents, and they are highly developed. I've never seen anything quite like this guy, except when I look in the mirror, or think about my music friends, Will Alexander or Arthur Barrow. He's relentless. He's like Demetria Monde Thraam, the tweaky genius : painter : writer : webmaster from San Francisco, and that's the best I can describe someone who is just TOTALISTIC as a motherfucker.

Haha, if anyone reading this knows my vernacular, you know I have just reached the limits of my capacity to describe someone, that in and of itself tells you something. It takes a nation of freight trains to hold my mouth back, and Rich The Tweakmeister is one of those trains.

Step on the tracks, within 5 minutes you will feel the grind of brain cells against raw steel, you have just been "tweaked". Ahhhh, it feels so good when your knowledge comes to life, it like being resuscitated by a lifeguard who plucked you out of the dark waves of certain brain death.

Why do they do it? They could have let you slip under the surface and disappear from the landscape of life, with all the competition it entails. We all have enemies (friends) who would like nothing more than to not see us around any more, they hate us simply because they WOULD love us, if only they loved themselves. but they don't, so its YOUR fault for being so goddamn good at what you do. The fact that you gave everything you've got trying to help them means NOTHING to them at all, becuase you mean NOTHING to them at all. You will constantly be surprised to find knives hanging out of your back, stuck there by friends who thought they were finishing you off for good, (so THEY could be YOU.)

On the opposite end of the scale are perfect strangers who happen to love their own life and everything in it, that includes quirky little oddballs like you. They aren't going to stand around and do nothing while an ignorant creature is in eminent danger of losing its little insignificant life. They will reach out and help the poor little thing get back on its feet and up and running again. Then they go on about their way, not patting themselves on the back, but rather not shooting themselves in the foot, they don't even pack the gun of self exalting EGO TRIP, that's the weapon that says: "Who cares if they die swimming in their own blood, all that matters is ME, ME, ME!"

That why, of all people, I like teachers and cops the best, followed by soldiers and doctors. They HELP their fellow human beings as a way of life, they don't mind the extra miles they have to travel to achieve what they want to achieve, its in their heart to be who they are, and they know it, so they do it, and it gives them the life they CHOOSE.

Rich The Tweakmeister is like the MIDI version of what I have just described, and he has the talent to back it up. Bravo, Tweak, you rule, Bubba.

I guess I could have saved a lot of time if I had just said, "Go read him, he's like Mugtoe." Oh, well, maybe next time.



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