Re: My Way IS The High Way

from: Children love Popeye
19 Mar 2004

Children love Popeye and instant spinach. Power comes from many sources to counteract evil. Evil has never had a better feedback loop than good. The popularity of Star Wars today has to do with the longing for heroes, the triumph of good over evil, the FORCES of good winning. The CIA spent $26,000,000 tax dollars over a 25 year period with the express purpose of altering human behavior, starting as early as 1947. All of this budget was not for defensive purposes, but to erase memories and to cause apathy at home. Dr. Jose Delgado, Yale University, funded by Navy Intelligence (our tax money again), specializes in electronically controlling human beings. We are preparing for future warfare robots. If power and evil provide such a good feedback, why the necessity to worry about emotions such as anxiety, guilt, or conscience? Power is temporary and illusive. It can be shattered by one leak or piece of evidence. One slip of scotch tape placed on the door latch at the Watergate Hotel, Washington, D. C. was responsible for removing the President, Vice-President, Attorney General, Secretary of Commerce, top Presidential aides and attorneys. No one has yet admitted who put the second tape back on the door. Every person with illegal secrets to hide has been bugged, followed, and blackmailed. The kinds of conspiracies I am talking about pertain to political assassinations and their cover-up. The fruits of good movements are too widely dispersed. They receive no assistance from the Federal Government. The FBI Cointel-Program and the CIA's Operation Chaos have been breaking up leftist type organizations and social-cultural activities with a purposeful vengeance (again with our tax dollars). Divide and conquer is the rule, whether inside the prisons or at charitable meetings. Anywhere people get together they are infiltrated. The ratio of agents and informants has been about one provoceteur to five members of any given group. There has been a systematic effort to kill all leaders whose awareness or activities interfere with international oil interests or narcotics traffic. It has been alleged that the CIA-FBI combine, in conjunction with the Defense Industrial Security Command, has supported a school in Oaxaco, Mexico, for professional assassins. This religious academy, disguised as a missionary, was exposed in 1970 and might be disbanded since that date. Albert Osborne, alias John Howard Bowan, director and head "missionary," accompanied Lee Harvey Oswald on his trip to Mexico in September, 1962. Oswald, not an assassin, was patsy for the men who killed President John F. Kennedy. The killing of Kennedy was only one of dozens or possibly hundreds of murders of leaders around the world, or potential future leaders. With this kind of worldwide organization in operation, (funded by our tax dollars, sent through various Church fronts around the country) how can any good movements or leaders ever serve the people?



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