I Never Disagree

With The Duke

hahaha 24 Mar 2004
20:42:40 dialup252-232.dotcomisp.net

Hey, I like that political shit, I don't necessarily read it all real good, but I like not having to look it up myself, I can find it here if I need to. For instance, when some really cute (but too smart for my own good) English girl with green eyes I know gives me a ration of shit about Bush, I can direct her to those pages so she thinks I agree with her enough to not be mad at me (since I DON'T agree with her at all), know what I'm saying? Then, there's the fact I'm only agreeing with the Duke because he's always right, and that's not even my fault, is it?


Its not like I'm bending over backwards to get along, what I'd like to do is for all of us to NOT get along, and for that to be ok, or at least ok enough so nobody feels reluctant to say what they really think, and that's why I say the Duke is right, because he says what he really thinks, and he doesn't get a ration of shit for it in return, at least not from me. Not after all that Cureton bullshit, the Duke turned out to be
SO GODDAMN RIGHT... its fucking scary.

But that's Cureton. Stash is not Cureton, not by a million long shots, so its a different equation. And don't forget the green eyed English girl I mentioned, she's ALWAYS right, but in a different way. Comprende? No? Good. Can't we all just NOT get along, and that be ok? We don't need to get along, the reality of who each person wants to be is where its really at, as far as I'm concerned, and its my website, end of story.

After our friendship survived that Cureton disagreement, I doubt very seriously if I will EVER disagree with the Duke again. I CAN'T.
I just wish Cureton would hurry up and

that's all, and I don't care who agrees with
that or not, it

:) See me smiling? I'm not faking it just so I can say
"I told you so"
That's one thing I never say, nor fake, so listen close, and get it right the first
17 billion times
, ok?


Note: Rare picture at the top of Stanley, my mom's favorite cat, disagreeing with the Duke's finger. Everybody misses Stanley very much. I doubt anybody will miss Steven Earl Cureton except his mom. I'm sure Cox and Taylor won't give a flying fuck, after all, he was just their Coxsucker Lackey. not a full fledged "get paid" conspiracy member. Cureton was only in it for the fame, and that's why these words are being typed by me right now. After he's dead, people will say: "Wow, that Popeye-X fellow really was telling the truth all along, otherwise why would he STILL be talking about that lying piece of dead chickenshit,
Steven Earl Cureton?"



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