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from: perfect pair
27 Mar 2004 19:13:32 dialup252-220.dotcomisp.net

There's something about a woman's breast that is so nice, its just such a warm, soft, nubby, wonderful thing, especially the nipple, it has an almost hypnotic attraction...

You see it, and you just naturally want your face to be as close to it as possible, you just know you're going to put your lips on it, simply because it seems so right, you KNOW its right, its one of those things you can't remember ever disliking in any way. But here's the exponential aspect of that: as wonderful and lovely as a woman's breast is, having your face and lips and eyes and hands on TWO TITS is more than twice as good.

Its just like having two computers that are maxxed out with hardware and software, either one of them by itself would be a dream come true, but when you have TWO, as a perfect pair, they just go together so well. One is so nice, I could make it the rest of my life and be happy, if I had the security of knowing, no matter what else happens, as long as I'm going to have that lovely breast in my face, I can live with my life and feel a sense of contentment. But if there are TWO tits in my face, or at least nearby, where I can get to them quick enough, then I don't see how I could have any reason to ever feel like my life was a waste of time, I'd be looking forward to every minute of quality time spent just being near those nipples, awaking from a bad dream in the middle of the night, I could just reach out and find those tits and hold on to them, it would be such a blessed relief from the anxieties of being fully awake, dealing with life's problems.

There's something perfect about two matched objects of tactile harmony. THREE tits would be too many, I only have two hands, two lips, two eyes, and ONE tongue, don't forget ONE dick. Did I tell you about my dick? I'm not bragging, don't get me wrong, I don't have one of those SUPERDICKS, like you see on the Internet all the time. You know, really big, wide, long, strong as hell, like a one-eyed snake that lifts a lot of weights and stretches a woman's mouth to the limit as she tries in vain to get the whole thing in her mouth at once. Any lesbian has a bigger dick than me. They don't even sell dildos the size of my dick, it wouldn't be a money maker, they'd go out of business because of low volume.

I'm sure a knowledgeable lesbian with a good job and an appreciation for the artful science of knowing how to operate a prosthetic penis would SLAUGHTER me in the sack, in a one on one comparison test, like a side by side A/B test evaluation. My dick would lose miserably, and I'm not ashamed to admit I damn well know its a fact. I have no problem with my dick, however, good or bad, large or small, for better AND/OR worse, it is my dick, its the only one I've ever had, its all I've got, its not even worth showing off or talking about, but please understand... ITS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

The only compliment I've ever heard repeatedly from different sources is my dick is "perfect." I'm not bragging or lying in any way. One time a real pretty girl was at my house, sitting on the couch, I noticed her face and mouth were right at the same level as my cock when I was standing in front of her. Just seeing her mouth that close to my dick started making it grow in my pants. She could see it rising, I had no way to hide it, or explain it away.

Sometimes, I'll get in a situation where I'm not saying everything that's on my mind. For instance, I was LOOKING AT THIS GIRLS kind of puffy lips, and I just knew I wanted her to suck my dick, right then and there. I barely knew her, there was just something about the way my dick wound up pointing at her face, and growing slowly, getting way out of control. And she was looking right at this LUMP poking up inside my blue jeans, making me feel slightly embassaed. I didn't know what to do, I had nowhere else I could conceal this "THING", like the that orange rock guy in the Fantastic Four, it really did seem like "clobberin' time" for some reason.

I didn't know what she would think or say about me yielding to strange compulsions, without any agreed upon plan or permission.... Like a reflex I just unzipped my fly and pulled out all the dick I have to offer, I can't believe I was so forward, we had never kissed or talked about anything along those lines.

Still, I just had this little voice in my ear telling me privately in my own mind, "Pull out your dick, no intro, no explanation, no nothing, she knows its getting hard, she's staring right at it without looking away, just pull it out and see what happens." So I took a deep breath, and showed it too her face, it was almost fully erect by then, I didn't know what else to say, so I simply stated a fact, "I want you to suck my dick." She said, "Oh my... its your dick.... its pink.. its perfect... and its in my face.."

And she wasn't offended at all. She seemed kind of relieved actually, there wasn't much else either of us could do in those close quarters, it was a very natural thing, albeit abrupt, and perhaps socially incorrect since we weren't a couple or anything... she started sucking my dick without any shame at all
I didn't know what to do with my hands, so I reached up under her shirt and unhooked her bra, and pulled up the shirt, and there they were. Two large, healthy, perky, with pouty nipples and nice soft skin with these light freckles that looked like something off a hyena's ass...
She kept remarking about my dick, saying things like: "I always wondered what your dick might look like.. now I know... its even better than I had wanted it to be" I said, "You like my cock?" She replied, "Yes, its perfect."
That's what they say when its not GIANT, but certainly big enough to put to some good use right then. Here's the deal, though... yes, my dick is kind of pretty, especially when I see her lips and mouth sucking it while I'm getting one of those EMERGENCY hard-ons, you know,
its a tree limb monster growing out of its own physical parameters and reaching a crisis point of no turning back...
But it was still only ONE dick.
She had TWO tits.
They were bigger, smoother, prettier, just a lot more flesh in perfect sculpted form... and there were TWO of them. I love my dick, don't get me wrong, but I knew without any doubt at all those TWO tits were better than my ONE dick. Two ARE better than one, its just a fact of physical logistics. The reason I know for sure is my dick reached the limit of its own self control and I came on her face, lips and tits.... And that's when I finally noticed all that jizz was coming from my TWO BALLS. But that's another story. They deserve their own separate html document.



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