Vulcan Gas Co.
was the larvae wallbanger of
Armadillo World Headquarters

Pappy-X Looks Back
With Pride And Awe

28 Mar 2004 13:50:02

Jim Franklin artist Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin artist Jim Franklin
JFKLN artist JFKLN artist JFKLN

I am laughing so hard right now, and I couldn't explain the depth of it without the proper visual aids and historical references on front of me. This documentation actually exceeds the Coxsucker Conspiracy in sheer density, but this is a happy story, a very happy story, and it doesn't need to put a smile on my face, I'm laughing because it leaves the smile that's already there EXACTLY where its always been. I'm just so tickled by the total illusion of it, and the Shining Light Of The Truth that was illuminating it, I am blown away by such an outrageously funny

Oh my, if you want to blame the minor splatter known as Popeye-X on somebody, lay it at the feet of The Real Henchmen who egged him on since he was a kid. I was looking at the names of the artists responsible for the Vulcan Gas Propaganda Wave and its fucking hilarious to me!!! There's DON EVANS, JIM HARTER, and JIM FRANKLIN... and SHIVA'S HEAD BAND. They were so NICE to me and Barry, we were just kids basically, and they knew we bought into the Whole Illusion 100%. Now I know why those Pesky Propaganda Pranksters were always grinning at me like that.

The COOLEST thing of all is the Illusion Itself, of course, it would be, right? I say IS, not WAS, because the punchline of the joke IS it was more than just the joke it WAS, the thing that makes it so delightfully cosmic, and so goddamn diabolically FUNNY, is finding out 34 years later...
the "JOKE" Was Not a LIE

Yes, they were kidding, you're goddamn right it was bullshit, from one end to the other, it was BUILT out of pure, A-1 HORSESHIT. But the central genius of it was the spark that illuminated every angle of it, not cheesedick Christmas bulb that would burn out someday. Quite the opposite., It lit the path then, and it shines like the SUN (capital S-U-N) now.

The government can't take it away from us now... its too late. WE own IT, and WE own THEM!!! HAHAHAHAHA, and George W. Bush KNOWS it, although its part of his job to never come out of deadpan character and admit it.

Right now, I'm just laughing at Don Evan's FACE in my mind, and I mean laughing HARD, dangerous laughter.

This is the laughter of the
the Ones Who Really Mean It

And those genius scoundrels were so nice to egg us on and let us litte peckersnots have our own piece of the Roadkill, and that's why you couldn't even SANDBLAST the smile off my face. Go ahead and cut my head offf and turn it upside down, so it looks like a frown... Be sure and don't stare at the orientation of my STILL WIDE OPEN EYES
because I see right thru you knuckleheads, crystal clear, as good as I ever did, if not better. I TRUSTED what was inside me little kid's head, and these Witch Doctors didn't burn me for my youthful devotion, they made me strong, they taught me how SMART my insanity can be.

That's what JIM HARTER has been grinning at me about in muted giggling "silence" for over 30 years, and you guys know DAMN WELL I knew it all along, I just need you to help PROVE to me. In fact, what I've always known I've known, was NOT a mistake. It might be an accident, that's still debatable, but it was definitely NOT A MISTAKE. I love shit like that.

That's my idea of what Popeye-X is supposed to be all about. These Vulcan Gas Co. "scum" are who I learned it from, and I swallowed the suckerbait first hand, with all my heart, from trout lines set by the Real Master Baiters, and they've been chuckling at me ever since. All this time they've been SMIRKING because they see in ME a more childish version of themselves, and it makes them smile when they see me learning how to WALK AROUND the pile of bullshit and keep on steppin'.

The wacky weird world I associate with the Dr. Popeye-X syndrome is totally their fault. All the Higher Power Moms Of Government Spanking
should talk to those guys. Yes, Popeye-X did it... but only because THEY encouraged him to fall for his own goddamn suckerbait.

Am I right? You're goddamn right I'm right,and
I have been all along, and EVERYBODY knows it.

Here's how you put ME to the test. What is this?

Its my Yamaha YC-30, I bought it new in 1973 My favorite keyboard I ever had. Why? Hardly anybody has ever used one. That's the Quartett organ, the one Yamaha has been trying to reincarnate for 30 years
GX-1 --> CS-80 --> DX7
Nice try, but no cigar.Too fancy pants. Mike Taylor still has his gypsum powder contaminared CS-80 in his kitchen, collecting grease and dixie dust. I think its been played MAYBE 10 times. I recorded ONE song with it in 1978, STAR TRUCKS, that's it. Give it up, at this point, there's no use even trying to WISH about it, much less LIE, or be in DENIAL.

The GRASS ROOTS (Midnight Confessions) played Lackland AFB, they couldn't find a Hammond B3 in time, so I helped them out by renting them my YC-30. Their keyboard player was a lamer and threw a hissy fit it wasn't a B3. Then, to pacify his shattered LA ego, the singer called my YC-30 a "cheap Japanese organ" ONSTAGE, and that pissed me off, big time.

Ralph Straub, old time Hammond B3 hot rodder, paid us a visit. He referred to my YC-30 as "bullshit", we popped the hood on my Leslie 147, he pointed to the JBL rotary horn driver, and asked, "Where did you get that piece of shit?" "You." Then he went in our bathroom, took a giant shit, wiped his ass with a towel, and stuffed it in the dirty clothes hamper.

Keep in mind, this "keyboard genius"
blew his brains out.



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