Popeye-X Explains His Language

from: X-Eye-Pop
30 Mar 2004 ::: 15:03:48


Here's a classic example of how to translate Popeye-X abstraction. It is written such that when you read it from the "outside", it seems like a kaliedoscopic blizzard of random debris fed thru a meat grinder. But, reading from the "inside", if you know the reference points, its almost mundane in its simplicity.

Let's take a look at this title:

"Green Eyed Graham Cracker Dipped In Day Glo And Matza Dried With A Waffle Iron Wired Up To Run On 220v"

What am I talking about? I'm assuming somebody out there knows my reference points. I am also assuming there are those who don't know the reference points, and don't give a damn, they just make their own sense out of it. And I'm assuming there are others who just don't "spreek mie langritch".

I love Mugtoe-isms. When he said, "English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?", it nearly killed me. I can just hear his voice. People answer him. They don't answer me. They don't want MORE of what I say. There's already more than they can chew on.

But my language is NOT A CHEW TOY, its a SQUARE MEAL, there is not one single ornamentation in it. I am constantly tweaking it, refining it, even ruining it, but one thing I hardly ever do is ornament. So where is all the gooblety goop coming from?

Sometimes my language is undecipherable, that doesn't mean I wrote it at random. I hardly ever use that technique. Different writers use similar language for different reasons. One might desire to have a random element to spice things up, they put the peppers on the top. I don't do that much anymore. I never shut up, so I've had more practice in less time. I'm like a Mom, I know how to cook it so the peppers are inside. What people might not pick up on is I'm actually more like a Grandma, the peppers aren't on top, nor are they inside. The WHOLE THING IS A PEPPER, everything else is inside THAT, like a chile releno. (God, I am making myself so hungry, I better go eat...) I'll have to expalin this better at a later time. The short explanation in this case is I am using a basic technique. I don't know what its called, but if you are university trained in creative writing I'm sure you could tell me just like THAT (snaps fingers). I call it "translation". It happens when information goes in one hole, and comes out another. There's the EYE, the EAR, the MOUTH, those are the holes. Is the visual, the audible, and the speakable.

"Green Eyed Graham Cracker Dipped In Day Glo And Matza Dried With A Waffle Iron Wired Up To Run On 220v"

That's the GREEN EYED jpg going in my EYE and coming out my MOUTH. Read that title while staring at the .jpg. Does everybody reading this clearly understand what the fuck I'm talking about?

I'm describing in text what various components of the graphics LOOK like. Every single element of the text is a reference to some part of the picture, just look at it and you will see quite clearly. Its not complex or even intelligent, its more like simple and pretty smart, (if you ask me). You didn't ask me, so it must not be that smart, or I wouldn't have to be writing this right now. Here's the deal, you didn't ask me to write it, so I won't ask you to read it, I think that's as fair as can be to both sides.

Of course this proves ksowhat is WRONG, and probably incapable of conceiving WHY, much less articulating it so somebody could at least understand the nature of his/her/its complaint. Its funny how, in the end, it usually comes down to one of Mugtoe's "sawmill-isms".

Ok, there I'm doing it again. I have created a hybrid mutation that has rendered a new word, "sawmill-ism". Mugtoe is always talking about having a sawmill in his ass. Don't you dare assume that has anything to do with an alternate lifestyle, that's pure Johnny Toolshed, from the old days. He heard that sawmill in the ass motif from someone and made him laugh so hard, he can't help but share it with the planet. From him doing that, I have learned how to use the term beyond the context of the original joke. Even though it is my usage, and its my term, I'm referring to the sawmill in Mugtoe's ass, not mine.



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