Fed Up

from: evil lil' son of a bitch
31 Mar 2004

I'm about fed up with that blow hard sack of chickenshit. When is he gonna die? Whenever it is, it ain't soon enough. Fucking 2 faced pile of chickenshit, if the people could only know the extent of that coxsucker's lies. They think he's this pleasant fellow who has wrongly been maligned by sociopathic assholes, but you know what? Its eroding... out of sheer friction and persistence. Even a psycho doesn't have the energy to endlessly attack one specific point over and over unless there's something behind it. Cureton is the most widely known of the 3 Coxsuckers, I'd done extensive research and testing on the web presence of each one of them. Cureton is the only one people have come out of the woodwork to talk about. I've noticed, ALL the women believe me. There's been 3 at least. Webgoat and Corbett know DAMN WELL there's something to what I say, their egos won't let them be totally honest about it, and they'll deny it if they read this (IF? webgoat's IP is in my daily reports, every motherfucking day, I keep a loaded gun right next to the front door waiting for his stupid ass). But when it comes to the issue of Cureton being a LIAR or not, he's already lied to their faces when he said I asked him to buy grass for Babycat's grave. I DID NOT ask him jack shit, he offered it trying to cover up his involvement, and Cox was bragging and gloating and it just ruined Stevie's little deception. That's when you realize he the worst one of all, because he's supposed to be the "nice guy", and he is a fucking demon on two legs. He whines and whines when he gets caught, and its the fault of the people who are honest enough to point it out and hammer on it and NEVER back down, it THEIR fault. He talks about THEM, not what HE DID. Its so obvious, "seek counselling". I'm seeking your THROAT, motherfucker.



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