technologically pissy right nowwwwwwww

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I"m glad I'm ignorant. I don't know a fucking thing about html except it SUCKS a donley dick. Its not really a code, its a STENCI:L made out of text instead of making tape. Code is where the head and tail and all points in between are interrelated in all kinds of interwoven patterns. THAT's code. html has a starting point and an ending point and anything in the middle that doesn't compute, it ignores. I've noticed, my FrontPage indented thread table of contents will be all fucked up in a paradoxical way, I look at it in IE and its fucked, also Mozilla, but the Opera it looks just fine. So I must conclude this identation shit is just a way to keep from having REAL CODE, but I can't get the hang of why its fucking up. Obviously its the END of the code, not the start, that's fucking shit up, but the end is compensating for a fuckup at the start. I got this proggie from Germany called HTML BATCH EDITOR for $25. You download your pages to your local computer, then you can edit about 200 at a time, changing them all at once, or getting rid of one thing everywhere. Then you upload it back to your site. Its a bit like juggling with 3 or 4 chainsaws while skipping rope, there have been close calls. That is the only remedy I have found for being forced by Microsoft into these blind alleys designed to protect me from my laziness, all they accomplish is to make me work my ass off, doing good work? Hell, no, repairing the damage wreaked by Microsoft. Why not just let me have my original danger, its muchj less work than something that CAN'T be fixed.



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