I heard he was a cop
from: circus snitch
dialup252-223.dotcomisp.net, 04-04-03, 05:48
Bozo is not at smart as he looks. He used to be a lot smarter, but he was better loking back then. He started going downhill, I remember when it happened beause his jokes stopped being funny. I could tell he was lying thru his teeth, what was left of them anyway.Then he joined the Leon Valley Undercover Investigations Unit. By that time he was pretty far wasted, all he really had going for him was his vintage clown nose, a red rubber ball that fit his nose just right. That was the only thing left to make any of us happy. That's why, I woke up on Sunday morning, it was beasutiful outside, I went to the big circus tent to look for Bozo. He was practically running the joint. He looked happier than any one of had seen him a long, long time. We sat down to a nice dinner, Mrs. Bozo had fixed us a really nice lasagna, we ate and watched Americal Idol. Bozo got up and looked out the window when the commercial came on, he got up and looked out even more. He spoke of the dawning of a new era. He said clown work was at an all time low. I said, "But, Bozo, you're world famous." He looked me in the eye. Even though he had on a red nose, I could tell he was dead serious. He leaned over to tell me a secret, I figured, now's as good a time as any, so leaned over and pulled out my deer skinning knife, and I cut that red nosed shit head's throat ALL THE WAY to the neckbone. He just slumped forward into his lasagna, so I eased out my 12 gage, and shot him in the back of the head, point blank range, I MIGHT have been 12" from him, maximum. His skull exploded like a honey dew melon full of sawdust. It was all dry and powdery, like couch stuffing. I stuck my fingers in his head cavity and felt around a little. No cerebellum, cerebral kotex, no nothing, just a gooey mass of the worst smelling feces I have ever experienced.