keyboard integration
from: Dr. Martin Luther Keys
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Some people have a dream, I just a have a few keyboards, in this pic we see the couch and the X-stand perfectly integrated to hold 2 keyboards, with very quick tear in tear out, the rack behind them has the Akai Z4 on the right, with it USB'ed to chug6, housing Reaktor, on the left. Chug5, the middle PC, houses PARIS, for multitrack recording and mixing. To the right of that is my 10 year old 486, chug1, still running Texture 4.25, the midi sequencer in DOS, from the "stone age". You don't see chug4 off camera, far, far left, housing GIGASAMPLER, Cakewalk Professional 8, and older Reaktor , its my "legacy" machine. Popeye-X is very "legacy", as opposed to "cutting edge". There are 4 PC's, all are serious studio machines, one is from the 80's, so it is just midi, the other 3 are each a studio unto itself, the newest, chug6, is a full blown XP big dog, with Reaktor testicles down to its knees. I don't use these like most of today's computer recordists, all functions on one PC as a kind of expanded computer related "hobby". I come from an earlier era when we used tape recorders and instruments. I have replaced my tape machines with hard drives. I have entered a new era creatively with Reaktor, a software instrument. It has allowed me to tap into MYSELF in a way that runs deeper than my previous access to my own musical identity. I can use that machine like an oil well, to tap into hidden reserves and draw out the magic goo. The rest of the gear is a refinery to boil it down, using all the old fashioned methods I learned by recording for 30 years. After a 10 year hiatus, I have resumed playing the electric guitar like a maniac into all hours of the night. This was inspired by a "kid" with a 7 string. In the photo you can see my latest electric guitar, a Carvin 7 string, its the best guitar I've ever touched, I've altered my technique to more of a fingerstyle, and the extra string drives me nuts every time I play, it makes me get it "wrong". That's what I need to shake me out of the rut I was in. I've tried to apply this same monkey wrench across the board, that's the whole point of Reaktor.

can you feel it?

nail it down or
they'll try to steal it
they let you keep it
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