Nigerian email scam

from: Mugtoe

I have an entire thread devoted to this, but I thought about it today when I got this in my inbox: Dear Friend and Partner Firstly, I will say, I am very sorry for infringing on your privacy. This request should not come as a surprise and I will be glad you can give it the deserved urgent attention.My name is Mr. Imuyiwa Ige the eldest son of Chief Bola Ige the Attorney general and Minister for Justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who was shot dead at our country home in Ibadan-Oyo on the night of 23rd Dec 2001 by unknown gunmen. The wicked and merciless assassination of my father was politically motivated because he was a presidential aspirant during the 1999 democratic election on the platform of one of the three Nigeria registered political parties ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY (AD). He was compensated with the post of the attorney General and minister of justice having lost the presidential election to the incumbent president of the federal republic of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. It is important to inform you that he also sponsored the political campaigns of most political office holders both parliamentarians and governors in the southwest. Before his death, he confided in me that he has discreetly kept some money for his presidential campaign for the year 2003.This money is to the tune of US$25 Million (Twenty five million United States dollars) cash stashed in his bedroom safes. He has never hidden his intention to be next democratically elected president of the federal Republic of Nigeria come 2003 and he was perfecting the strategies before he was murdered in cold blood. My mother Mrs. Atinuke Ige has discussed with me ehaustively on how I should safeguard the money preferably in a foreign country,and its on this regard that I am writing to seek your assistance to receive and secure the money for us. After my fathers death I deposited the money in (GOLD BAR)with a reliable courier security company in Lagos using the assistance of my father's security attaches but they are not aware of the contents Immediatelyr, I quietly quickly smuggled this money, out of my country to a neighboring country REPUBLIC DE BENIN . I packaged this money and I lodged the package (through a contact) with adiplomatic security courier company based in COTONU BENIN REPLUBLIC, and this company has diplomatic immunity in two countries, Spain and England. But this company does not know the contents of the package, because my contact to the company, sealed and logged in the package as inheritance documents and jewelry. I instructed the company to courier the package in the diplomatic pouch, under diplomatic cover to Spain or England, but they choosed Spain for me. Immediately, I got confirmation that the company had airship the consignment out of REPUBLIC DE BENIN, and that the consignment is now waiting to be picked up in Spain,I was happy. My only plan now is to use this money to invest in a profitable business ventures in any part of the world apart from Africa, also to purchase a residential accommodation. I will then move over to settle there, and to begin a new life with my family. Hence, I am soliciting for your assistance to receive this money on my behalf as my foreign beneficiary. On arrival abroad for onward movement to your country and to keep it in a safe place pending my arrival to join you up. I also suggest that you use your Godly mind to request for any percentage you want for assisting me in this assignment, I asked my contact to the company and my familly lawyer if I can change the beneficiary, they said yes, provided I make available to them your Real names, telephone and fax number, your true and complete address. With all necesary documents included. All I ask of you now, is to make contact with the security company as the beneficiary of the consignment. And also to notify them that you are coming to collect the consignment. I beg you that if you do not accept my proposal please inform me so that I can continue my search for a neutral person to assist me. I also beg you to take cognizance of my precarious position and maintain the highest Confidentiality about this proposal at all times. I shall inform you what the next line of action is as soon as I receive your positive response. Please contact me with this e-mail address, imuyiwaige@yahoo.com Thank you for your anticipated co-operations. . Warmest regards, Imuyiwa Ige.



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