That's What OFFICERS Are Supposed To Be For

from: soldier of unfortune

soldiers do what they're told, when they go on break, they get wasted and act wild, they deserve to be the way they are because part of their job is to die, if necessary, even if unecessary, whatever it takes, this whole game of invading a country and processing its inhabitants is as tricky as tricky gets, be ready to die for sure, if you come in my house, you better be on your good behavior or I'm tossing you out, if you won't go gracefully, then you'll go ungracefully, but you're going to go either way, regardless of whatever your business for being there is, if you're upholding the laws of the United States, or whatever smaller subdivision of jurisdiction, there are limits to what leeway you can take, the Constitution is quite clear about it, I have the right to bear arms in case the government breaks the law, its not their law, its my law, too, its just their job, but this is my home, a human being has basic fundamental rights, the job of the law is supposed to guarantee those rights, the US invaded Iraq because it had no choice, it has no choice but to invade other places. too, ANY other place. This is what I believe, its my opinion, many will disagree, perhaps most, I don't care in the least, don't like it all you want, you don't have to give me permission to think the way I think, I'm going to think that way anyway, because I am an American. Most of my fellow Americans will probably be appalled by my views because I make up my own mind, in my own way, and I don't go along with anything that I am against unless I CHOOSE to, voluntarily of my own will. BUT, I AM NOT A SOLDIER, I have not signed any pieces of paper to the effect that I will dutifully carry out WHATEVER I am ordered to do uphold the Constitution, and the Constitution says so. Did you catch that? The Constitution says I don't have to blindly follow orders of anybody, and in my house, everyone else has to follow MY orders, that's part of THEIR orders, to preserve MY orders, in MY home. They have THEIR orders too, but they can't go over my head unless I have violated the agreed upon rules, I even have the right to participate in rewriting those rules, if I so choose. This is what I believe, and this is why I believe sometimes America has no choice, indeed an obligation to invade any other country or planet or spaceship to guarantee MY right to remain the master of my own universe, as long as I am in compliance with the law. As soon as I break the law that guarantees my freedom, the law has the right to limit my freedom. It makes sense if you think about it, I'm not explaining it very well, but you see my point. What all this is attempting to preserve or guarantee is for MY good, even though I am just one person, if I respect the rules, the rules will respect my choices, its not a perfect system, but its the most fair to everyone equally, and I know I can handle it, its plenty good enough, I know from experience that's my best shot at being good to myself and being my own boss, and keeping the benfits of my own labors. But if I was a soldier, I'd have to do whatever I'm ordered to do, and it would be my commanding officer's job to not give me orders that violate the laws I am supposed to be upholding. This is even more important if its not just our laws, but the principles behind our laws, because there are places that don't agree to follow our laws, if I'm an invading American soldier, I am there to give them a choice about that, or else I am in violation of the same principals I am upholding. If the Commander In Chief hasn't got the time or the brains or the balls to deal with this concept then he isn't qualified to be the Commander anymore, and he has to go NOW, not later, just like everybody else. That's the way it works, or it doesn't work at all. The US has reached the limits of its ability to insure Iraqi freedom, we should get out right now and let the chips fall, and if the same old shit comes back, the US should go back, dismantle it, and LEAVE again. We don't have enough integrity to follow our own principals, we are idiots and shouldn't claim or pretend to be anything else than what we are, but we don't have to be perfect to defend our rights, we only have to be strong and honest and stick to it, no matter what. This includes admitting when we are WASHED UP. FLUSH IT and move on. Quit staring at yourself in the mirror... your real reflection is down in the bowl.



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