Snitching Off The Neighbors

from: ppx

The Walmartinez' outdoor cam caught the neighbor kicking his dog, its the same house where a dashhound died from neglect. Actually I totally agree with Nancy for snitching animal abusers. It was the same neighbors Keith was talking about when he said, "Imagine if we knew they had drugs on them" as an implied threat to me when he thought he was being snitched off by me about something. I don't know where he got that idea except he and Nancy whipped themselves into a frenzy of paranoia by talking about other people incessantly. I finally got sick of them, especially her always deferring to him and his insecurities about the fact that I AM COOL, his wife talked about me every day, all day long, I was AVOIDING her like the plague when they met and got married real fast. I didn't want to get pressured into a real quick, real deep, real inescapable girlfriend/wife nightmare quagmire with that pushy BITCH. Its not my style when a gal starts making dates FOR ME, four days ahead, things like, "I'll be off Friday at 3, pick you up at 4..." Oh no you won't, I'll be playing my guitar at that time, etc. Whenever you dish out a little rejection to Nancy, you get a little flare up in return, nothing I can't handle, because, hey, I'm cool with it, one reason she was still talking about me every day all day long is I AM rather hilarious, or I can be when inspired. This Keith guy just couldn't take it, I don't blame him because compared to his stupid BORING ass, I'm quite fascinating. But I can be a pain in the ass if I want to, or need to, and I will defend myself and shoot down ANYBODY who won't shut up or at least be polite in their destruction of me. He was totally unacceptible as a critic or as a mocking adversary, I got sick of him, and called him on it. She kept jabbering and BOOM, I waylaid both of them. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK if you're a girl and you're married, you're no better than me, or anyone else, so SHUT UP, or pay the price every bigmouth has to pay. I'm not intimidated by some guy who's been in prison for COCAINE, I think its so stupid I can hardly believe it. I don't take shit from people 10 years younger than me, I kick their ass if they can't mke sense, or at least be funny and make me laugh.



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