The Choo Choo Train To Hell

From: visual X-stacy
infomania is the paddleball

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I don't want no candles, I don't want no cake, I don't need no ice cream, I don't need no party, I don't need no spankin', I don't need any phone calls, I don't need anything because I've got everything I've ever wanted plus more, I need more time to get around to all my toys, its taken me over 3 years to play with them all at once, I'm still not completely there yet, but I am miles and miles closer than I was. I'm at a peculiar crossroad in my path, one road leads right here where I'm at, but there is another road that leads away from here, and it has a lot of potential because there are PEOPLE out there..
 an endless supply...

they have ears
they have eyes
they can think

they can yell stuff at me I wanna hear... even if I can't quite make out what they're saying, since I will be LOUDER THAN LOUD the whole time, as long as they aren't making pissed off faces when they're yelling at me, its probably a good thing... here's the crux of the matter... I want to record EVERY TIME I play, even if I throw it away, I want that choice, and I want it ALL the time.. I can't get the same stimulation playing here in my studio... I play differently in front of people... its that rock and roll egomaniac thing that makes it a LOT fun... when I go out and set up a keyboard situation, I'm not there to merely look cool, be seen by all the hip people, and pick up a few coins... if that was my motivation it wouldn't be worth the effort and the expense...

to me its like an American soldier suddenly finding himself in Iraq, he's not there as a tourist on vacation, seeing the sights and having a little fun and relaxation... if I set up all these keyboatds, I definitely want to shoot as many people in the head as I can, I'm not there to kiss the world's ass, yes, I'm seeking all the approval I can get, most of all I'm focused on MY approval, and if I can go into places I've never been before and unleash a large wave-icle of what I'm doing in this room, then I know FOR SURE I would at least make my money back on whatever it would cost, and has cost...

1/17/89 - XT and midi interface
to this day, Mike Taylor has NEVER bought a computer

its not that much money compared to ANY business you might pick out at random, I'm sure a professional lawn mowing service, or those guys who sell rugs from Mexico on the side of the road have more money tied up in their businesses than I have in this silly little noize studio. The thing is, this lil' operation has the potential to go really FAR, really CHEAP, like 10 years ago when I said the word "Psychotron" into my microphone and it eventually ended up in Japan, it was the only word of English left in the product, by the way, my boss at the time was none other than

Bob Cox
the notorious

 I was specifically unstructed not to put audio samples in the the theme music, he didn't want to pay for it, but I put them in there anyway, but never got paid. That's alright with me, it would have been way too musically annoying to leave it out, Cox was too stupid to see why it was essential. Later on, when they sold it to a Japanese company, Cox came to me and asked if I had some audio of the music I wrote, that same audio I was told NOT to make, but I made it anyway because it sounded great, it had over a dozen different samples in it, taken from voices in the product and set in a swirling rhythmic pattern with the theme music I wrote, kind of a cheesy low-rent spy movie imitation with that annoying hip hop style of samples jamming along....

when they sold it to Japan and needed to send some audio along with it, Cox came to me and asked me if I could make it, and I said I already did, and had all along, and I made him pay me for the TIME it took to make a copy of MY master. I know he hated that because he had started hating my guts secretly by then, and it beguiled him to have to pay me for the very thing he decided I shouldn't do, but I did it anyway because I'm a musician.
I don't work for you, I work for me, all you do is pay me, or not pay me, and rip me off as much as you possibly can.

This makes you feel like you're getting the best possible deal, well, guess what? YOU ARE, but its not because you fucked me so thoroughly, its because I did such a good job for you and didn't even make you pay me for doing it, only for COPYING it. The quality aspect of it doesn't come from someone getting fucked, it comes from someone getting enormously lucky from a synergy set in motion by a thing called CREATIVITY, perhaps you've heard of it?

That's how things get MADE, they have to be created from scratch, like Grandma's bisquits. Are you going to tell Grandma, "go ahead and make breakfast,. but skip the bisquits, we don't HAVE TIME for anything except scrambled eggs"?

She's going to make the bisquits anyway, just like she always has, just like she always will, and if you are such a low-rent weasel about such a small expenditure of time, then have your goddamn computer scramble up some breakfast, you can even get it to eat it for the employees, so they don't waste valuable time that could be spent doing repertitous tedium, to save the boss money of course. Not much, its the principle of the thing, it might only be $5 in monetary value, but $5 worth of sheer greed is much more important. That $5 savings will pay for the ticket to ride on

The Choo Choo Train To Hell

why is it I keep saying these things openly, about the president of an international corporation, AUTOTEST with clients world wide, and yet  I never hear a single word about slander or libel.. WHY?



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