Michael Badnarik is my choice

from: Kaleigh

This is Kaleigh. Speaking of obligation, I know many of you will probably be too busy sitting on your ass watching old re-runs of Roseanne and Married With Children, feeling sorry for yourselves since your lives will never match up to that of the fictional characters you so idolize; however, for those of you who aren't, November is fast approaching with the presidential election and unless we want another four years with Bush, (whose lack of intelligence surpasses even your own, if that is at all possible) some people need to get out and vote. Personally, I dislike both Bush and Kerry. The only candidate running who actually deserves a vote is the libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik. He supports greater freedom, less government, less taxation, less gun control, and basically everything else this country needs. What kinds of changes would this mean in your lives? Well basically you'd have more money to spend on beer and corner hookers. It would mean that, god help us all, you'd be able to carry a weapon for personal self-defense, which would dramatically lower crime rates. Unfortunately, people don't get that the concept of voting is to choose someone whose views on politics most closely match their own. Or since Rodney Dangerfield isn't running, vote for someone who is actually hoping to improve the government. Everyone is going to vote for one of the two major parties, because they don't want to "throw a vote away." The problem with this is that if everyone actually voted for who they wanted in office, it wouldn't be throwing your vote away. I have talked to more people who support Nader or Badnarik than people who support Bush or Kerry, and most people who don't fit this description are easily swayed. Not only that, if a party other than Democrat or Republican actually got 5% of the vote in an election, the next election they would be given matching funds for their campaign, ensuring a fair race. No one really wants to see Kerry in office, but anyone with a brain doesn't want to see Bush re-elected either. You know, on second thought, maybe you guys shouldn't vote... Seriously though, voting is about choosing who you think should win. It isn't about choosing the candidate with the most money. Too many people choose who they think is going to win, and that just throws off the whole voting system. Since all of you are stupid, you think Bush is going to win, so you vote for him, so he does win, and that just screws everyone over because there are more stupid people in this world than intelligent ones. If you actually voted for the best candidate, or the one who you actually agreed with, then idiots like Bush wouldn't win, because no one wants him to win, everyone just thinks he is going to. Unfortunately, I am too young to vote, or else I would be out their voting for Badnarik. I wouldn't feel that I was throwing my vote away, because whether or not he wins, I exercised my right to vote for who I thought most deserved to win. Not only that, I didn't vote for someone I disliked. Of course, perhaps this is all just the idealistic thinking of a naive teenager? I don't think so, though, because most people I have talked to agree that what I have described is the way that it should be. Sadly, what should be and what is are often two entirely different things. Since I can't vote though, I am urging you to. I realize that maybe a tenth of you might actually go do it, since the rest of you are too thick-skulled to listen to me. For those of you who do, however, vote for who you truly think should be president. And if it is throwing your vote away, at least it is no worse than what you've done with the rest of your life! Kaleigh has Spoken.



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