Frenchie Fuckie Frenchie Fuckie

from: freedom fries

What is it about ze French that makes them so fucking stupid? I know they aren't all retarded. They lost their ASS in this Iraq War. All their under the table oil deals and weapons deals and only God knows what kind of deals went South, into Le Commode Let's assume all those "civilized" European countries had their fingers in the underground discount Iraqi oil pie. Of course Russia was doing it, that is the biggest mafia nation on the Earth, I can cut them some slack, after all, they too were still in recovery after their own US induced regime change, but that old Frenchie Fuckie Suckie Whore, the Republic Of France, she went ape-shit once she realized the US was going in, with or without ze bandwagon, suddenly the great FrenchWhore, who gave us our Statue Of Liberty, became this gentler, kinder, humanitarian, money -panicked holier-than-thou BITCH, and she got downright frantic toward the end, Germany was pissed, Russia was pissed, but they weren't having a kanipshun fucking FIT like ze Whore. Ok, now that what's done is done, even though Russia is pissed, they did come right out and not jump on the condemnation bandwagon, telling everyone that there WAS, or rather, IS some WMD evidence around, and they've known about it. And they know who sold it to Iraq too.... it was ze Whore!! They basically snitched her off cause she hogged the lion's share of a mafia deal they thought she should share with them, she didn't, so they snitched. But all of that doesn't really matter. Its entirely Hussein's fault. Its his ego. He couldn't stand having inspectors giving him the ok, or not, and he told them to go fuck themselves. That's consistent with there being WMD's there, whether they are there or not is another matter, the possibility they could be, combined with the certainty that Hussein would use them, how many times did he have press conferences vowing vengence on all kinds of countries? Bunches. I remember when they violted the no fly zone, so Blair said "fuck you" and surprise bombed Hussein's palace and his grandson was killed. Hussein went ape shit and put a curse from God on Blair and his family fo r generations to come, to which Blair said, "I think that calls for more bombing!" I've loved Blair ever since, that was the Clinton era, I used to say, "I wish we had a guy like that, you know, a guy who isn't politically "professional", but rather a guy who has a crazy patriotic streak and ain't afraid to roll the dice for HIS country." I lost a LOT of money because of two spoiled richboys from opposite ends of the spectrum, and they are nothing more than selfish, murdering ASSHOLES. One is very, very tiny, and one is very , very big, and it really pisses me off the law can't or won't do anything about it, I'm powerless to get my money back, but I would feel a whole lot better if someone, ANYONE, would KILL these goddamn sunza bitches. One is named Osama Bin Laden, the other one's name doesn't matter, he's unknown, well, most of y'all know who I'm talkin' about, he's a disgusting murdering asshole, just not on a mass scale like Bin Laden, but its the same thing. If George W. Bush is the only guy who's nuts enough to do something about it, then good for him. I'll vote for him, and all my friends will hate my guts but they didn't lose any money like I did, and if they had, their theoretical poiltics would be real life politics, like mine are. Because of this, I don't completely condemn ze French Whore, she only wanted her money, well too fucking bad bitch, you want that Statue Of Liberty back? Come and take it, Froggie.



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