a fucking
what else?

from: veteran fuckologist

this SPEED HAG kept popping her U-Haul out of the bushes and flattening my verbal poodle's ass, and didn't even slow down, I said "hey, you can wait 2 seconds for me to finish my sentence." "I already knew what you were going to say" "So the fuck what? I talk slow on purpose so you have time to listen AND think" she storms out like its a waste of her time to not interrupt me. Later on, she does it again, TWICE. I say, "back the fuck off me, there's plenty of space for everyone to talk" she storms out of walmart like she doesn't have to put up with any bullshit from me. I get back to her, and she starts talking real fast, like its a race, but she has nothing to say, so even though she's hauling ass, she's always behind me. Then she makes this FACE.... and I cannot believe my ears and my eyes and the STUPIDITY of this twisted UGLY cunt. Keeping in mind we broke up in 1972, I've heard a lot of bullshit, but this takes the cake, I say "That is the stupidest thing I've ever seen you do, now you're scaring me, its not that I give a fuck about your little ego game, but it concerns me that you would even do this," she thinks she has the upper hand because of DRUGS, this is exactly what I am not interested in, no fucking cunt, male or female, is going to dehumanize me with their S&M verbalistics, I have a rule: if somebody, ANYBODY, creates a big hassle out of nothing, for no reason at all, I don't care what its about, I don't care why they're doing it, I pull the plug on that shit. Look at my choices, I can let this ugly stupid cunt control and/or obliterate anything I try to say, anytime she wants, or I can say "no hard feelings but I never do anything risky when someone is acting weird for no reason". it took her 2 weeks of ignoring what i'm saying before it finally dawns on her, no more MONEY, cunt. So I've blown her off for about a week, suddenly I get this email: "I'm sorry I interrupted you, email me if you don't want me to call, my PC has a virus... blah blah blah... yes, I'm her "fix it in return for frying my brain cells" guy... its a great deal for me... only one problem...FIRST I HAD THIS NIGHTMARE, she was in this huge 3 story house with 100's of hangers on, her entourage, a bunch of nitwits and jailbirds, I'm at this house and its nothing but jabbering, zit faced, rotted teeth, crazy hair, and this CUNT is like the Queen Bee rude bitch, she interupts anyone she pleases, they gladly submit to her indignity, she almost always rewards their feigned submission, the real truth is, they all HATE HER GUTS... anyhow, this was a full scale UGLY rude cunt nightmare, I said I gotta get outta here, and i had to pay this guy with tattoos and a fucked up eye $15 dollars for a ride home... I woke up sick to my stomach and just shaking from how SICK it was... THEN I get the email: "I'm sorry I interrupted you.." and so on wanting me to FIX HER MACHINE. ok, monde, let me make this clear in case you don't understand: ITS FREE DRUGS!!!!! All I want, all I can stand, for installing software.... UNLIMITED TWEAK!!! Now what do you think ol' ppx did? Yer goddamn right, I told her to shove that PC up her ass. Why? Because I REFUSE to force someone to say "excuse me" if they don't mean it. Plus, I'm way too superstitious to go against the advice of my own PROPHETIC NIGHTMARE. There shouldn't be ANY problem in the first place, so don't try and make it go away real fast by MAGIC... I don't play that game, that's manipulating CUNT bullshit... a machine is not more important than a human being, especially when that human being is ME.. If you're too proud to have good manners and be sincere about it, then there's something WRONG with you, you are a Steven Earl Cureton waiting to happen.




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