Imagine A Liar Giving His Life To Jesus, Then He Continues To Lie

from: Amazed

Oh, my God! This is too weird, even for me. You never know when a liar is going to lie again. Its is astonishing to me, I just don't expect it, even though I can clearly smell it. I just deal with it as if its truth, and it starts fucking up, I start asking questions. When I hear those answers I am surprised, there are actually lies being sustained, long after the fact. Clearly, bullshit is bullshit, so I laugh thinking "I can't believe how stupid this is." Then it dawns on me, "no.... the liar thinks I am this stupid." but I don't believe it, its too stupid on top of stupid.... too complex to be this simple... but I test the hypothesis anyway. My criterion for a lie is a statement intended to deceive. Just because every word in a sentence is true doesn't mean it can't be used as a lie, also. If its used as a lie, it IS a lie. And the person who uses it is A LIAR. How do you prove it?

Diagram every word the liar said, from start to finish. Where does the lie begin? Strangely enough, it begins right at the start. That shows it was premeditated and deliberate. Follow the structure of the lie, check each section, test for "lie compatibility", every single item is like from a laundry list of things I am opposed to. Finally, at the end, the rhythm changes as it goes into the main lie, which is the finale, like a crowning gesture. All the other lies were fabricated to lead to the main theme in a crescendo of horseshit. The finale statement also contains a heretofore unused device, the "switcheroo", a quick swapping of chronology, intended to deceive. The fact the ending is a deliberate lie, as well as the start, lends creedence to the possibility the whole thing was nothing but lies. Every single segment of it "didn't happen". None of it.

I come right out and tell it like it is, without smoothing over anything, I call the liar a liar. I expected cool arrogance, instead its back to the whimpering dog act, the role he plays when he's "caught". He wants to "talk things over". Why talk? It boils down to this: "If you can't give me the truth, I don't owe you anything, so quit acting like I do, because I DON'T." What an asshole. A LYING asshole.



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