a sad motherfucker, cool shirt courtesy of Laura Cox, wife of Bob Cox

fuck all his friend's old ladies
behind their backs

from: eyewitness


You'll be amused to know stealing blow jobs at my studio is how he got caught burglarzing the big money studio, the problem lies in his REFUSAL to own up to it. Yes, its pretty embarrassing. but its minor compared to the damage done by LYING about it. Everyone lost everything as a result. That's what happens when you invest in a liar. Surprise, surprise, surprise, your nut gets STOLEN, not for any monetary gain, mind you, but more of an unecessary, and totally undeserved, sacrifice to the Great Liar's Ego. He forgot a behind the back blowjob ATTEMPT was thwarted on the same day, at the same studio, as the more destructive and controversial incident he won't fess up to. When he confessed to the blow jobs at my studio, the first thing I asked was about the blow job incident at the other studio, and he said yes. I didn't let on that it was a big deal about the burglary/destruction of property question ON THE SAME DAY, but suggested he call up the studio owners and straighten out those lies.

That was when he started recording his Jesus album and RB Blackstone got his job, even though he never specified what he was apologizing for doing. The guy paying for the sessions and I were VERY curious to know if he was lying. The backer always claimed he was lying, and, like a FOOL, I defended him for years. After the Jesus album started, I knew for sure it WAS him after all.

I can't describe what a bummer it was in my camp, I had to go apologize to the guy who lost over $10,000 trusting this asshole. Also, I had to go find my ex-girlfriend from 1982 who had been insisting since the FIRST DAY this liar ever set foot in my house, that a gold plated lighter she gave me was stolen by this asshole. I also argued against that for years, defending this guy. I had to apologize to her and tell her she was right all along and to forgive me. This FUCKING asshole has been stealing from me since we met, this last time was just the end of the line of a journey that lasted over a decade. We are family now, I can't just condemn him to hell, I have no desire for his son to hear any of this shit.

It didn't have to be this way, either. I'd gladly go away in an instant, just say "this ain't happening" I'd agree with that 100% and wouldn't even be mad, but this ASSHOLE has a grudge because I won't give him complete unquestioning control over my musical activities as they relate to him. How can I? The motherfucker burns people out of their investment just for his own little imaginary ego battles. The shit he's trying to "win" is irrelevant to me, its long gone. That would be TRUST. And I don't owe anybody my trust if they won't be truthful. This latest unecessary BURN is a perfect example that shows I'm right, and he knows it, he's just thinking he's getting the last jab in, you know, to show off he can get away with lying any time he wants. Its all a big question mark except for one slight detail... the attempted behind the back blow job at the same studio on the same day as the burglary/destruction of property incident, to which he already apologized to the studio, but never to the band his lies DESTROYED. It was all to save being embarrased, I would say it was embarrassment well deserved, wouldn't you? Well, now he's going to get it.



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