Its Incredible To Discover The Hidden Lies

from: always surprised


It slowly dawns on the naive like myself, somebody is playing you for a sucker, FOOL! That's how I feel about a certain preacher for Jesus who told me lies and systematically tried to prop them up with more lies, until I waited long enough and called him on it, BINGO, he's a fucking liar! Unbelievable. Not just lies, but lies using "worship" as the main excuse. I guess the strategy was wait long enough and no one will remember, or care, but that doesn't work on me at all, I have a memory that's photographic, once its activated, I remember shit I don't even realize I forgot. And when I confronted this particular liar, he got all upset, but I notice he didn't DENY it, nor did he say, "I'm sorry", he just slunk back in his hole, acting like nothing happened. I find out more every day, almost. I find out why silence is the best option, there are lies yet to be uncovered! Its unbelievable. Finally, I quit looking for them... I can't remember a single sentence that WASN'T a lie.

See those screens? That's REAKTOR on the left, PARIS on the right, the MIDI computer is off camera. Those two visible screens are each a complete recording studio unto itself. I use them together because that's what us studio guys do, use several studios as one. The magazines and manufacturers keep harping on this ALL IN ONE computer idea, its complete bullshit. There's no need for that except for people who DON'T RECORD to record, having one computer helps them start, I agree with philosophy for sure. But its silly to compromise both ends of the equation by making ONE computer the "goal". Fuck one computer. Now that I've settled that issue, let me elaborate. Anyone can understand this: The REAKTOR computer makes the noize, the PARIS computer records the noize. They are independent machines. They make a bunch of  things UNNECESSARY, such as: Being DEPENDENT on someone else to GIVE me whatever small pittance of studio time they can muster up, plus do all my engineering for me for FREE, all based on TRUST.

Now, imagine yourself in that kind of deal with a LIAR. And the whole time you're hearing this floated island of total garbage, you're working away unfettered by needless limitations. After a while, lets say, DOZENS of CD's later, you try to catch up with the lie only to see it is way, way back BEFORE it even started, still waiting to RECORD ONE TIME. Its truly pitiful.



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