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There were so many things in that Bigfoot KingFreeze guitar lesson that I totally disagreed with, its kind of blowing my mind. Me and Steve have played here at my studio quite a bit, but it can really come as a surprise how different each guitar player's point of view is. Of course the best way to deal with differences of opinion is to disregard the social obstacles and spend the time playing music, as opposed to trying to resolve two completely diametric philosophies. My first "verse" would go something like this... Regardless of a guitar player's level of "chops" or "professionalism", it could be an Old Pro, or it could be an 11 year old kid who feels compelled to play a guitar, from my view, as a teacher of FREE guitar lessons, I would give the same advice to anyone... If you're going to play a guitar, by far, the most important thing to keep in mind is the #1 thing in all music, on any instrument.... Anybody know the correct answer? Any pros wanna speak up before I reveal the Big Truth? The MOST important thing to learn is RHYTHM... by that I mean a "natural rhythm", its a feelable thing, it makes you move, and that is the thing that MAKES you want to play guitar in the first place. Technically, the definition of music is RHYTHM. and that's an undisputable fact. But its more than merely physical. That's how it functions, on ALL levels, not jusdt the "beat" but also the "tone". What is tone? Tone is a beat going real real fast, so fast its just a blur of edges, repeating in a cycling pattern, which is in fact a rhythm going so fast it makes a "note", that's the frets on a guitar. Don't play the frets, play the STRINGS. Use a rhythm to play them, don't YOU play them with your hands, play your hands with a RHYTHM and try your best to apply that rhythm to play the strings, with as LITTLE amount of your hands between them as possible. You don't "start" a rhythm. You have to "hear" a rhythm, yes, with your ears, but that won't succeed until you "hear" a rhythm with your soul, inside your soul. Its in you. The reason it so damn important is YOU CAN'T play the guitar without it. Yes, you can definitely thrash away on it, playing flurries of fret changes and hand movements that LOOK just like MTV, but ultimately, that will get you nowhere, you will only end up preventing yourself from playing guitar. The criterion for knowing whether you're playing GOOD guitar has NOTHING at all to do with anybody else, nor can you judge guitarplaying by how much the guitarist got paid. The reason you must follow the movement of the rhythm in your soul has a TWO-FOLD purpose, and this is the ONLY criterion by which guitar playing can be accurately judged. The first purpose is to supply you with the physical movements to play the strings, the inner rhythm of your soul has to play them using your hands. The second purpose of the rhythm inside you is even more important than the physical skills it gives you. It ties directly into WHY you wanna play to begin with... Any big pros wanna interject at this point, BEFORE I tell the answer? (waiting....) The reason you are playing guitar at all in the first place SHOULD be with the goal of SATISFYING YOUR SOUL... deep down inside you. If you don't LISTEN inside yourself and use that rhythm to play guitasr with, YOU WILL NEVER SATISFY your own soul playing the guitar, without that satisfaction, you will inevitably go do something else. What good is playing fabulous guitar if you don't "mean it"? The purpose of the technique is to achieve the symbolism INSIDE yourself... and yourself alone. If you've ever marvelled at a guy like Frank Gambale, how does he do it? Where does he get it? the ONLY way you can get chops like that is from DEEP INSIDE your soul, you get it from the rhythm, it gives them to you... FOR FREE.

That's my free ONLINE guitar lesson. You can take what I've just told you, and if you take it to heart, you will have something to build a lifetime of guitar playing on. Gigs and colleagues are irrelevant. All that counts is: WAS WHAT YOU PLAYED REAL? Winning a contest or making your own CD is after the fact.... WAY AFTER the fact. The thing is, it has to be a FACT, i. e. REAL. It has to mean something TO YOU, or its just drool dripping out of
some drunken idiot's nose.

Can I hear an Amen?



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