In A Nutshell - The Politics Of Popeye-X 2004 - the definitive boildown

from: you can be totally wrong, but you can't disagree with right

John Keryy: The W in the presidents name stands for WRONG." No, it stands for WAR, and this time, WAR is not merely a political choice.... There is absolutely no choice about it. Anything less than FULL BLOWN war at this point is the definition of WRONG. And that's not an opinion, its a FACT. Making big public windbag farts endlessly whining about our president's so-called mistake, or his detachment from reality, is worse than a boo boo, worse than psychosis, its chickenshit-ism in the face of people dedicated to accomplishing the one unified goal that is universally held by their entire culture, man, woman, and child... the annihilation of the United States and Israel, i. e. the Christians and the Jews. They're wildest dream is to KILL US ALL, wipe us off the face of the Earth, forever. ALL OF US. Genocide extermination style a la Hitler, Stalin, and Santa Anna. The only thing they hold more dear is #1 the desire to go to Heaven and be with Allah. Right behind that aspiration is #2, KILL as many Americans and Israelis as is supernaturally possible, with God's help, and that #2 goal will directly impliment goal #1, this is what they really think and believe and want more than life itself. OUR DEATH as a nation, OUR DEATHS as individual human beings and our families, too. Many American don't realize how dangerous it is, because the enemy isuch a backward, incompetent, moronic SCRIPTURE robot basketcase adversary, they can't get a military together that can win any war, even though they have more money than ANYBODY, they don't have what it takes up here (head) to achieve what they want in here (heart) for any price. They thought they could all join together at once and overwhelm the tiny little all by itself nation of Israel. The United States didn't want to fuck up the oil connection, but its not American to stand by and watch the Jews get wiped out. THERE IS NO CHOICE ABOUT IT. We already made that choice in World War II, and NOBODY can dispute that was a 100% RIGHT decision back then. That decision is not in question anywhere, except of course in the cukture of these very same assholes who waan KILL US. You and me. KILL US! Doesn't that mean anything to anybody? Personally, it PISSES ME OFF like shit. We never did anything but help them, and look what they openly declare they're going to do. Its just as fucked up as Bob Cox, Mike Taylor, Steve Cureton, and Donnie Meals ganging up on me andcance lling my right to keep myproperty and money, like any Americanexpects to do. These assholes uniting to do to me what they would HATE being done to them is truly CRIMINL. Its sociopathic murderous bullshit, and the whole Islamic Jihad is the same fucking thing an a giant scale. americans don't want to really believe it. They dont realize those motherfuckers are ONE STEP frommaking good on their wack ass goal, and that is WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. They are ONE STEP away from killing a whole bunch of us. Does ANYONE DOUBT IT? I don't give a shit if they have those weapons now or not, what difference does that make? If they take that one step, a bunch of us are gonna be dead before we solve it, that's a fucking FACT. George W Bush is that rarity of politician who has real insight to the potential disaster and is just psycho enough, just TEXAN enough to get busy NOW about it, before its too late. Do you American fuckheads realize how extraordinary that is? Bush is willing to risk it all, including his popularity worldwide, because he knows EXACTLY what's at stake and EXACTLY why its THE most important thing on this planet... AMERICAN FREEDOM. If you don't grasp what that really means in the REAL WORLD in YOUR LIFE, then you won't be able to understand why I am contrasdicting myself and SUPPORTING my sworn enemies, the Bush Regime, 100,000%. I'm not thinking about anybody except MY ASS, MY FREEDOM to play MY MUSIC as fucked up as I wanna play it FOREVER, and fuck anybody who disagrees or can't handle it. "You don't have to make a living with it like us professional musicians" Oh yeah? FUCK YOU. Since when is your goddamn job more important or valid than my whole life? FUCK YOU. You have no idea the musical level I'm operating on a daily basis and have been since forever. Its not all that great, but its so much further beyond anything any LOUNGE LIZARD ever dreamed of, its ABSURD. I don't want your goddamn recognition or approval, shove that up your asses along with your so called political views. I need American freedom to be FREE to do what I do, to live my life, keeep my money, have my stuff not destroyed. I don't give a fuck about you or what you say, think, or do, the way I feel is nobody's business but mine, its not about you at all. My view only concerns me, as it should, and I'm NOT giving up anything to any murdering thieving assholes . NOT EVER. Its not negotiable. If I have to tear head off with my bare hands, I will do that, and much more. Whatever it takes. George W Bush is the first politician I've ever seen that thinks exactly like I do. I hate everything he stands for and all his type, but we happen to think exactly alike when it comes to FREEDOM. He's got his usage, I've got mine, the issue of freedom and FIGHTING TO KEEP ITis the most important thing, whether its rich boy murderer Osama Bin Laden, or rich boy murderer Bob Coxsucking Republican with the Wingtips and the Rolex. FUCK YOU clowns, I believe in war, that's ALL I believe in, do you understand me? That's the ONLY THING that can give peace. Its called WAR. Its not a mystery or a decision or a social clique or a football game... Its YOUR ASS. ITS MY ASS. Pull your heads out of yours and I'll pull your heads out of mine. I can see and think quite clearly. It couldn't be any more crystal clear. And the president of the United States sees eye to eye with Popeye-X. That may never happen again, let's all join hands an kill these Coxsucking bastards, NOW.



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