Did It Ever Occur To These Pricks
Maybe I Don't Want Yahoo?

from: a DSL I don't want to hook up to

I'm reading all these "wonderful" features... I don't want any of them... I don't surf... I don't download, that's for suckers... I don't give a fuck about the weather, I wouldn't allow my computer to be connected to anything with a name like AOL, MSN, IM, or Instant Anything, I don't need their goddamn help, I need them not in my life, out of my way and most of all, not flashing smiliey faces at me trying to make me happy or take care of controlling my online experience FOR ME. Its the same old MCI/ATT insult, just an unsolicited billing with no explanation offered. I don't want their long distance. I'm a big boy now, I'll handle my own phone calls MY way, with the only possibility of usage under my complete control, i. e. in my pocket, not in their automatic "$6.37 per month for absolutely nothing" billing database, that I NEVER ASKED FOR, in fact, I specifically demanded to NOT have it at all, and they agreed to it, and then ignored what I said, resumimg billing me for nothing immediately. Sending me new bills for the unpaid bills, I'm not lying.

I have a new policy, where I used to scream, "I ain't paying you, or anybody, a single goddamn penny I didn't agree to spend up front!".Now I just don't say anything at all, with the added surprise of calling Canada for 4 hours talking to a funny girl, and then ignoring any and all bills and hanging up on collectors instantly. You can't get rid of them any other way except to royally screw them for about $500 and then tell them to go fuck themselves, and "QUIT CALLING ME!" I used to answer my phone "This better not be MCI..." and it usually was, asking the exact same question: "When are you going to pay?" I give the exact same reply: "Never. I'm not paying you one red cent, do you understand me? I don't want your service, I never did, and I never will" Woe to any motherfucker that tries to argue with me about it. I'm not interested in people I don't even know, who don't care about me at all, having an active hand in managing my comings and goings just so I can be LAZY.

Dave Robertson, president of STIC.NET tried to inflict some of his "I'll pay me for you" on me, he wanted $473 for "historical charge", and charged it to my VISA. I said "then uncharge it" and he said "its too late", I guffawed, and said "fine with me, I'm calling VISA the instant this call is over", which I did, they immediately brought up my file, and Robertson had already put it back. He must have the number Speed Dialed so he can talk shit right up to the last second. I said, "you know, in all my years of getting jacked for every possible excuse... I don't recall ever hearing the term 'historical charge... could you please show me in our contract where it says that word in black and white?' What a pissy dickhead, he gets livid when a NOTHING denies him what he already took."Put it back, all of it, right now."

At some point I'm going to make the same demand in person to one or all of the Coxsuckers, only I'm going to be one step ahead, having already decided they won't do it... SOMEBODY is gonna get their clock turned inside out and sandblasted with iron filings. Then I'm going to turn to the next one in line and they better move even faster than Dave "I'm A Christain Asshole On The Internet" Robertson, who is also the president of the South Texas Internet Providers Association. Perhaps you've seen their name in SEARCH ENGINES? Its easy to find out what a fucking PRICK Robertson is, just type in "popeye-x", he pops right up, as does the name of his business, STIC.NET, home of the suckerbait touristas, that's where he fucks them in the ass every month with the WORST webhosting accounts I've ever heard of. Not only is it a rip off, its the stuff that nightmares are made of... $37.50 a month for 5 MEGS of website space.... with a "dolloar per megabyte" charge if you "go over"... GO OVER? Go over what, motherfucker? Any 8 year old kid would laugh in your face, that's not even ONE mp3's worth of space. Its like selling a teaspoon of water for $3.52, but only to nice, white Christians who don't say things like "FUCK", which really bothers him. That's kinda interesting Dave, now you know how I feel about some Christian big shot paying himself FOR ME... with my money. I told his thieving Republican ass, "I like to write my own checks myself, Dave, I enjoy it, you don't mind do you?"

He never even bothered showing me our contract at all, he acted like it was beneath him. He had nothing but contempt for my desire to not pay him for something I didn't want to buy. He said I had over 100 MB of my mp3's in what was supposed to be a 5 MB limit. He ws wrong, it was 125 MB, but so what? Had I known I had a webhost account with a 5 MB limit for $50/month, I would find another immediately, before anyone found out I was getting hosed by a LAMER.

Its embarrassing, a slap in the face to go with the ass-fucking, I take 5 MB shits every time I post, at the very least. One tiny sheet of toilet paper won't cut it, Dave. Besides, I hear you can get a 24 roll family pack at HEB for $5, no need for you to be charging $473 on my VISA so fast its "too late". Too late for what, Dave? Its never too late to do anything online, like tell the world Dave Robertsaon, president of STIC.NET and the South Texas Internet Providers Association is a thieving ASSHOLE.who nobody should even consider, not even for a $10 dial up. He's not worth it, at any price. You never know when he's going to hard ball you and abuse his "automatic billing" of your charge card policies. I found out, you can find plenty of people who want your business bad enough to let you pay them by yourself, as if it was your own money, and you wanted them to have it

That whole concept of "voluntary free will" is strange sometimes, it sure can be inconvenient if your engineers and your software is as wack-ass and worthless as you are. I don't install ANYTHING that has the word "Yahoo!" in it. That's where pitiful LAMER dorks have their 'home pages' and desktop weather repots. Its a sign of excruciating LAMER-ness.

Bob Cox has Yahoo! as the home page on his browser, when he "enters" cyber space, he feels at home surrounded by the utter banality of obnoxious color combinations and electronic GLADE aromas. Why is SBC DSL trying to force me back up into that poop chute? Ahhhh, I get it... "historical charge", I've heard that somewhere before.......



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