The Mexicans Love Popeye-X

from: humbled by human kindness

White people could learn so much from Brown people. First let me emphasize... there are no White people... there are no Brown people... we are ALL a different shade of Black people. Don't believe me? Listen to the Duke play the blues guitar. Are you gonna tell me that's White? Only a fool would disagree.

But for the sake of storytelling, after all, this IS a book you know, ANYTHING can happen in a book, that's why the book is mankind's most significant invention, all it really amounts to is taking 'this' data, and binding it to 'that' data, its nothing more than a hard copy map showing how to connect one idea to another idea.

I am a poor white guy, I have a rich man's music studio, but everything else about me is poor, below poor actually. The IRS tried to fuck with me for paying them nothing, they couldn't do it, I'm too poor. THAT'S poor, and I don't try to impress anybody by acting like middle class White, I'm poor and anyone can see it.

There are many who treat me like shit, like Keith Walmartinezz, he knows an easy target when he sees his wife taking about me non-stop, so he gets off on trying to pretend he's "better" than me, the dumb fuck doesn't realize I'm richer than he will ever be, I own property, a funky old dilapidated trailer that got swallowed by progress. Under my studio is LAND, and I own it. On the surface of day to day living, I am dirt poor, but under the surface, I OWN that dirt. Its a little ace in the hole that my family gave me so I could survive, they loved me, no Bob Cox can take it away, or even conceive of it. They can't take music away either.

But up on the surface, I am the social equivalent of SHIT. And its White SHIT. And the Mexicans are NOT prejudiced against me like the White people. I just got back from Churches fried chicken. I ride there on my bike. The guy at the gas station even said "nice Schwinn". He already admires my Chachos hat. Over at the chicken place, I order a "Texas chicken", its a half chicken with spicy crust. I get home, and my box has 2 chicken halves instead of one. Why? Because the Mexicans love me, not because I've done anything, but just because I don't act like I'm better than them because I'm White. They know I gotta have jalapenos no matter what, and I'm proud of it. Just out of human kindness they put free chicken in my box, most of the time I don't even notice it till I get home.

This has a profound effect upon me. This kindness is a far cry from my so-called friends, who lie and steal and cheat, trying to appear to be more than what they are. And they have no regard for me at all, even though I gave my best to them with no other reward in mind than helping them. These are White people, acting just like they've been programmed to act, and its beyond shameful. That's why I don't even want to be considered White, I want no part of the whole rat race universe the assholes are trying to steal.



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