Popeye-X Explains Bo Diddley

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perhaps you are one of the "lucky ones" who haven't lived very long, at least not long enough to be so jaded and full of shit you don't have time to hear some old geezer tell you some ancient information you never quite heard before, I mean, we've all HEARD about damn near everything, but admit it... we don't pay proper attention enough to pick up on certain complex signals, little verbal warning lights that go off simultaneously in different patterns on the control panel of your mind's eye... what's that little flashing blue light? I've seen that before... I think that Popeye-X guy had a seminar about some obsolete information that got lost in the translation between outakes of Festus Haggen's Gunsmoke and George W. Bush's Iraq Bloopers. Anyone with any brains at all knows all the programs on TV, no matter what show it is, no matter what channel it is, no matter what year it is, regardless of all the billions of fractalized conceptions of blinking dots on a screen and an endless stream of noize, chaos, and unplanned confusion, there IS STILL one solid thread of continuity.... and this is the crust of the bisquit...

READ MY LATEST SERMON - SEMINAR - TUTORIAL - ONLINE CHINESE WATER TORTURE DEVICE - and DEPROGRAMMING ESSAY entitled "Mr. Square Guitar", wherein I briefly describe what the term "BO DIDDLEY" really meant way back when... this is a little bit before someone could say the words "James Brown" and it MEANT something really important, just a little before that era, let's say somewhere around... 1956?

Sound cool? Dig it.

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my sweet little girl, how could anyone hurt such a creature?
the incredibly stupid Rev. Butch Morgan still wonders if it
really happened, "it doesn't make sense" NO SHIT?



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