I only wore it once

from: spokesmodel

it might seem like I'm wearing that shirt "again", but its all from that one time, it was a single moment in time, and it was my job as spokesmodel to provide "coolness" and "personality"... that didn't work out, so I tried a little .jpg re-jaculation, it looked better then, although it makes me look like Tommy Chong, but that's better than looking likeFestus Haggin's derelict uncle, I was FOR Bush this time, that's putting it mildly, this is the first time I've ever LIKED a President, except for maybe when Clinton got busted for Monica Lewinsky under his desk, but that was some silly shit, this President is a serious lil' shit. He's actually COOL in my book, don't let any propaganda suggest that I am anything but 100% PRO GWBush, Jr. Its not just the fact that I'm FOR him, I am also GRATEFUL, to him personally, for simply being himself, and having the balls and the audacity to back up what he says with military machinery on a massive scale., a RARE quality in American politics. When I wear that Anyone But Bush T-Shirt, its just tongue in cheek, Bush is the ONLY one I want, there is nobody else like him, his background is unique, I honestly feel like he's the PERFECT CHOICE, I can just hear my friends groaning in disbelief, if not outright horror, but I say this without hesitation. I fully expect that Dubya will do something to fall out of my favor, it has to happen, I'm just waiting for the inevitable, I hate it when I see him performing obligato ass-kissing rituals to please his Christian backers, like the idea of a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, I find that to be the most offensive and obnoxious idea floating about these days.. Think how many gay people have made the ultimate sacrifice, GIVEN THEIR LIVES, in defence of our flag and our Constitution, closet or no closet, the number has to be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, wouldn't you say? As free Americans, we have no cause, nor any right, to "cancel" or "limit" ANY American's interpretation of freedom, unless its breaking some law, to deliberately alter the Constitution to guarantee the preservation of bigotry against loyal Americans is CRIMINAL, regardless of how they like to FUCK. Only a goddamn Christian would stoop so low. My recent run ins with the attitude and behavior of Rev. Claude "Butch" Morgan, a so-called "friend", has completely put me off, and shown me conclusively, everything they say bad about Christians is not only true, its not true enough! Seeing this intellectually corrupt, morally depraved hypocrite going thru the motions of "remainiung neutral" in the face of Babycat's murder is enough to make me need to throw up, I'm serious, I have to stop and catch my breath to keep from puking. I've watched him in stunned disbelief as he repeats his LIES, he likes to touch them up a little, so they sit as polished objects in a trophy case for public consumption. I'm talking about completely incompetent attempts at verbal deception, they don't even begin to hold water. He's trying to fly statements that don't even make sense within his own logic, he reminds me a lot of Clinton when he said 'it depends what your definition of the word "is" is.' Even worse, Morgan uses his deeply felt religious conviction as a one-size-fits-all EXCUSE to justify completely fucking me out of my investment in the HIX. He not only puts his worship in a category of importance that supercedes ANYTHING in my life, without batting an eyelash he uses the same logic to make decisions that affect my life adversely, denying me any chance to have any say at all concerning the outcome of musical work I have done. For instance, he says he wants to stop booking Friday nights so he can get into his Seventh Day Adventist time shifted concept of the sabbath day. To me, this is outrageous nonsense, but it doesn't end there, in fact, it doesn't even BEGIN, he makes this big DECISION all by himself, and forces it on me against my will, then HE DOESN'T STICK TO IT HIMSELF, and neglects to tell me about it, acting as if nothing ever happened. And when I point out he has contradicted his own "decision" to not do Friday night bookings, he replies he was WANTING to do that, like he never said WE ALL would be doing it. So he's doing this flip flop in THE NAME OF JESUS, he's doing it FOR Jesus, therefore I have no say in it, and there's only one last slight detail... HE'S STILL booking Friday night gigs, he just doesn't tell me about it. He was only using the importance of his prayer life as a decoy to override any disagreement, he wasn't REALLY going to stop gigging to worship more, I know FOR SURE, because HE DIDN'T. He claims that's not a lie because he still WANTS to do that. In other words, he's already made the decision for everyone else, and then he chooses who gets to know he's sticking to it, or not, and who doesn't get to know. That way, when those who don't know keep sticking to his plan for nothing, its THEIR choice, its not his fault, he says he only WANTED to do that. So this is a Christian, using lies about his Christianity, as a decoy excuse to completely fuck me out of my work, and then make it look like its my own fault... FOR WHAT? Going WITH the plan? See the contradiction? He doesn't. He lies about it repeatedly, he KNOWS he didn't do it, and he never will do it, but claims it was a DECISION he made because he'sWANTED to do that. I can see quite clearly that he's not doing either one, but rather he's JUSTIFYING telling me an out and out lie to plan my life around, so he can cancel my equity as the whim arises, and make it look like its my choice. He really thinks no one can argue against his "prayer life" or his "band decisions". He's so wrong. Argue against it? I'll do more than that, much much more. I'll ANNIHILATE IT, using its own falsehood as a suicide bomb! What a STUPID asshole he turned out to be! I need an ANYONE BUT BUTCH, 2004.t-shirt, eh, dukie?



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