Keith, Could You Please
Tell Will "Kurt" Is Here?

from: Kurt Who?  infomania

photo by Will Alexander (who else?)

Will Alexander? Yes, I'm his best friend, that's what he called me anyway.. "Will said you were his best friend?" "As a matter of fact, Will told YOU I was his best friend." A semi-skeptical Keith Emerson gives me that "you wouldn't happen to be a raving lunatic, would you?" look I am so used to getting, but its usually from people that know me VERY well, when its a world famous rockstar, its quite understandable, how many people go wandering around with a full load of backstage passes, asking the big rockstar to hook them up with his roadie?

Zero, none.

But Keith has a sense of humor and so do I, it is rather humorous. Keith says, "Kurt? K-U_R-T?" "Yep, thanks Keith, you are too cool." "Ok, wait right here..." "Ok." A few minutes later Will strolls up with Keith, me and Will start the handshaking, hugging, and patty caking, Keith is genuinely amused. Let's just say Claude Morgan thinks I'm crazy, but Keith Emerson does not.... not yet, anyway. Will says, "Keith, this is Kurt Otto, my best friend" I start laughing and I tell Keith, "Man, it is so cool to just hear you playing Fanfare For The Common Man in a large building, I was getting goosebumps directly off the notes, this may not be the biggest gig in the world, but to me it is totally kick-ass! Thanks for fetching Will for me." And we just laughed our asses off because its totally ridiculous that I couldn't find Will until KEITH EMERSON brought him to me.

Ok, Mugtoe, now you can start being jealous, but don't be too jealous, its more important to just be amazed, as well as quite relieved, after all, it is entirely plausible that I am CRAZY!!!!!

The good news is, just hangin' and laughin' with Will Alexander at a Keith Emerson gig is... how shall I put this? ...uh, FUN? Know what I'm sayin'? In the keyboard sense, there is a certain energy in the air, a kind of subconcious general concensus, call it a "mood", whatever, an "ethos", how about "a universal positivity feeling"? Yeah that's it, there was so much keyboard comradre in the air, you could cut it with a pocketknife and all you'd need to sell it would be a few pieces of decent aluminum foil and some Ora-Gel, and perhaps a cinnamon toothpick dipped in LSD-25.

photo by Will Alexander (who else?)

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