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really HATE that motherfucker's guts

no end in sight
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Although it started with a major falling out argument between me and the Duke, it seems to have taken on a life of its own. first let me remind everyone, I was DEFENDING Cureton and it really pissed the Duke off because he was "telling me for real". The thing is I believed in Cureton 100% at the time, and I tend to stand by who I think is my friend, thru some pretty harrowing conflicts. This is the first time I've ever been that hardheaded and turned out to be so wrong I couldn't even begin to calculate it fortunately the Duke gave me a chance to set the record straight.

But then something started happening. There were 2 guys who were kind of Cureton sympathizers, the ridiculously unwitty webgoat, and the fellow sound man Jim "Red" Corbett. But there were also a smattering of ex-girlfriends and friends of girlfriends, and NONE of them disagreed, and a couple agreed wholeheartedly, the superstar being NeverForget, who completely ran webgoat and Corbett out on a rail, not because of what she said, it was the way she said it, not one person accused me of writing her posts behind the scene, like a lot of web battles have, "scarecrow" participants. I thought it a little too good to be true that some sassy mouthed gal would come in and back everything I say "150%" (her words) I thought she might be the creation of one or two of my trickier friends, I'm always watching for Ed Zep to trip me up, its just for fun, but he's THE BEST, you know.

Now I'm pretty sure I "know" NeverForget to be who I "know" her to be, here's the deal. She says in no uncertain terms, she'd like to see him dead, and I feel the same fucking way. How often does that happen? Hardly ever. DEAD? You're damn right DEAD. That's what you do with malignant life forms with degenerated brain cells, the abortion industry refers to them as "monstrocities", and that's exactly what Steven Earl Cureton is, a "monster". You kind of need to hear his "exorcist roar", with the schizoid asides, when he's really on a roll he splits ionto 2 demons, the main ogre, and then this snivelling sidekick demon that makes color comments in a completely different voice, but really horrible blurted statements like: "Seventeen year old cat? He probably did her a favor".

I'd like to take this opportunity to respond to that snivelling sidekick demon persona right now: "I"m probably going to do Babycat a favor, too, even if its a seventeen year old grudge" I only say probably because Cureton said probably, but since a favor is a favor, I feel I "owe" it to her and Buddy both, having these sociopathic assholes for friends is entirely my own fault.

I looked in my email stash, back to the date that Bob Cox killed Buddy, who was Babycat's brother, sure enough, there's an email or two or three from Cureton, "warming up" our friendship after a long hiatus. He knew what Cox was up to over here, which was to STEAL. Cureton never dreamed Cox was also over here to KILL, too. He killed Buddy the same day I got this studio up and running fully, May 16, 1999. Cox just couldn't stand that idea, he HAD to do something awful to make up for my good fortune, after all, it was my dream come true.

This shows you what a mean spirited, depraved chickenshit Bob Cox really is, like he doesn't have anything better to do? What about record music? He's only in the studio thing to hurt people and destroy lives, and that is exactly what he's done to Mike Taylor and Steve Cureton. They are FINISHED, they probably are completely in denial about it at this point, but just wait until the NEXT POINT, its comin' boys, don't worry about your so-called careers and saving face, you need to be concentrating on what you're going to tell YOUR PARENTS, because they are going to be devastated, if and when, they find out what the sons they raised to be honest have gone and done. That whole San Antonio Blues Society fake out , with the formal attire and the Bexar Nekkid Hype and the plaque, and the whole thing is paid for with money stolen from a poor little old lady with cancer who was dying and and wanted to give what little money she had to her children, as a final expression of love. This sentimental value is exactly what Bob Cox targeted as a thing to HURT, he even made a big grandoise final installment of stealing from the account ON THE ANNIVERSARY of my mom's death.

I'll be glad to show it to anyone if they'd like to see the bank statement, its classic Cox brutality. He thinks computer parts are a big deal. It would turn anybody's stomach, but not Steve Cureton's, nor Mike Taylor's. They don't care about who it hurts, Bob Cox told them they don't have to care, he's taking care of all of it FOR THEM. He likes them that much! And of course, they're tickled pink someone has finally acknowledged their ample talents. Its all about how GOOD they are at what they do, just ask their parents, they were at the formal banquet wearing ties and wingtips with Bob Cox.

By the way, folks, Steve Cureton, a so-called investor,  was not allowed to mix one single song on any of the Bexar Nekkid productions. This wonderfully talented man basking in the glory of his "success" served no purpose whatsoever but to provide some extra LIE fortification for the suckers.

Suckers like Wanda Seals, Denny Mathis, Val Cronk, Steve Hartwell. You know, GOOD PEOPLE who are starting to get a glimmer in the back of their minds, "what is all this shit about?" Popeye-X is an asshole who's lost his mind <---- that bullshit ain't gonna fly forever, far from it. Everybody pay real close attention to a series of upcoming events, the bottom is falling out of the bare bones illusion, its only about an inch deep anyway. When you all see what's under the surface of this whole nightmare, you are going to be ASTOUNDED at 2 things:

#1. How INSANE and truly FUCKED UP Bob Cox is in the head, he's what you call "a murderer". You can even stick "cold-blooded" on the front of the label.

#2. The other thing that's going to really blow everyone's mind is how INSANE and truly STUPID Mike Taylor and Steven Earl Cureton are to be duped by such a creep, but they wanted it, and they wanted it real bad, and their total disregard of me, their friend, is going to jar the shit out of you once you really see it. Cureton is the one who suckered Donnie Meals into the vortex .

You will see it, too, no matter what the consequences, because that's the effect Bob Cox was trying to get by suckering them in the first place. They didn't know he was going to tell ME about it, to rub it in. Being that he is a sociopath, Bob Cox has no comprehension that it is social suicide to brag about doing such truly horrible things, so what if you get away with it? Its still totally fucked up, there isn't anyone who would be impressed by it, at all. Its too chickenshit to do Mike Taylor's reputation any good. All he can do is vehemently deny the whole thing, that will work, for a while, but there's too many holes in their story, even if you want to believe it, for purposes of cashing in on free recording time, a la Claude Morgan.

None of the idiots realize there is a MURDER behind all of it. It was done as icing on a very evil cake, choosing ME to do it to is due to a mistake Bob Cox made in assuming I was the "drug partner" of the person he murdered. If I had been, then all this shit would have been kept hush hush, which is what Bob Cox expected. But its not true, NOT IN THE LEAST, and it is quite easily proven, simply ask the people who were involved, they will be the first to tell you I had NOTHING to do with it, it was none of my business, pure and simple. As a result, I want to tell EVERYBODY who'll listen. When you add to that the fact that Bob Cox is bragging to me about it, he can deny it all he wants, the fact is I didn't even know about the theft, I found it by Bob Cox directing me to the evidence with creepy hints and by KILLING MY CATS to bring attention to certain dates in the bank statements where he's left his creepy little trail..

See? It all connects doesn't it? And it has to be true, or I wouldn't even know about it.

They never thought about that little logical impass at all, nor did they tie it into the potential of www.popeye-x.com to publicize it and attract a whole cult of people who call themselves "another victim of Steve Cureton" and such.

To sum it all up.... THESE ARE BEXAR NEKKID MORONS, and now you know why I call them that.

the middle picture is not the real Mike Taylor
its a pic of that Al Queda guy so many people sent me
because it looks exactly like Taylor after he's been
woken up "too early", i. e. 5:30 - 6 PM at night.



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