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 I think Cureton has a serious disconnect between his concept of right and wrong, and his concept of how the rules apply to HIS behavior. He knows damn well he made a conscious choice to help Taylor and Cox steal as much as they possibly could from me. I'm not sure what his justifications are for doing such a fucked up thing. I honestly can't believe he thinks he's a "good motherfucker", he's no GOOD at all, quite the opposite. He is EVIL, because he has a deep desire to help EVIL succeed, and why? Because he truly believes the success of that EVIL is HIS success. But what is he "succeeding" at?

He is the absolute PITS of the San Antonio music scene, I've never seen anything so low in my life. He wants recognition for something he hasn't done, (make albums in studios), and he feels it is long overdue (but he still never does it). So what if its nothing more than a massive layering of cheap lies, one on top of another? So what if he didn't mix a single nano second of bexar nekkid music? He was INVOLVED with recording (his word).. But if you confront him about the fact that Bob Cox has already been bragging about stealing, and how "Mike Taylor was the key" to the whole thing, suddenly he was NOT INVOLVED, or at least didn't know about it, and still doesn't know about it. In fact, he claims the gear was bought by Donnie Meals. Perhaps it was, but not with his own money, because he doesn't have any. I certainly hope it was him, though. I'd LOVE to see him get busted for mail fraud and perjury because he knows damn well the money was stolen, exactly who it was stolen from, and who stole it. Unless it can be proven where that money come from, and how income taxes were paid on it, then all the phony paper in the world won't do jack shit. And you know damn well, PAYING TAXES was not part of their plan, so that vulnerability is sitting there, wide open, and there's nothing to cover it short of paying the tax, and that ain't gonna happen, the money is already spent. This stuff can be verified instantly, all its going to take is for ONE PERSON to check up on it,.and it will be all over except for the cryin'.

But it gets worse, if you can imagine that. Yes, every allegation I'm making is 100% true, but just in case, it still might not be clear WHAT motivated Cox. It wasn't money, he's been a millionaire all his life. He GAVE away all the money, $5000 to George Cisneros for an Urban-15 tax write-off, and the rest he gave to Mike Taylor who enlisted Steven Earl Cureton to buy it FOR him, and Cureton handed that pesky little job off to Donnie Meals, I heard him say it TWICE, and Jeff Walters heard him say it, too. So whether he did or he didn't is irrelevant, SOMEBODY DID, and it damn sure wasn't Taylor (too chickenshit), so its gotta be either Cureton or Meals or a combination of both. No way is the statute of limitations run out on that transaction. The last instances of fraudulent withdrawals and the purshase of all the gear was in THE SAME MONTH, on THE SAME WEEK, in January, 2002. I know because I triggered the whole PANIC MOVE by sending a certified letter to Bob Cox's company, Autotest, asking for some of my gear, but mainly documenting, by the cheapest possible means, that Cox is the puppetmaster pulling all the strings.

Its akin to shooting down a jet liner with a bb gun, but it took me 2 years to determine that bb had indeed hit the target. I don't mind pointing out it was a dead-on bull's eye, fired blindly on gut instinct. I didn't know hardly anything at that point except I had been told Taylor was talking big talk behind my back, justifying ripping me off, even though I helped him at every step of his pathway to having his own studio.

Between Cureton's lies and Cox's bragging, it became totally obvious why Taylor has been hiding since day one, he WAS ripping me off, just like I was told to begin with. In the space of 6 days, Jan. 23-29, 2002, starting with my certified letters, and ending with Taylor "giving back my CPU" and telling me to get it from Cureton.

From Cureton? You mean I lent it to Taylor, by giving it to Cox, and then I got it back from Cureton?

And that was the same week Donnie Meals supposedly bought the RADAR and the Sony board? I'd like to thank the brilliant minds at Bexar Nekkid Music for tying up the whole mismash with one piece of string and handing it to me on a silver platter.

Oh, and my compliments to Bob Cox on the MURDER in Taylor's house no one knew was a murder. Nice touch. I guess you showed your ex-wife a thing or two, eh? Now she can show the cops a thing or two as well, but it really doesn't make any difference, this other crime is unescapable, thanks to your diabolically STUPID rationale.

Cureton's LIFE hangs in the balance, and he has bet the whole shooting match on the word of a sociopathic IDIOT who kills kitty cats (and people) thinking he's getting revenge for things that NEVER HAPPENED at all. In other words, WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF WACK-ASS ENGINEERS who are so eaten up with jealousy, and desperate for recognition, they think white collar crime using the San Antonio Blues Society for a cover is real clever. The era of Steven Earl Cureton is rapidly drawing to a close. I predict he will leave town and we'll never hear from him again. So RELAX, and let's all update our police reports as information comes leaking thru the cracks in this humongus, hail-mary hunk of HEARTBREAK and HORSESHIT known as The Coxsucker Conspiracy.



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