A Girl With A Nice Ass Called Me On The Phone

from: Rev. Popeye-X

I'm glad I put my phone number on that post, this girl who says she's "good looking, real smart, and young" called to try and get to the bottom of all the Cureton, Taylor, Cox bullshit, seriously trying to get us to reconcile. At first I assumed she was one of their bitches, (see box below) but she wasn't, she's just a girl. I hope she calls me back. She has a sweet little female cat named Allison, I think, and although she doesn't really understand what's going on in here, WHO DOES?, when I told her about Babycat, we actually had a moment of understanding, albiet brief.

That's what it all boils down to as far as I'm concerned. If Babycat is not important enough to matter A WHOLE LOT, then I am not particularly interested in what someone thinks, one way or another.

the skinniest cat everLike I told the high and mighty public persona Christian Rev. Claude Butch Morgan, if Babycat and Buddy aren't reason enough for you to pick a side, then this side has lost all respect and tolerance of a selfish asshole who's nothing more than a country bumpkin who thinks he's some kind of celebrity who's now a Christian and REALLY REALLY CARES cuz of Jesus. What a load of A-1 horseshit that is! What a fucking lying piece of shit he is. I won't go into it now, because his total lack of giving a shit about Babycat and Buddy and the asshole that murdered them is all I need to see, and that is why I decided our friendship of 22 years is OVER, because it was worse than WORTHLESS.

So this girl calls me up and gives me a ration of shit that was like a hailstorm, I ALMOST lost my temper, but then we started tslking, and she said she had a real nice ass. I don't know why she said that, butat least its something we can talk about without getting into an argument. I know she's reading this (waves), and I hope she calls me back because there's something about her I kind of like. We were talking about Curetons face peeping out from a girl's ass and we were kind of squabbling, but somehow, the lovelyness of the female form just took all the venom out. Who cares about Cureton's face when there's a really nice work of art wrapped around it?

after careful consideration, I remembered a few things she said that I know were lies, she said she did not know cureton, cox, or taylor, yet at first she was spouting words that surely came out of cureton's mouth, including a threat about something that was going to happen to me in the next two days, she said a car was going to hit me on my bicycle, I said "make my motherfucking day, bitch" then I started mocking the shit out of her with a totally sickening display of fake mortal fear, I used this whining voice that barry littleton used to gross us out with, I use it on my sister sometimes, too, its my "drive a bitch completely up the wall and shut her up fast" voice.

She told me she'd send me a pic of her ass.
I'll believe it when I see it.



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