from: mentally retarded genius-x

a drunken idiot in a
town full of suckers

What amazes me is how a low-life bottom of the barrel lying sack of drunken shit like Steven Earl Cureton, who is not only a complete phony, (he never mixed a single song for bexar nekkid music, Taylor wouldn't let him have any "fame"), but he is also a LIAR and a fucking THIEF, with no heart at all, the absolute PITS of the San Antonio music scene, it gets no lower than Esteban, how this person can call other people idiots, claiming they show how "bad" they really are... For what? We just don't like the way he's cheated and lied and tried to be something he's not, its not like we've killed anyone, or stolen anybody's money liike Bob Cox has, our only crime is we don't like the way we've been treated by Cureton, and we're not being "neutral" about it. We're not putting on a phony act of proper whatever, instead we've openly and endlessly stated our feelings.

Its not because we're bad people who are delusional and strung out on psychoactive drugs, we were that long before this Cureton turd popped out. We're telling the TRUTH.

We don't have to be the cream of society, the superstars of phony baloney local yokel renown, like Claude Morgan the washed up comedy rocker who isn't funny anymore, we're just people who post words on a message board, and we HATE Steven Earl Cureton's guts. We each have our own overwhelming reasons, completely independent of each other, with INTENSE emotional venom for this disgusting drunken IDIOT who beats women and threatens their children, I don't understand why he never takes account of his own behavior, which is much much worse, astronomically off the scale by comparison.

Like, its ok to LIE and STEAL and try to scam the whole town into thinking he's a big, successful recording engineer, which he is NOT, how could he be? He's only mixed Rusty Martin and the Smith Bros and that Suckerpunch group no one knows about but me. He's only been on 2 albums, a long long time ago.

All this scamming was supposed to catapault him up to the next level, and his mom certainly got hoodwinked into the idea, but its simply not true. How could it be? HE HASN'T MADE ANY ALBUMS. All he's done is scam his poor mother out of over $1000 to pay for the big, gala banquet in his honor... that was the one at the Gunter Hotel that NO CD AT ALL was delivered for. All the bands were furious and walked out refusing to play.

Cureton still tries to act like it was the first of many annual events, commemorating the rich blues legacy of this fine recording community, I'm sure you've all gotten his mass spam emails anouncing the second annual and third annual... annual from what? IT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE, they didn't deliver the CD in time!

Keep that in mind when you read how Rusty Martin and Bob Margolen are such musical pals and collaborators. Since Margolin recorded the main Robert Johnson song on the album BY HIMSELF in one pass, and sent it to Wanda Seals, these phonies knew they'd have a credititability problem if anyone realized they didn't even record it!

So they used STOLEN MONEY to pay Margolin CASH to come down and record a song with Rusty Martin, so they could do a lot of fast promo talk and trick everybody into assuming they recorded the only music that actually represented Robert Johnson. They did not. They don't even know how Robert Johnson really sounded, they are so musically ignorant and promotionally dishonest, they think the Stones covered Love In Vain, yes they did, the LYRICS were Robert Johnson's, but the style they played was strictly ROLLING STONES slow heroin ballad.

Please understand, Bob Margolin is a true artist and scholar of American blues music specializing in Robert Johnson and he's the fucking best there is. He played with Muddy Waters fpr a reason, he knows how to get the sound.

These bexar nekkid idiots don't have the slightest clue what Robert Johnson even sounded like, that was SO FUCKING NICE of Margolin to just turn Wanda Seals on to that track. That's how the Real Masters Of Music are, they're very GIVING, because they love the music. That's how Frank Zappa was, too, just so kind and generous because the love for the music is REAL.

These phony motherfuckers ought to be ashamed of themsleves from a blues point of view, the whole point of blues music is its REAL, it was never supposed to be a cover for white collar crime. Its truly sickening from both a musical and moral point of view.

Then when they didn't deliver the CD in time for the big plaque banquet, well, shortly after that, Wanda Seals resigned as president of the San Antonio Blues Society. Taylor and Cureton let her down completely, and as we all saw, her blues club, Wings, which was her dream in life, disappeared. That was so fucked up.

Around the time right after the fiasco banquet, Dec. 2001, Cureton called me up drunk out of his mind and babbled for 4 hours, 11am-3pm, I just let him ramble, to see where it was going. Then he did it the next day, and the next day, and the next. About 2 hours into the 4th day, he suddenly spilled his guts to me about all this shit.

When I heard they fucked Wanda, I said that's it, and I took back the computer equipment they were using to do it with. The whole morale of the scam was dipping dangerously low, I sent a little certified letter to Cox at Autotest, uh oh panic attack, and BOOM, 2 days later Cureton's all happy again over at Edit Point with the new equipment bought on ebay, supposedly by Donnie Meals, (oh no Donnie, not you too!) the Sony RMX100 mixing board and the Otari RADAR system, bought with money stolen by Cox from my mother and me.

These phonies played that off to all the really high quality local musicians like Val Cronk, Steve Gogo Hartwell, Dennis Fallon, and Denny Mathis as if they earned that money from the Robert Johnson banquet. Basically, they LIED TO THE WHOLE MUSIC COMMUNITY in this town. All they are is common criminals trying to be big shots in something that didn't even happen, its just a cover for theft. They suckered Wanda bigtime. They suckered me, too. I was HELPING them, and they gave me no credit at all, not even a thank you.

Think I'm lyin'? Ask Wanda Seals. Ask Rusty Martin. Ask Bob Margolin. ASK ME! I was the one they stole the money from. I didn't even know it until Bob Cox told me himself on the phone, when he called to gloat about it. Only then did I realize Cureton had been lying thru his teeth to me for over a year, Taylor still just hides all the time, I've never heard a word from him about anything.

And its this fucked up drunken lying stealing phony big shot NOTHING that didn't even mix a single fucking song who's saying bad things about us on this board, as if WE ARE THE LOW LIFES! because we tell the truth OPENLY. I got news for ALL of you, including the girl who called me tonight, we're going to KEEP ON TELLING THE TRUTH, until you all the the facts straight and in your  little local yokel heads.

That album title "STEALIN FOR A LIVIN" is more than a play on words, its their little "inside joke". The arrogance of these fake motherfuckers boggles the mind.

Mike Davis ought to lead a posse of vigilantes and get these assholes and tar and feather their asses and run them out of town.



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