we agree on half of it

from: ppx

half is better than none, right? lemme ask you this, what if Deek had been killed Sepember 11, 2001, let's say he had to job at the WTC and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he got killed. Murdered. Think how you would feel. Would you be blaming Bush? Would you be theorizing about a rising tide of totalitarian oppression in the future? Be honest. You just can't conceive of ever being on the same side as these Republican Americans we've always hated. The problem lies in not recognizing, or perhaps flat out refusing to recognize, whatever, but the time has come. for Americans of every stripe to join together as one and DESTROY those who want to kill us all. I'm curious, what would it take to make you realize that yoke is here, and it came from over there. And if we don't annihilate it, it will force its way on us. Keep in mind, they don't want to control us, they want to KILL us. Perhaps you don't agree that they want to do that? I don't understand where the bullshit factor is. I completely reject the asinine theory that GWBush is behind the 911 attack on the US. that's not reality. I'm assuming you think Saddam Hussein was not a legitimate target to get rid of. Even though he sacked Kuwait. After WWII, we nip Hitler type dictators in the bud, before they takeover whole continents. Is this what you disagree with? Perhaps you don't think Hussein wanted to be the Hitler of Islam and the Middle East? Are you aware he was paying a bountry of $25,000 to the familyof any suicide bomber in Israel? Imagine if he had used that $25,000 to feed his own people? You know, hungry Iraqi children, or perhaps build hospitals for poor people, instead of lavish presidential palaces.all over the place? I want to know, what would it take for you to justify fighting? What would not be "bullshit" in your opinion? More Americans to die? Our president decided waiting for more Americans to die before making a big move was unacceptible. I totally agree with that decision. I like that idea so much, I'll switch sides without batting an eyelash, I don't feel like a hypocrit or a war monger or anything except an American who believes in defendinf American freedom, at all cost, preferably as cheap as possible, that means we do it right now. We start on one end, or two ends, and just go down the list. Is it a country run by a dictator who wants atom bombs and weapons so he can take over a sizable potion of the Earth and most of its oil money? If so, that dictator is on a collision course with American freedom, and that freedom is so much more valuable than any oil or gold or whatever, you can't even really calculate it, because without that American freedom, money won't do you any good anyway. It seems to me thatthe anti-Bush people blame George Bush for something Saddam Hussein did. Bush didn't fuck up Iraq, Hussein did. Bush eliminated Hussein. That was absolutely the right thing to do, and its about time, I say. If Iraq wants to blow itself to bits, go right ahead, the US didn't cause that. You talk about yoke? We elimnated their yoke, and they ought to be grateful. For the first 12 hours they were jumpinbg around happy as could be, celebrating FREEDOM. I thought that spontanoues outburst of human emotion on a mass scale was pretty amazing, it took a day or two before political and religious clampdown stifled that spirit. For a few hours, right at first, they were happy as shit, and it showed. There is something in a human being that needs to be free. Its not a trick. Its what we believe in as a nation. And that's why our president did what he did, when he did it. Really it was for us, not our pocketbooks, for our SOULS. America doesn't live in fear of ANYBODY. Why? We have strength, real strength. Its the ultimate weapon of mass CONSTRUCTION. Its called FREEDOM. If we ever lose it, it will be our own fault for not defending it. I don't think more Americans should have to die FIRST, before we make up our minds about it. My mind was already made up in 1982, when hamas and hezzbola blew up the Marines in Lebanon, and the US pulled out. they were funded by Syria and Iran, we should have called a spade a spade and stsarted the shit right then and there. Its 20 years later now, we face the same exact shit. Its the suicide bomber terrorist syndrome. And our so called crooked lunatic ventrilloquist dummy president said that's enough of that shit, we're making our own rules now, just like our chickenshit enemies. You wanna kill us? You gotta go. That's the way it is. And that's the way is gonna stay. No two ways about it. And Saddam Hussein said, well what about "maybe?" And the US said, "there is no maybe, the answer is NO" American freedom is not negotiable. I honestly don't understand why you call that bullshit. To me, its the opposite of bullshit. Iran and Syria are next, as is ANY other country that disagrees, Saudi Arabia, whoever. Fuck Islam. There's the yoke right there. American freedom is freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the right to carry a gun to back it up. The bullshit is Islam, not GWBush. Does Deek have to die before you'll admit it?



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