Message For Another Victim

from: popeye-x

I enjoyed our little talk last night, we should talk more often. Thank you for abandoning the threats you were being told to repeat, and instead talking to me as I really am. I also admired your genuine desire to somehow resole the conflict. I thought about it a little more and I suddenly saw your viewpoint in the context of the situation as it really is. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I can tell by certain questions you asked me that you are missing information. I told you to mind your own business, but to properly do that, there's something you need to understand, and understand clearly, with no doubt in your mind. If you will take what I say to heart, and examine it yourself, make up your own mind, don't accept what I tell you to accept, don't accept what Cureton tells you to accept, YOU decide, and use any form of measurement that suits you. If you examine what I say, I promise you you will find no flaw in it, the reason isn't because I think I'm perfect, I'm totally fucked up, you would be , too. I don't need to be perfect to make perfect sense. Why? Because there is something called THE TRUTH. All I'm asking is that you decide what the truth is for yourself, not someone deciding for you , ok?

Here's the problem in a nutshell. Your lover boy, Steven Earl Cureton is a liar and a thief, just like I've said all along.

When he tells you he hasn't stolen anything, he's lying. I'm sorry if that makes you feel sad. Imagine how the person being ripped off feels? I know you've heard an endless stream of bullshit about me, all the bad things, I heard you going down the list, that's a Cureton list. That bit about the needle in my arm and all that nonsense, remember? He's not just stretching the truth, he's desperately grasping at straws, once you've seen him do it, you recognize the pattern. He's not just a little liar, he's a pathological demonic spirit possessed liar. Listen to the sound of his voice when he's saying that shit. Look at his face. Keep in mind, I'm the VICTIM, he's done nothing but describe me as the bad person, right? The whole time, its just a jabbering torrent of how bad I am, right? But I'm the one with missing money, not him.

How did I find out about it? The guy who stole it, Bob Cox told me himself, gloating about it, also gloating about murdering my little cat at the same time. I checked the bank statements. He wasn't bullshitting. He DID rip me off, Massively for years. Steve Cureton could have tipped me off, instead he wanted to be one of the robbers. When he denies it now, he's LYING. When Bob Cox told me about it, he didn't give one flip if it exposes Cureton as the most pernicious of snake in the grass liars posing as a friend. To Bob Cox, that's GOOD!. He thinks that the coolest thing in the world. He's a sociopath, he has no concept that being a snake in the grass that would stab a trusting friend in the back would be a BAD thing, socially speaking. What you don't realize is Steven Earl Cureton thinks being a snake is GOOD, too, as long as it not him getting bit. Its the only time he gets to pretend he's superior. Understand? But he knows this is social suicide, he has a sense of social perception, he goes to a lot of trouble putting on this act of nice guy taking the high road, etc. Its a completely fraudulent persona, and he KNOWS it. Call him on it, and watch the demonic side suddenly pop out like a schizophrenic. His voice changes with the different 'faces' he's hoping around between. Am I right? You've seen it? me and NF certainly have. In fact I was talking about that very thing and out of the blue, NF comes on an says Popeye-X is not lying. I couldn't believe it. I was out there on a limb by myself, but I didn't care, because I was telling the truth. To have someone appear and agree with me was like a miracle.

Anyhow, that was a lot of water under the bridge ago... now everybody knows I wasn't lying or whatever, they love to say I'm out of my mind, well I AM. But what has that got to do with anything? It doesn't mean I'm wrong. I'm an artist, its my job to be out of my mind, and I do it pretty well I think. But one thing I don't do is LIE, I don't have to! Some people lie, some people don't. I don't. Cox always lies, every time. I found out Cureton is the same way, and I never would have believed it if I hadn't experienced it. Fortunately I have Cox on one end, bragging about how "Taylor was the key" meaning Taylor told Cox where the outdoor key was to my house. Then Taylor took me to Austin to pick up an ADAT so he could use it. That was the day the stealing started. Cox is so enraptured bragging about what a dick he is, the whole Cureton fabrication of over a year, lying to me almost daily, just collapsed. Long after no one believed it anymore, Cureton was the last to let go of it. He kept trying to fly the same old lies. I said, Are you listening to me? Cox TOLD ME. I know all about you you lying cocksucking thieving piece of shit! At which point he snapped, and went full force into his demonic split personality mode. Simply because I didn't believe him and said so.

And that's when he said, out the side of his face in an alternate demon voice, "Seventeen year old cat? He probably did her a favor!"

I love you, little sweetheart

that was the last photo of Babycat

And did he ever apologize? Hell no. He meant every word. That's the REAL Steven Earl Cureton talking there. The same guy that was talking in your ear last night telling you to say "something's going to happen to you in the next two days and you don't know what it is! A car is going to "accidentally" hit you on your bicycle!" Remember? the chickenshit had you say it, he hasn't got enough balls to say it himself.

It makes no difference. I think that's kind of sign that its time for me call the police, don't you? He's got a guillotine blade hangin' over his head, its been there for a while, its called mail fraud, and he's guilty of it. Like the idiot he truly is, he thinks he can LIE his way out of it, but deep in his heart, he's known this was coming, because I told him 8/18/02. On the phone. At that time he tried to "jump ship" and come over to my side. I wasn't sure if I heard him right, so he repeated what he said. I told him that's not for me to decide, I wouldn't let him, not with my blessing. I had to piece the story together more first. It took another year and a half for me to notice it right under my nose, but there's Bob Cox bragging right on cue, only this time he's bragging about murdering someone, a person.

The next two days, eh? So be it. Hey, girl, you can do much much better. You owe it to yer kid. Steve's lying to you about the stealing the money.



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