I've Been On More LP's And CD's
Than All The Coxsuckers Combined

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Mike Taylor used to have my ADAT log on the wall of his studio, so he would "look busy". An ADAT log is my own invention using MSWord, a simple table database, 2 columns, and about 500 rows. One column is song titles, the other is ADAT tape, track, and location numbers, in a simple 8 digit hierarchy. We're talking dog simple here, a programmer would laugh at it, but to rock and rollers, it was fancy pants..I can sort by either column, and this gives me instantaneous access to about 500 recordings I made on ADAT tapes between 1992 and 1997. This represents only 5 years of my work, its my ADAT period.

During that time, neither Taylor nor Cureton ever owned an ADAT, Taylor mooched mine for every single album he worked on, about 5 or 6 total, I even taught him how to use it. He wouldn't buy a computer either, so he used mine for artwork on several of the CD's. That's his big "disguise to fool the small town suckers". He does the artwork on the CD covers and prints them out himself. His musical involvement was mixing and editing, he always used my gear and software for mastering. Occasionally he'd play a few bass notes, but that's all. On my ADAT list, out of 500 titles, he played on 5 or less tracks, and did some vocals on about 5 cuts, at my request. During this time, Cureton did even less than Taylor, which is so close to NOTHING, its truly laughable.

Both of these idiots have always made more money than me, they work for other people more often than I do. I hardly ever work for anybody else, that's why I say I'm self unemployed. I've always invested in myself, I have to, but I don't mind, because it PAYS, and that's putting it mildly. These untalented, lazy jealous ASSHOLES never invest in themselves, because ITS NOT WORTH IT, and they know it. They spend their bread on rent, cigarettes, and pointless bitches. I don't pay for any of those things, I desire music, not social status. I live very modestly in a funky old trailer full of high dollar synthesizers and computers. I own 2 cars I don't drive because its a complete waste of money. One time I went about 3 years with no motor vehicle, just riding my Huffy. It was hard. I mailed my ADAT to California for repairs, and schlepping it down the street to the UPS depot was rough on a bicycle, but it wasn't impossible.

When this Coxsucker Conspiracy started to show its ugly head, Jeff Walters was the first to notice it, and he came directly to me and warned me about it. I didn't believe it, but I started investigating anyway. That's when my dialogue with Cureton began. (Yes, Stevie, I knew it all along, and said so on this board, please see "Jeff Walters Is A Snitch", on board 5) Jeff genuinely felt sorry for me, so he GAVE me a car. I drove it for a while, but I realized, to ME, cars are nothing but a pain in the ass! I got me a new bicycle, a SCHWINN, which I always wanted as a lad, and I ride that whenever I can. I still have the car. It runs great. When it comes to the $300 for insursance its just a question of priorities: "Do you wanna drive, or do you wanna play music?" I've proudly displayed my new Behringer pre-amps on this board. I just mailed a check to Mugtoe for webhosting. Fuck insurance. Music is my insurance. My website is my insurance. These things ENDURE. Mugtoe has never asked me for a penny. Nor has Jeff Walters. Its called FRIENDSHIP.

my friends

Cureton's girlie and Nancy Walmartinezz's husband put me down because I ride my bicycle. They think I'm "inferior" to them because I have no car. Who says I have no car? I HAVE TWO. This dumbfounds them. Unless you ride a bike, like I do, you have no understanding at all. Those who do ride bikes know exactly where I'm coming from. And of course this ties in directly to the geo-political arguments that have been going on about the war in Iraq. Its all about oil for the cars, isn't it?

 art by demitria monde thraam <--- see why I say she's a genius?

 I think that's the BULLSHIT Monde is referring to, although she can't articulate it, which blows my mind since she's a genius, MUCH smarter and more eloquent than I will ever be. The only reason I can explain it is I ride a bicycle every day. It gives me time to think this shit through.
(painting by Monde, she IS a genius!)

So what does it all mean? I'll be happy to tell you. (I can just see my mom rolling her eyes and laughing, "telling you" is something I will NEVER stop doing.) While we've all been sitting here and reading and typing and getting wasted on whatever we get wasted on, another CD has arrived in the mail. Oboy, I was on another one! This time it was for Reaktor rhythm loops I sent to Phil Dalmolin, because I LOVE him, he used them on some tunes, because he LOVES me, and when the CD came out (Claude Morgan, please take note, its wasn't just written, rehearsed, and recorded, it came out as a CD), I got one in the mail because my name is on it, crediting me for what I did. (Bexar Nekkid please take note, no one ripped me off for anything, including the credit, which wasn't a LIE, Mr. Cureton) I've lost count long ago of how many albums I've been on. Its not something you'd pat yourself on the back about too much, but it is fun.

It makes people jealous, if you doubt it, read the post before this one about Dimebag Darrell being murdered ONSTAGR while PLAYING. My heart goes out to his brother and his family. (wiping tears) Did anyone notice it was Dec. 8th, the anniversary of John Lennon being shot? Uh huh. That's right. So its not an obscure idea at all, is it?

play on, you are immortal now



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